Safe And Sound (Triquel to Red)

"Elizabeth Ashton was more that just a girl to me. She was my best friend, she was the love of my life, she was my light. Since the day I met her when we were 5 years old there hasn't been a single day that I didn't love her. Without her, I wouldn't be the man I am today. She taught me so many things. She taught me to never give up on myself and to never let anyone tell me who I am, who I want to be. She taught me to believe in myself even when no one else did. Through the 15 years that I knew her, just the thought of her made me smile. Now I can't help but look back on all of the memories we made. The pillow fights, the sleep overs, the ghost stories. She made me happier than anyone else ever could. She put a smile on my face even when I was on the verge of tears and she always knew what to say. So much of the world knows Elizabeth Ashton as the girl who broke free from her past and created a future...


71. I Do

***Beth's POV***

My eyes fluttered open revealing the bright July light bursting through the crack in the curtains. I lay there a moment, a smile on my face. Today was July 30th. The day I'd marry my best friend. I couldn't help but take a moment and look back on the past nineteen years of my life. I remembered the first time I laid my eyes on him, just sitting there at a table along coloring. I remembered our sleepovers and play dates. The summer nights that we would stay up and watch horror movies and then vow to never speak of our reactions. Then there were the moments when he and I would just sit in silence beside each other. Those were the best moments. When no words were spoken. The only thing we had was each other. Thats all we needed. Each other. And today? Nineteen years prior to meeting him, it'll be him I have my eyes on as I take each step down the aisle. Just the thought of it caused shivers to run down my spine. Slowly I turned my head to look at Liam but was met with nothing but empty bedsheets and a slip of paper on the pillow. I rolled over and picked up the paper.

I'm sorry that I'm not there when you wake up. The boys have already kidnapped me. Just know that I love you and I can't wait to see you in a few hours. See you at the alter. I love you. Xxx

All my love, Liam

I set the note back down on the pillow and slipped my feet off the edge of the bed. I stood up and slowly made my way to the bedroom door. As I opened it I could hear laughter from downstairs. I made my way into the hallway and down the stairs. As soon as I reached the kitchen I saw the girls, Ruth and Nicola sitting there laughing about something and Liam's mum standing at the stove making something. As soon as I walked in everyone's heads shot towards me.

"The bride is awake!" Emily screeched.

I smile spread across my face as I took a seat at the table.

"God, I can't even believe it. I can't believe that today I'm marrying my best friend." I grinned.

"Well, how does it feel to be getting married today?" El asked.

I took a breath, a smile on my face. "Its so many different feeling all mixed into one. I'm nervous yet hopeful. I'm happy. I'm excited. I'm even a bit scared. But mostly I just feel lucky. Lucky to have found a guy who I love more than anything and loves me."

"You know, throughout high school everyone knew it'd be you and Liam. That you two would end up together. It wasn't just Em and I. Everyone could see it but you two." Mir told me.

I blushed. "Yeah well both he and I were oblivious to lots of things in high school."

"Remember that time we were having a sleepover and you showed up looking all sad and angry at the same time. You wouldn't tell us why. Finally you told us but it took a lot of asking." Emily smiled.


-Miranda's POV-

I heard the doorbell ring and I turned to Emily.

"Beth's here. Finally." I said.

I rushed to open the door and found Beth standing there, mixed expressions on her face. I mostly saw sadness and anger.

"Hey, whats wrong?"

She shrugged. "Nothing."

She walked past me and walked inside.

"Beth tell me. Whats wrong?"

"Drop it. Nothing is wrong." She said sternly.

Emily walked out of the kitchen and studied Beth. 

"Whats with the frown?" She asked.

"Nothing! Its nothing!" She burst. "Lets just forget about it and have a nice, calm sleepover."

We stared at her warily. She walked past us and walked into the living room. I glanced at Emily, a worried expression on both of our faces. We followed her into the living room where she had a stack of cheesy romantic movies in her hands.

"Whoa, did you and James break up or something?" Emily asked her.

She didn't looked up. "No. We're fine."

"Is this about Liam or something? Did you two get into a fight?" I asked, concerned.

She was quiet for a moment. "Didn't I say drop it?"

She pulled out the disk for The Notebook and practically shoved it into the DVD player. I glanced at Emily.

'Something's up.' I mouthed.

She nodded. The three of us took a seat on the couch as the movie started. Emily got up breifly to get popcorn and hot chocolate but came back immediately. Throughout the movie I noticed Beth staring off, not really paying attention to anything but her thoughts. I sighed and picked up the remote, pausing the movie. Emily and I looked at Beth who was still lost in her thoughts.

"Beth." I said.

She didn't respond.

"Beth!" I said a little louder.

She jumped a little and looked at us. "What?"

"Tell us whats wrong right now. You're not leaving that spot until you tell us." I told her.

She looked at us for a moment before taking a deep breath and sighing. "Liam's got this new girlfriend that I hate. He knows I hate her."

I looked at Emily then back at Beth.


"Brittany. Can you believe it? Brittany. Of all people!" She said.

"Well shouldn't you at least be happy for him? I mean, at least hes moved on after that long relationship he had with Anna. She like, broke him." Emily told her.

Beth stood up and threw her hands up. "No! Thats the problem! They all just end up hurting him! Liam deserves a girl who loves him and will treat him right! Someone who won't use him and who knows him better than anyone!" She shouted.

I looked at Emily, a smirk spread across my face.

"Beth, I think you like Liam." I told her.

She spun around and faced me. "What? No. I don't like him. He's my best friend. I'm just looking out for him."

"Honey, face it, you like him." Emily grinned.

Beth put her hands on her hips. "Thats redicoulous. I don't like him! He's my best friend and that's all he'll ever be!"

"Sure Beth, just don't forget to invite us to your wedding." I chuckled.


"And here we are like eight or nine years later, on the day of your wedding." Miranda grinned.

"You were right you know, when I found out that he started dating Brittany, it wasn't because I hated her, I did, but she had a reputation for playing with guys. I instantly thought, wow, Liam could do so much better. He'd be better with me. I'd never hurt him, I'd never break his heart." I smiled.

"And look at you two now." Perrie smiled.

I nodded slowly. "When did you four get here anyway?" I asked.

"At around 8 when the boys came to kidnap Liam. Liam wouldn't leave with them until he left you a note though. It was pretty cute." El smiled.

"Yeah, the boys were trying to pull a tired Liam out the door and he kept refusing saying he didn't get to say goodbye to you and that he wanted to leave you a note." Perrie grinned.

I blushed. "I would've done the same."

"Its weird, these are your last hours as Elizabeth Ashton. Soon you'll be Elizabeth Payne." Emily said.

"Yeah, well he stole my heart so I stole his last name." I smiled.

My phone buzzed on the table and I saw that I had a mention from Liam on twitter. I grinned and unlocked my phone so I could see it.

@Real_Liam_Payne: In only a few hours I'll be married to the most amazing, beautiful girl that I could ever imagine. I love you so much Beth and I can't wait to see you at the altar. Xxx @ElizabethAshton

I smiled and quickly replied.

@ElizabethAshton: I'm getting married today. Wow. I couldn't be happier to be marring not only an incredible guy but my best friend of nineteen years. I love you Liam and my eyes will be on you as I talk down the aisle. Xxx @Real_Liam_Payne

"Alright, girls finish your breakfast and then go get dressed. We need to be at the stylist by 11:00." Liam's mum told us.

We all finished our breakfast and hurried upstairs to get changed. I quickly grabbed a pair of light pink shorts and a white Juicy Couture jacket. I slipped on a pair of white flip flops and threw my hair into a messy bun. I walked out of my room and saw the other girls wearing about the same thing. We hurried downstairs where Liam's mum was already waiting and walked out of the house. Outside there was a long, white stretch limo waiting for us. One by one we all got in and soon it pulled away from the house.

"Well, Beth you've left your house for the last time as Elizabeth Ashton. When you come back after your honeymoon you'll be Elizabeth Payne." Perrie grinned.

I smiled just thinking about it. "You're right. My god, this feels weird."

"You're going to Rome for your honeymoon right?" Nicola asked.

I smiled and nodded. "We're also going to Paris and Italy at the end of the trip. Then for four days we're flying to Australia."

"Wow, and how long is this?" Ruth asked.

"Two and a half weeks." I smiled.

"Well lets just hope the paps don't figure that out." El told me.

I nodded. "Yeah. I just want this to be Liam and I. No jobs or paps getting in our way." 

They nodded in agreement. Soon the limo pulled into a large, fancy styling place. We got out and walked in.

"Hi, we've got a reservation for eight girls for hair, makeup and nails." El told the woman at the desk.

"Alright. A wedding I'm guessing?" She asked.

We nodded. 

"Which one of you is the lucky bride?" She asked, smiling.

"I am." I told her.

"Well whoever the guy is, he's lucky. You're a natural beauty." She told me.

I smiled. "Thank you."

Thank god she didn't know who we were. We followed her to a large back room with marble floors and black styling chairs. 

"If you'll all take seats I'll send some stylists back." She smiled.

I took a seat in one of the chairs and I looked at myself in the mirror for the moment. Moments later two guys and three girls all wearing their black uniforms walked in.

"Alright. So we're going to do five first. The bride and four others." One of the guys- I read his name tag- Michael said. 

"We'll go. We should probably get all of ours done at the same time." El said.

"Let me guess, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids?" Michael asked them.

They nodded he smiled and looked at me. "And the bride?"

"Yeah."I replied.

"Alright." He smiled.

He directed each of the other stylists to each of the girls and finally came over to me.

"Alright, Elizabeth correct?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Well Elizabeth, what do you have in mind?" He asked.

"Suttle makeup. Not too light, not too dark. The hair, curls put up into a soft bun and the nails, french with a bit of sparkle." I told him.

He smiled. "Alright." 

He got to work on my makeup, starting with my eyeshadow first. He started with white but then blended it with light brown. He softly lined both eyelids, top and bottom. He took some mascara and brushed it on my eyelids, making my eyes really stand out. Once he was done I opened my eyes and smiled with satisfaction. He began to work on the rest of my makeup. I looked at myself through the mirror as I watched myself be transformed. 

"What color are the bridesmaid dresses?" He asked.

"Pink." I told him.

He nodded and grabbed a beautiful shade of pink lipstick. He ran it across my lips and added a little bit of gloss. As he began doing my hair I looked at the girls through the mirror as their stylist finished up their makeup. They all looked gorgeous. I watched through the mirror as Michael loosely curled my hair into perfect spirals.  Once he was done he pinned it up into a side bun. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. The other girls were just about done. Liam's mum stood up.

"Beth, I have something to give you." She took a navy blue velvet box into her hands and walked over to me.

"As you know, your mum and I were very good friends. She told me that if anything ever happened to her that I should give this to you on the day of your wedding. She wore it when she got married." She told me.

She handed me the velvet box and I set it in my lap. I opened it and felt like my heard was about to burst. Inside was a small diamond tiara. I sucked in my breath and slowly took it out.

"She... she wore this." I whispered.

Liam's mum slowly nodded.

"Although your father may have turned into a horrible man, he is the not the man your mum married. The man your mum married, she loved with all her heart. She wanted you to be wearing that when you married the man whom you loved with everything. And today, today is that day." Liam's mum smiled.

I examined it for a moment. "Would you still give it to me on the day of my wedding even if I wasn't marrying Liam?" I asked her.

She nodded. "But your mum knew that eventually you two would come around. She knew that he was the one."

"You know, if I hadn't just got my makeup done I'd be in tears right now." I told her. "This is... its amazing. Thank you. I'll wear this knowing that she's watching over me."

"She loved you very much. She'd be so proud." She told me.

I smiled. I turned towards the mirror and placed the tiara on my head.

"You look like a princess Beth. And you're not even wearing your dress." Mir told me.

"Yeah, well I feel like a princess." I smiled.

Soon the girls and I went to get our nails done while Liam's mum, Ruth and Nicola got their hair and makeup done. As they did their nails I began thinking of my mum. How she would always tell me stories about princesses. How she always knew exactly what to say. She was there when no one was. When Liam left, she was there. When all the bad things happened in my life, she was there. And then she just... died. She was gone in an instant. If I could have her alive for one more day, I'd have her alive today. I'd have her be sitting there, right beside Liam's mum as she watched me say 'I do'. If only. Soon both my toe nails and finger nails were done and I looked down and admired them. The girls, who were getting their nails done the same color as their dresses were almost done. Liam's mum, Ruth and Nicola walked in, hair and makeup done. Finally when the girls were done we paid the stylists and walked out. We got into the limo and it pulled out.

"So when we arrive you five will be sent into the building thats right beside the venue. There will be a room already set up for you with each of your dresses, shoes and of course Beth's veil. The boys will already be there so we need to make sure Liam doesn't see Beth and Beth doesn't see Liam." Liam's mum told us.

"Alright." El said.

I sat there in silence as everyone talked, thinking about my mum. I looked out the window and looked up at the cloudless blue sky. She was up there. I knew it. She was up there. And right now she was looking down on me. As soon as we reached the venue I began getting butterflies in my stomach. When the limo came to a stop I saw lots of people getting out of their cars. I could see paps hiding in bushes around the venue but I didn't care. I wasn't going to let them ruin my day. We got out of the limo and I could hear snapshots coming from every direction. We hurried into the building and found the room. We rushed inside and saw all five dress bags hanging on a hanger.

"Alright. The four of you get changed. I'll give you your shoes when you're done." I told them.

They grabbed their dresses and began getting changed. I grabbed four light pink boxes from the corner, each had a name on it. Once they were in their dresses I handed them their boxes with their names written on it.

"Before you put them on I want you to look at the bottom of the left shoe. I've written each of you a small message on the bottom.

They each turned over their shoe and grinned.

"Lets read them outloud. I'll go first." Perrie said. "Perrie, the day I met you you and I clicked. Maybe it was the way you and I had so much in common or just our personalities combining. Either way you have been the source of many of my laughs. You're like a sister to me and I'll never forget the memories we shared. Love, Beth."

"Emily, I still remember the first time I saw you, you were sitting in front of me in Freshman bio. You and I ended up becoming friends after we shared the same hate for our bio teacher. As the years passed you became not only one of my best friend but one of my sisters. The memories we shared, the laughs we had, they all mean something to me. Thank you for being there from the start. Love, Beth."

"Miranda, you were there through everything. You were my shoulder to cry on when my boyfriends broke up with me. You were the person to laugh with when something funny happened and you were there for me in the most tragic moment in my life. And yet, you never asked for anything in return. Mir, you are truly an amazing best friend and even if I searched the earth I wouldn't be able to find someone like you. Thank you. Love, Beth."

"Eleanor, I still remember the first phone call I made to you. You told me that you were a fan even though I had only performed once. I knew by your bubbly personality that you and i would be great friends. And at the time, I hadn't even met you yet. As each day passed you and I boded even more. You brought smiles to my face that I never though would come and you never failed to make me laugh. El, you're my sister, you're my best friend and I am proud to call you my maid of honor. Thank you for being there. Love, Beth."

They all looked at me, tears threatening to fall from their glossy eyes. 

"Don't cry, you'll ruin your makeup." I chuckled, feeling tears in my eyes, just thinking about everything.

I pulled them all into a group hug. "You four are not just my best friends, you're my sisters. I don't care if its not by blood. Even though I'm getting married this is not the end of us. Its only the beginning of a new chapter. Even if something goes wrong, it'll be us five rocking in our rocking chairs when we're older. We'll be the grandmas causing trouble. That'll be us. You are four girls worth knowing for a lifetime and not a single guy or anything can break that. I love you girls and no one and nothing will ever change that. Ever." I told them.

"You're going to make us cry." El chuckled, her eyes glossy with tears.

"Save it for the ceremony." I told her.

"Alright, get into your dress." Miranda told me.

El handed me my dress bag and I slipped out of my previous clothing. I slowly stepped into my dress and the girls zipped me up in back. I stood in front of the mirror for a moment, admiring the dress.

"You look gorgeous. Really. You truly look like a princess right now." El told me.

"Lets put your jewelry and veil on." Emily suggested.

I nodded. Miranda grabbed my veil while El grabbed three maroon velvet boxes. Emily fastened the veil just behind the tiara and El put the diamond earrings in my ears, the necklace around my neck and the bracelet on my wrist. 

"Wow." Emily stated.

"Wow." El repeated quietly.

***Liam's POV***

I stood in front of the mirror as I straightened my tie. I smiled knowing that in just under an hour I'd be standing at the alter.

"How are you feeling?" Louis asked me.

I turned around and faced the guys, a grin on my face. "Honestly, I know this sounds cheesy but words cannot describe how I'm feeling right now."

They smiled. "You're in love mate, you're not supposed to know." Zayn told me.

There was a knock on the door and I opened it. My mum walked in with a huge grin on her face.

"Liam." She smiled, pulling me into a hug. 

She pulled out of the hug and looked me straight in the eyes. "Liam, I cannot tell you how proud I am. Its your wedding day. I know I'm being a complete mum right now but its my job. Watching you grow up with Beth has been one of the best experiences of my life. I still remember when you two were little, coloring pictures to put on the refrigerator door. I've watched you grow into a handsome young man and her into a gorgeous young lady. And today, you're marrying her. Love her. And hold on to her. And even after you're married, I'm your mum and I'll always be here if you ever need me." She told me.

I stayed silent for a moment. "Mum, just because I'm getting married doesn't mean I'll forget about you. Beth and I will come visit all the time. We'll invite you to concerts. Don't worry."

"I know, I know. I just wanted to tell how how proud I am of you. I just wanted to see you one more time before you get married." She told me.

I hugged her one last time. She turned towards the door and looked back at me.

"And Liam?"

I looked at her.

"Beth looks gorgeous. She's definitely a keeper." She said before exiting the room.

I smiled and took a deep breath. Yeah mum, she looks gorgeous. She always looks gorgeous. 

"Ready mate?" Louis asked me.

I took a deeb breath and nodded. "I've been ready for this day since I was five."

One by one the lads exited the room and I walked out last. I saw my dad waiting in the hallway.. A smile spread across his face.

"Liam." He pulled me into a hug. "Treat her right yeah?"

I nodded.

"I'm proud of you. I truly am." He told me.

I smiled. "Thanks dad."

"Now get out there." He told me.

I looked at him one last time before following the boys outside were we made our way to the alter where everyone was already seated. 

***Beth's POV***

"Ready?" El asked, handing me my bouquet.

I took a deep breath and nodded. One by one we exited the room and I found Liam's dad in the hallway. I smiled.

"Beth, you look beautiful." He told me.

"Thank you." I smiled.

We all walked out of the building and made our way over to the venue. I could see people already sitting in their seats but I avoided looking at Liam. I didn't want to lay my eyes on him until I took that first step down the aisle. Minutes later I heard the music start and Perrie made her first step down the aisle. Emily followed seconds later, then Miranda. Finally El took her first step and I positioned myself at the end of the aisle. Finally, I took Liam's dad's arm and I took my first step. I looked up, my eyes met Liam's and a huge smile spread across each of our faces. I wanted nothing more than to just run down the aisle and marry him that second. I felt butterflies erupt in my stomach and at that moment, I don't think i've ever felt happier in my life. All eyes may have been on me but my eyes were only on one person. Soon I found myself taking my last step and I was finally next to Liam. I turned and handed my bouquet to El and I turned to face Liam. He took my hands in his and lightly squeezed them.

"You look beyond beautiful." He whispered.

I grinned.

The preist began. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honourable estate, instituted of God, signifying unto us the mystical union that is betwixt Christ and his Church: which holy estate Christ adorned and beautified with his presence and first miracle that he wrought in Cana of Galilee, and is commended of Saint Paul to be honourable among all men: and therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and in the fear of God. Into this holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If any man can show just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace. You may now say your vows."

We said our vows and finally the ceremony was coming to an end.

"Do you Liam Payne take this woman to be your wife?" The minister asked.

Liam grinned and looked me in the eyes. "I do."

"And do you, Elizabeth Ashton take this man to be your husband?" 

Two words. Two words would change my life forever. "I do."

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride." The minister said.

Liam pulled me close to him by my waist and pressed his lips to mine. As the crowd stood and cheered Liam's lips didn't leave mine. All sound was drowned out and it felt like in that moment, it was just he and I. Finally we pulled out of the kiss and he slipped the ring on my finger and i slipped his ring on his finger. He took my hand and we walked down the aisle. As soon as we were out of sight he picked me up and pulled me into a long, passionate kiss.

"I love you so much Elizabeth Payne." He whispered against my lips.

He set me down and held me to his waist. 

"I can't believe it. We're married. Oh my god." I grinned.

He kissed me softly. "We're married."

We stood in each other's arms for a few more minutes before making our way to where the reception was being held. As we walked over we saw all of the guests socializing. Liam's parents walked over to us, smiles on their faces. They pulled us into a hug.

"Beth, welcome to the family. I can't believe after nineteen years I'm actually calling you my daughter-in-law." Liam's mum told me.

"Well I haven't had a full family in years. Its an amazing feeling knowing that I've now got an amazing family." I smiled.

We talked for a few more minutes before Liam and I made our way to our seats at the bride and groom table. We took our seats and waited for the ceremony to begin. Finally Louis and Eleanor made their way to the center of the dance floor to make their speeches.

"If you could please turn your attention to the dance floor, the best man and maid of honor would like to make their speeches." The DJ said.

Everyone's attention was now on Louis and El. Louis held the microphone in his hand and began to speak.

"So I'd first like to start out by congratulating Liam and Beth. You two are two of my best friends and I couldn't be happier for you. Liam, I've known you for almost nine years. Through those nine years we've been through so much. Lets start at the beginning. You were only sixteen and I was only eighteen. You and I were just normal lads. When I was put into a band with you and three other lads I didn't know what to think. We were all five different boys from different parts of Europe who grew up in different worlds. We knew nothing of each other and yet, we somehow became five of the best friends a guy could ask for. We were all completely different yet all the same. We taught each other life lessons, we made each other laugh and we stuck by each other. Through the nine years you've taught me so much. You've taught me that just because I'm growing up doesn't mean I can't act silly and childish. You've taught me to hold on to things that really mean a lot to me because I may not have them forever and you've taught me that I should never give up. If I fail once, then I keep trying until I succeed. Thank you. Congratulations." He smiled. He turned towards me. "Beth... I don't know where to start. I guess I could say you've been there for me from the start. You've been the source of many of my laughs and smiles. You've kept secrets, you've helped me with situations. You've made me a better person. Now lets start from when I first met you. You were a girl who was in a dark place who just needed to be guided into the light. And as soon as you were in the light, you shined. You're also an inspiration. You've taught me that no matter how bad things get, now matter how far into the maze you are, there is always a way out. Unless its love of course. When I look at you and Liam, I see love. I see two people who fought their way through the maze of life and now, have found the end. Congratulations to both of you and I hope you have an incredible life together." Louis smiled.

He handed the microphone to El and she began to speak.

"I don't know where to start. Beth, I think the moment I got that call from you was the moment I knew we were going to be great friends. Maybe it was because you didn't know me at all and still felt the need to help me. Through the years that I've known you you've taught me so much. You always know what to say and I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are truly my best friend and I am proud to be your maid of honor. Liam, I've known you for quite a while. I've watched your relationship with Beth grow. I've seen you through the ups and downs of your relationship. But the whole time, I knew that at some point, I'd be there watching you two say I do. And today I watched that happen. Congratulations to both of you and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for you." She smiled.

They walked back to their seats and I couldn't help but smile at their words.

"Now if the bride and groom could please meet on the dance floor for their first dance." The DJ said.

Liam and I stood up and made our way to the dance floor. He took pulled me close to him and A Drop In The Ocean began to play.

"You are so beautiful." He whispered. "I can't believe you're my wife."

"Well believe it because you'll have to put up with me the rest of your life." I smiled.

"Our life. And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way." He told me, a grin on his face. "And even when we die, I'll be by your side because you are my heaven."

I looked at him in the eyes and couldn't help but smile. "That was beautiful."

"You're beautiful." He smiled.

Soon the song ended and it was time for the second dance. Liam danced with his mum while I danced with his dad. Finally when the dances were over Liam and I made our way back to our seats. For a while everyone socialized and ate, even Liam and I. Although he and I would exchange glances from across the room. Finally it came time for Liam's parents to make speeches. Everyone took their seats and we waited for them to begin. Liam's dad went first.

"I've always been proud of my son. But right now, I couldn't be more proud of him. Liam, you've found an amazing girl who loves you. I see the way she makes you smile, and the way you light up when you're with her. And without her? Without her you're not yourself. She completes you. You really only find true love once in your life and Liam, you met your true love nineteen years ago. Beth, you are not only like a daughter to me but you've been like family to all of us for a very long time. Just the fact that you've stuck with my son for the past nineteen years, through the ups and downs of you relationship and are sitting beside him now as his wife, it couldn't make me happier. Congratulations to both of you and Beth, welcome to the family." Liam's dad smiled.

He handed the microphone to Liam's mum.

"You know, I still remember the day Liam came home from his first day of primary school. He immediately began telling me about this girl he met that day named Elizabeth. He told me that she was his best friend and I could only think, now how can someone become best friends in one day. The day I met Elizabeth I knew that she was special to my son. The way they acted around each other, you'd think they'd known each other years instead of weeks. They were inseparable. I had the pleasure of watching the two of them grow up into young adults and still, couldn't be torn apart. It was hard enough watching them say goodbye to each other, but today, as I watched them say I do, it brought tears to my eyes.  Welcome to the family Beth, I love you both." Liam's mum smiled.

Eleanor and Louis stood up. 

"I'd just like to make a toast to Liam and Beth and I hope they have an amazing rest of their life together." Eleanor smiled.

"And I'd like to make a toast to you two also. Have an amazing life together and I hope to know you two for the rest of my life." Louis smiled.

They sat down and Liam and I stood up. 

"So, first of all we'd like to thank each and every one of you for attending today. Today is a really special day for us and we're so glad you could be here to experience it with us." I smiled. 

I handed the microphone to Liam and he began his speech.

"I've made plenty of good decisions in my life. Many of them have changed my life drastically. But out of all of them, there is one that is the best. When I was five years old I entered my primary school classroom with no intention of meeting anyone special. When I walked in there were plenty of kids I could have walked up to and become friends with. But then I saw this girl sitting alone coloring. I decided then and there that if I was going to make a friend that day it'd be her. Little did I know that that one small decision would change my life forever. Nineteen years. Thats how long I've been best friends with that same girl. And only half an hour ago, she became my wife. Elizabeth has taught me so many things in my life but the main thing she taught me is to never give up on your small decisions because they could change your life more than you could ever imagine." He smiled and looked at me. "I love you so much."

I grinned and he handed me the microphone. "You know, I still remember the first time I laid my eye on Liam. The first words he said to me were "Can I color with you?". I didn't care that he was a complete stranger. It was someone who cared enough to ask. I had no idea that he would become my best friend for the next nineteen years. As he and I grew up we shared so many memories that I cherish. We had pillow fights and sleepovers and we were even foolish enough to stay up all night and watch horror movies. We knew everything about each other and still didn't care about each other's flaws. Maybe thats why each and every day I felt my self falling harder and harder for him. As you grow up you're supposed to leave your childhood memories behind and become more mature and adult like. But Liam? He kept me young. Even at the age of fifteen we would have our sleepovers and pillow fights. He' s taught me that you don't have to be a certain age to act like a kid again. I love you Liam, with all my heart." I smiled.

Everyone stood up and applauded. Liam and I stepped down from our table and made our way over to the cake. I was handed a knife and Liam and I both held on to it. People stood around us as we prepared to make the first cut into the wedding cake. We cut into the cake and people took pictures. We each took a forkfull of cake and he ate the pice off my fork and I ate the pice of his. As soon as we set out forks down he pulled me into a soft kiss.

" I love you." He whispered against my lips.

As everyone else went to get pieces of cake Liam and I went to socialize. The boys walked over to me as the girls stole Liam away.

"We haven't officially gotten to talk to you today." Louis told me, giving me a hug.

Each of the boys pulled me into a hug.

"Beth honestly, you're like our little sister and we're so happy Liam has someone like you." Zayn told me.

I smiled.

"Yeah and without you Niall and I wouldn't have Mir and Em." Harry said.

"So thank you for everything you've done for us." Niall smiled.

"You guys are making it sound like I'm never going to see you again. I only got married. And you four will too." I told them.

"But you and Liam are going to start a family and you'll have tours and all that." Louis said.

"Lou, I told you, just because I'm married doesn't mean I'll never have time for you. Tell you what, when Liam and I get back from our honeymoon you and I will have a day, just you and me." I told him, hugging him.

"Promise?" He asked.

I smiled. "I promise. Now go find the girls." 

They went in search of the girls but Louis stayed behind. 

"I don't think I can wait much longer." He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He pulled out a little black box from his pocket then put it back in. My eyes widened.

"You're going to propose?" I asked.

"Tonight. This morning when we went to get Liam I decided that I didn't want to wait. I want to marry her more than anything." He told me.

I looked at him and smiled. "I'm happy for you. See? It won't just be me that's married. By the end of tonight you'll be engaged." 

"If she says yes." He said nervously.

"What do you mean if she says yes? Lou, you and El have been together forever. She loves you. You love her. Why not use a ring to seal it together?" I asked.

He smiled and looked at the ground nervously. "Okay. But if she says no..."

"She won't." I told him. "Now go find her."

He hugged me one last time and began walking away.

"And Louis?" I called.

He turned.

"She wants a winter wedding."

He grinned and kept walking away. I felt arms encircle my waist and someone kiss my neck.

"Who wants a winter wedding?" Liam asked.

"El." I smiled.

He looked at me funny. "Is he proposing tonight?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I'm really happy for him."

"Me too. But right now, its me and you." He smiled.

He turned me around and pulled me close to him. He and I danced slowly in each others arms. Finally it came time for the bouquet toss. I grabbed my bouquet and walked up onto the stage. All the girls in the room gathered around, waiting for me to toss it.

"I'm going to toss it on three." I told them. "One... two... three."

I tossed the bouquet behind me and could hear the girls leaping for it. I turned around but didn't see it in anyone's hands. Finally they cleared away and I saw El standing there with the bouquet in her hands, her cheeks red. She looked at me and gave me a sheepish smile. Oh if only she knew... By now it was night and you could see the stars above us. I looked up and for a moment it was just me and the stars. I saw one gleam brighter than the rest and I knew that my mum was watching over me. I saw a star shoot across the sky and I made a wish. I wish that in the end, we all end up safe and sound. 

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