Safe And Sound (Triquel to Red)

"Elizabeth Ashton was more that just a girl to me. She was my best friend, she was the love of my life, she was my light. Since the day I met her when we were 5 years old there hasn't been a single day that I didn't love her. Without her, I wouldn't be the man I am today. She taught me so many things. She taught me to never give up on myself and to never let anyone tell me who I am, who I want to be. She taught me to believe in myself even when no one else did. Through the 15 years that I knew her, just the thought of her made me smile. Now I can't help but look back on all of the memories we made. The pillow fights, the sleep overs, the ghost stories. She made me happier than anyone else ever could. She put a smile on my face even when I was on the verge of tears and she always knew what to say. So much of the world knows Elizabeth Ashton as the girl who broke free from her past and created a future...


42. Fall For You

***Beth's POV***


-Two weeks later-

I honestly don't know why I'm still here. Each day it just gets worse and worse. The accusations become more and more and I think we've all lost our trust. And for what? Just one secret. It used to be that he would argue with us can pick fights but he doesn't even do that anymore. He doesn't speak a word to any of us. The only time you see him smile or hear him speak is when he is on stage. The moment the stage lights are off his face so is the light in his mood. I don't even know where we stand in our relationship.


"Hey, you okay?"

I looked over my shoulder and saw Niall standing there. I gave him a small smile and nodded.
 "As okay as I can get at the moment.” I replied with a small smile.
We were currently staying at a hotel and I was standing out on the porch connected to my room on the 11th floor. He came over and stood beside me, leaning over, watching the cars pass below us. 


"Do you think it will ever go back to normal?" Niall asked. 


"Only time will tell." I sighed. 

He nodded slowly. "Only time will tell." He repeated. 


It was silent for a while before I heard someone else walk out. 

"Its time to go to sound check." Harry told us. 

Niall and I followed Harry back into the room and out into the hall where Louis and Zayn were talking. 

"Where is he?" I sighed. 

"Paul is trying to get him. He told us to go down to the car." Louis told me. 


I nodded and we walked to the elevator. As we rode down it was silent. Once we reached the ground floor we could hear screams from fans that had filled the lobby. Security had created a pathway where we could safely exit the hotel. Finally we reached the car and slid in.
A few minutes later the door opened and one more person was shoved into the car. Paul got into the front seat and instructed the driver to drive. Mine and Liam's eyes met only for a moment but there was something different. There was no anger. No hate. Only sadness. I could almost see tears in his eyes. I took out my phone and began typing away. 

What’s wrong? –Beth

Liam's phone buzzed and he took it out. When he saw it was me, he stole a glance at me. 

You'll find out later. -Liam

I looked at him one more time before slipping my phone back into my pocket. That was the first time he and I had talked in weeks. Just because we didn't talk doesn't mean I didn't care. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out.
Oh honey, don’t worry. The truth will come out sooner or later. –Blocked
I sucked in my breath and shoved my phone back into my pocket. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and saw Louis looking at me.
‘You okay?’ He mouthed.
I nodded. He and I hadn’t really spoken in a while. The conflict between him and Liam had only gotten worse and they can barely stand each other on stage anymore. Liam had long forbidden Louis to even look at me let alone engage any verbal contact. Sure, we would occasionally exchange looks but only for a few seconds. I had spent most of the last two weeks with Niall, Harry And Zayn. My phone buzzed again and I took it out.
Wouldn’t want to be making any contact with him. Liam might get jealous. –Blocked

I sighed and locked my phone, stuffing it back into my pocket. I knew that only the worst was coming. Danielle only sent messages like that when something bad was going to happen. She sent them before I caught Liam cheating. Her and my father sent them before I was kidnapped. Now what?
The car pulled into the venue and we all hopped out, making our way backstage. None of us really spoke much. Niall and Zayn exchanged a few words but that was about it. We walked into the dressing room and we all took our seats on the couch and Harry took his seat in the styling chair.
Lou looked at us for a moment. She was aware of the situation and finally gave up trying to make it better about a week ago. She began styling Harry’s hair silently while the rest of us found amusement in our phones. A notification popped up and I saw a text from the blocked number or in other words… Danielle.
A bit quiet are we? –Blocked
I sighed and set my phone on the armchair.
“I’m going to walk around.” I mumbled.
“Want one of us to go with you?” Niall asked.
I shook my head. “I need to clear my thoughts.”
I opened the door to the dressing room and walked out. I walked down the long hallway just staring off into different directions. Finally I found myself on the vast stage looking out into the rows and rows of sets that would later be occupied with screaming girls.
I took a seat on the edge of the stage and I couldn’t help but remember the last night of my tour. How I had been alone up on the stage after my last concert. Red and silver glitter and confetti still coated the stage. It’s amazing how one person’s life can change so drastically over the course of four weeks. I could feel the tears in my eyes as my mind flashed back to when everything was perfect. When Liam and I had no problems. When Danielle had left us alone. When no one accused anyone of anything. We were all just one big happy family.
 I could feel a hot tear slide down my cheek as I gripped the edge of the stage. I could hear faint footsteps from behind me and finally someone sat down next to me. It was the last person I would have thought to even care. When he saw my tear streaked face he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly. Not a word was spoken between us as I cried into his shoulder.
I had kept all of these feelings built up inside of me, waiting for me to just burst. Finally when the tears stopped I pulled away and wiped my cheeks free of mascara. Liam looked down and avoided making eye contact.
“I’m sorry I got mascara on your shirt.” I mumbled.
He looked up and for the first time his eyes met mine. “My girlfriend matters more than just some shirt.”
I looked at him for a moment before looking out at the empty seats.
“What happened? What happened that made everything change?” I mumbled.
Moments past before he replied. “I was stupid. I made a stupid mistake.”
I licked my lips.
“You know, no matter what. I still love you. I will always love you.” He mumbled.
It was a moment before I replied. “I… I love you too.”
I felt his hand grasp mine and we intertwined our fingers. I laid my head on his shoulder. We didn’t speak a word. We only sat there. I tried imagining things how they used to be. When no secrets were being hidden and no accusations were being made but reality had blinded me.
“Liam it-“ We could hear Paul said from behind us but was cut off.
He was probably shocked to see Liam and I together, let alone have my head on his shoulder. Liam turned his head and kissed my temple before getting up and walking over to Paul. I sat there for a while before making my way to the dressing room. The boys had already gone to sound check and Lou was organizing her makeup and hair products.
“Hey you okay? I saw you glaring at your phone.” She said when I walked in.
“Yeah I’m fine. Just more false stories about how I cheated on Liam.” I lied.
“What’s up with you two anyway? Are you even together anymore?” She asked.
I shrugged. “I suppose so.”
“Well Liam would be stupid to break up with you. I don’t think he realizes how good he has it.” She told me as I took a seat on one of the leather couches.
I shrugged. “I guess.”
I sat there quietly staring at the blank wall.
“Beth, I’m worried about you. I swear I haven’t seen that smile in weeks.” She said.
“There’s not much to smile about.” I shrugged.
She sighed. “It will all work out in the end okay?”
“I hope so.” I mumbled.
About an hour later the boys came back from sound check. They all seemed pretty distant and all went back to their phones. Lou and I exchanged glances.
“Alright boys. Phones away we’re going to talk.” Lou said in a motherly tone.
“What’s there to talk about?” Louis sighed.
“Louis you know what she means. Now put your phones away before I take them away.” I told them, crossing my arms.
They all seemed surprised by my tone and they put away their phones.
“So what we’re going to do is go around the room and say one thing that is irritating you. No one can object or interrupt.” Lou told us. “Niall why don’t you start.”
Niall sighed. “Well personally I feel that all of us have grown apart. I miss the way we used to joke around with each other.”
Zayn was next.
“Um. I think some people are taking their accusations a bit too far.” Zayn told us.
Harry spoke next. “The lack of respect we have for each other is so just utterly disgusting.”
Louis went next.
“Well a certain person here is still falsely accusing me of something I would never even dream of doing.” Louis said.
I watched as Liam rolled his eyes at him. He went next. “A certain person in this room still won’t confess to snogging my girlfriend.”
“Yeah well she won’t be your girlfriend much longer if you keep this up.” Louis spat.
“Who are you to say-“
“Can you two just shut the fuck up for two seconds!” I said coldly. “You know what I think? I think you all need to grow the fuck up. You boys are not the boys I met three years ago. You acted like best friends, like brothers. And yet, here we are today, two of you can’t even stand the thought of each other while the other three don’t do anything about it. Honestly, you boys are what 20? 21? 22? And you’re still fighting like you’re 8.” I looked at Liam and Louis. “And you two, I never would have thought two best friends like you would let a girl come between you. Do you know how horrible it is to sit here every single fucking day and hear you two bicker. Liam, I expected more from you but instead a stupid secret is more important than me. And Louis, I’d have thought you’d be mature enough to handle a situation like this but I guess not. Instead I have to stand here and lecture you like your mums. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”
“Nailed it.” I heard Lou mutter from next to me.
The boys just sat there quietly. Finally Zayn broke the silence.
“I think that is one of the most mature things I have ever heard.” Zayn told me.
“Lads, Beth is right.” Niall sighed. “What happened to us being brothers? Best friends?”
“We got caught up in what didn’t matter.” Louis sighed.
“And really, we do fight like we’re eight year olds.” Harry admitted.
Liam just sat there.
“Well Liam, what do you have to say for yourself considering you’re pretty much the one who caused all of this.” I said.
He looked at me for a moment before sighing. “I let myself believe bullshit. I actually believed the media rather than my own best friends.”
“Liam did you really believe that picture was real or did you just use it is a cover up to hide your secret.” I asked him.
He looked down and I knew what his answer was.
“What secret is so damn important that you almost loose your best friends? The Liam I knew would never do a thing like that.” I said to him.
“You’ll know soon enough okay?” Liam sighed.
“How soon Liam? Because I don’t know if I can put up with your bullshit anymore. I didn’t fall in love with this Liam. Frankly, this Liam disgusts me.” I told him honestly.
“Why are you still here? You could have left a long time ago. Why do you put up with me?” He mumbled.
“Because when you love someone Liam, you don’t give up on them. Ever. And believe it or not, I still love you. Even if you accuse me of cheating on you with your best friend. Even if you call me things I’d rather not hear. Even if you say things to me that make me want to kick you where it hurts. I still love you.” I told him.
The boys aw-ed.
“Now I want you to apologize to the boys.” I told him.
He sighed and looked at Niall. “Niall, I’m sorry I’ve been such an arse to you. Zayn, I never meant any of the things I said about you. I’m sorry. Harry, I’m sorry for everything I said to you. A lot of it was uncalled for. Louis… I’m sorry for accusing you of kissing Beth. I’m sorry for being an arse and arguing with you. And Beth… I’m sorry for accusing you of cheating. Fighting with you. Calling you things that you most definitely aren’t and I’m sorry for being such an complete arse.” He said to all of us. “I’m just sorry in general. For everything.”
After he spoke there was a silence. Finally I spoke.
“Do you accept his apology?” I asked the boys.
They each nodded.
“Alright. Now I know its not going to go back to normal over night but this is a start.” I told them. “Now, group hug.”
We all pulled each other into a hug. And for the first time in almost three weeks a smile spread across my face.
“Am I the only one who thinks Beth is a saint?” Harry smiled once we pulled out of the hug.
“I’d second that.” Louis said, a smile on his face.
“Well I think she’ll make a great mum someday.” Zayn said, making me blush.
“Well she’s a lot like her mum.” Liam smiled.
“Oh stop you guys.” I smiled a little.
“What? You don’t like it when we talk about you?” Liam asked, wrapping his arms around my waist.
“No. I hate it. You know I hate it.” I told him, my face still a little red.
The door to the dressing room opened and Paul walked in. A surprised look appeared on his face when he smiles on our faces.
“What happened?” He asked, shocked.
Liam smiled down at me. “Beth happened.”
“Beth I swear, you have magic powers.” Paul said, sounding a little relieved.
I smiled. “I just don’t like seeing my boys unhappy. After all, they’re the only family I’ve got left.”
“Well you’ve done the undoable. Thank you for knocking some sense into these boys.” Paul smiled.
“You don’t need to thank me. I just care about them. That’s all.” I told him.
“Liam, you better plan on keeping her around for a while.” Paul told Liam.
Liam gave him a small smile. “I’ll try.”
“Anyway. You boys are on in 5.” He told them.
They nodded and Paul left the room. I turned to Liam.
“Liam please tell me what’s wrong.” I sighed.
“You’ll know before the night is over.” He sighed.
He and the boys walked out of the room and I turned to Lou.
“Like I said, it will all work out in the end.” She told me.
“God I hope so.” I replied.
I took a seat on the couch and took out my phone. Soon I heard the boys begin to sing their first song which was from their last album. Live While We’re Young filled my ears as I scrolled through my phone. By the time the concert was almost over Lou and I had talked for a while but I ended up going back to my phone. My phone buzzed in my hand and I saw a text. I frowned when I saw that it was the blocked number.
If he’s not going to tell you I guess I’ll have to show you. The truth hurts babe. –Blocked
Moments later another text appeared but it wasn’t in the form of words. It was a picture. A picture that made my heart shatter. I felt the emotion in my rise and felt tears falling from my eyes.
“Beth?” Lou said when she noticed my expression.
I threw my phone across the room and stormed out of the room.
“Beth where are you going?!” Lou called after me.
“Home Lou! I’m going home and I’m packing my stuff and I’m leaving!” I yelled over my shoulder.
Only moments later I heard his voice.
I felt his arm grab my wrist and I pulled it away.
“Don’t fucking touch me!” I spat.
“She told you didn’t she.” Liam whispered.
“Oh and just to rub it in she sent a picture. And it sure as hell wasn’t from a perfect angle. You were all over her!” I screamed. “And to think everything was going to be okay! To think it would all go back to normal!”
“Beth please.” He choked out, tears in his eyes.
“Don’t Beth please me! Did you really love me or was I just convenient? I was just there!” I screamed.
“You have no fucking idea how much I love you Elizabeth!” He told me.
“And yet you go and cheat on me. Again.” I spat. “Why didn’t you just tell me! I’d rather be hurt with the truth than be comforted with a lie! I’m leaving. For good this time!”
“Elizabeth please just… please. Stay for one more song. If you want to leave after the next song then you can leave forever and you’ll never have to see me again. Please.” He begged.
I looked at him for a moment, his eyes glistening in the dim light. The eyes that I had fallen in love with over 17 years ago.
“One song. That’s all you get. One song.” I whispered.
I followed him to the stage where the boys were standing there waiting for him. He took them aside and talked with them. Moments later I watched as a piano was rolled out onto the stage and Liam walked over to it. He sat down and began speaking into the microphone.
“So a few weeks ago I wrote a song. A song about how I messed up badly and almost let the girl I love go. No matter what Elizabeth Ashton, I will always love you. Each time I look at you I fall head over heals in love with you. Each time I fall for you over again.” He spoke into the microphone.
He didn’t speak to the audience though. His eyes stayed on me.
“This is called Fall For You.”
He began to sing and played the notes on the piano.
The best thing 'bout tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before?
I know you don't think that I am trying
I know you're wearing thin down to the core
But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find
This is not what I intended
I always swore to you I'd never fall apart
You always thought that I was stronger
I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start
Oh, but hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
It's impossible
So breathe in so deep
Breathe me in, I'm yours to keep
And hold on to your words 'cause talk is cheap
And remember me tonight when you're asleep
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I won't live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You're impossible to find
Words couldn’t even describe the feeling that I felt right now. My body shook as I lightly sobbed.
“Elizabeth, a girl like you is impossible to find. Your choice is to stay or go but just no that no matter what, I will always love you with every single piece of my heart.” He spoke.
I just stood there in the wing of the stage frozen. I could barely breathe and the sobbing didn’t help. The lights on the stage dimmed and Liam walked off towards me.
“Elizabeth, you have no idea how much you mean to me. I know there is no excuse for what I did only that it was to protect you. You mean more to me than everything on this planet. You complete me. What I said in that song was true. Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you over again. But in reality, every night is. Each time I look at you I fall head over heels in love with you. The reason why I’ve been an arse lately was because I knew I would eventually loose you.” He told me, tears rolling down his cheeks.
I stared into his big chocolate brown eyes that looked at me with nothing but love.
“You know, I told myself I’d never forgive you for making the same mistake twice. But… when I look at you I not only see the boy I fell in love with 17 years ago, but I see the man he’s grown into. And no matter how hard I tried, I can’t seem to make myself love him any less.” I whispered, small tears rolling down my cheeks.
His glossy eyes looked into mine for a moment.
“But-“ I put a finger to his lips.
I took his face into my hands and pressed his lips to mine. His arms wrapped around my waist and my arms went around his neck. He pushed me up against the wall and deepened the kiss.
“I love you so fucking much.” He mumbled against my lips.
“I love you more.” I whispered.
“Impossible.” He replied.
We heard someone clear their throat and Liam and I pulled away and saw the boys standing there, smirks on their faces.
“We had to stop it before it went somewhere else.” Louis smirked.
Harry held up my phone which now had a cracked screen. It still had the picture of him and Danielle on the screen.
“Mate, you’ve got some serious explaining to do.” Harry said.

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