Assassins Creed IV [Black Flag] "Ahoy Duh Deaths!"

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1. Ahoy' Duh Deaths (Pirates Life) Caribbean...

“Pasture and it’s all downhill from here right?”

‘I wouldn't be so sure, you see… There isn't many people like you and me.’

“Whatever, I don’t plan on sticking around for long anyway…”

Dark skies had lifted from the horizon. Over casting fireballs blasting through the boards of wood. Most of the wooden planks that now lie above the seas were once parts of people’s lives. Some of these men and women lived on these boats out in the coast… Some even lost their families to the corruption overgrowing the land creatures. Which are us, we are the land creatures. We follow a code of honour and respect. Hoods up and it’s time to take down some dangerous human beings…

Blood rinsed from the seas it’s self-formed around what seemed to be left of our ships were now broken down barrels. Explosives and loud sounds that could burst you a mile or two echoed our crackling ear drums. You see out here on the seven seas we find a whole lot of trouble… Violence is everywhere, I don’t stop to think that any of these days are worth living for. Pirates! That’s what they were. Vicious thug like men with a lot of buff in their bodies. Some looked powerful alone and others not so powerful alone. However in groups the number of deaths don’t seize. They become bigger numbers and these numbers don’t seem to have an end…

“Get down! Are you insane lad?” A voice crackled through the cannon balls passing through us with just an inch of free space to duck in.

“I’m not exactly insane… I’m just doing my job!” I shouted, my voice broke through the sound barriers around us.

“No, you are insane brother! You have no idea what these savages do to people like u-u-us…” He gasped.

I thought everything was already downhill. Deaths and millions of others losing their lives in front of our very eyes. There had been a vast variety of these beings, they all seem to fall in the same way. Some of us didn't get so lucky, slaughtered by man and taken out by a pistol. One bullet and its goodbye to everything you could only dream for… As for me I weren’t so lucky either. I got lucky to live but not lucky to survive…

*** Back on the shore ***

Kingston that was the place we were at. I heard voices speaking of some kind of flag colour. I didn’t really think of anything more than the passing by of these rebellions. Several others huddling around me happened to speak of some kind of ship. ‘Jackdaw’ sounds familiar. I’ve heard of legendary ships, many legendaries in fact. Some don’t even quite add up to what I had expected. Sorry, I mean what we had expected. Jackdaw, it may as well be the next target. Taking the ship out of the wretched up docks it would be a simple task for one man. Nobody else will be used.

Only problem I see is that we won’t have much contact with others. As I imagine what Jackdaw brings to a half-captain like me. I end up picturing me with some kind of beard. Some kind of dark black hat that has an unusual shape across the middle. Edward Kenway, the man sounds familiar. He sounds like someone who would be able to take control of this madness. He sounds like a loyal father to me. So why do I see myself with a man named Edward on a ship? Who knows? Hanging around here isn’t going to do me any good. It’s rather I leave behind myself and take several bodies to sea or I can a ’vast the seven seas!

“You’ve run into us scurvy looking for what must have been the Black Flag right…?” A man laughed, his breath lingered of beer.

“Eh’ B-Black Flag, I've never heard of that…” I sighed.

He didn’t take too long to re-think his tracks. Instead of issuing a stern warning to my face he spoke about the bloody seas. Apparently all the blood is just a daily basis to all of us. I’ve experienced several deaths here, I’ve watched men and women be slaughtered in pretty brutal ways. I’ve even had the opportunity to witness a man’s final word. That word won’t be spoken of, I promised one of the orders. Apparently, they would be able to send down the darkness that flew above us every day.

Obviously they lied to me. They had to take out what was most important to them, well that’s what they told me at least. There were several meetings back on some old ship, it wasn’t a long meeting. It was discussion on several plans to take over some kind of river… No, wait, how can I be so stupid! They were speaking of the Caribbean and how the advantages may come in useful. I didn’t take every word down for what they said, I just heard the information before having to surrender to the Templars. They had me tied up, what else could I have done? My mind is already out of it…

“You be dreaming and that’s why we have to let you go…” The man grouched.

Before I knew it my eyes blackened out. They seemed to fade as I heard two words, those words didn’t make much sense inside. Sort of like puzzle you can’t put back together… This is just another tale from one of those Pirates, and who the hell cares about them anyway! Out of the shore, I found myself lost near foggy slopes. Thankfully, there was a lot to see before leaving, many more deaths…

Come to realise it, several screams from miles out could be heard from across the sea. And the screams weren’t too pleasant. It was always a scream of agony and some voices shouting in misery… My eyes blinked as the dust started to hide away the crumbling docks. More collision! Ships are coming in and are not going to be too alive or even given the chance to survive on the land of the Templars. I’m only here because I made a deal with them, it was all part of some stupid plan apparently…

*** Back in the Observatory ***

“African coast, what can you tell me about the African Coast!” I screamed.

“N-Not much I’m afraid, we need you to delve deeper into the abyss of her memories…” The man whispered.

“W-Why can’t you tell anything…? You told me I was just an experiment to keep this woman’s life in heaven?!” I screamed.

“T-There there… Calm down please,” he continued.

I felt a prick in the back of my neck,

“Ouch” I squealed.

He didn’t have much to say to me, just words that I couldn’t care less about. As I looked around the room, I realised that this was reality. More experiments (Human Beings) were all around me lying on beds with their eyes closed shut. Not exactly what I expected, that’s for sure… The man returned with a box of some sort, he held it out in front of my hands.

“This box is like something you’d find in a memory, it’s the core…” He whispered.

My head started to ache a little, not sure whether it was from the destruction going on inside that dream world. Or if it was reality slowly devouring what’s left of the people who actually have stories to tell to their kids. The man dropped the box in front of me as he stepped back slowly towards the exit behind him.

“What’s this for exactly…?” I wondered.

(Only to find that this box had no opening,

it felt sealed like a box full of memories should be… Right?)

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