Safe And Sound (Triquel to Red)

"Elizabeth Ashton was more that just a girl to me. She was my best friend, she was the love of my life, she was my light. Since the day I met her when we were 5 years old there hasn't been a single day that I didn't love her. Without her, I wouldn't be the man I am today. She taught me so many things. She taught me to never give up on myself and to never let anyone tell me who I am, who I want to be. She taught me to believe in myself even when no one else did. Through the 15 years that I knew her, just the thought of her made me smile. Now I can't help but look back on all of the memories we made. The pillow fights, the sleep overs, the ghost stories. She made me happier than anyone else ever could. She put a smile on my face even when I was on the verge of tears and she always knew what to say. So much of the world knows Elizabeth Ashton as the girl who broke free from her past and created a future...


25. All We Need Is Eachother

***Beth's POV***

Today is the day.

The beginning of six long months of touring the world, performing concerts and meeting fans. Six months away from my friends, my family...Liam. Today was not only the start of my tour but the boy's tour too. 

*** Slowly, my eyes fluttered open revealing the light seeping in through the curtains. I lay there a moment, thinking about what the next six months had in store for me. I left out a sigh and I felt an arm tighten around my waist. Liam pulled me close to his chest and kissed the top of my neck. I turned around in the bed and faced him, his big brown eyes meeting my blue ones. I was lost in his eyes for a moment before he spoke.

"I don't want to go one tour. Not without you." He whispered.

I lightly kissed his lips. "You have to. I have to also. Its our job."

He rested his forehead on mine. "Six months... without you."

"You've done it before. You can do it again." I whispered.

"Babe we weren't even together then. You hated me, you wouldn't even talk to me." He mumbled.

Again I kissed his lips softly. "I'm only a phone call away."

He sighed and I rested my head on his bare chest. I felt his lips on the top of my head.

"Hey Beth?" He whispered.

"Hm?" I mumbled.

"I love you." He said softly.

I looked up and gave him a small smile. "I love you too."

A few minutes later I got up and walked into the bathroom. After stripping out of my clothes, I hopped into the shower. After washing and conditioning my hair I stepped out of the shower and wrapped the black towel around me. I walked into mine and Liam's room and saw that Liam had fallen asleep and was now clutching a pillow where I would be. I walked over to him and smiled.

"Liam." I said, shaking him.

He still didn't wake up.

"Liam." I said again.

I bent down and pressed my lips to his. I didn't pull away until his eyes shot open.

"Good morning. Again." I smiled.

"I was dreaming." He whined.

"About what?" I asked, walking over to my closet.

"About you." He smiled, getting up.

I rolled my eyes. "Of course you were."

"No I really was. You and I were on a desert island with nothing but the sand under our feet and the water around us." He told me.

"Oh really? Did we die?" I asked.

"No because we had everything we needed." He told me, grabbing a towel from the closet.

"So we had food and water and shelter?" I asked.

He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me from behind. He kissed my shoulder and smiled.

"No. We didn't have any of that. We had eachother. Thats all we needed." He told me.

"Okay I officially have the cheesiest boyfriend on the planet." I smirked.

"But its okay. As long as you love me I think we're okay." He smiled.

" As long as you love me we could be starving we could be homeless we could be broke, as long as you love me I'll be your silver I'll be your platinum I'll be your gold." I sang playfully.

"And I officially have the dorkiest girlfriend on the planet." He laughed, walking towards the bathroom.

"Oh shut up. You're a dork too!" I called.

"Thats why we're so perfect for each other." He grinned, poking his head out of the bathroom.

 I rolled my eyes and went back to picking out an outfit. After I got dressed I grabbed my phone and waited for Liam to get out of the bathroom. I scrolled through twitter and finally decided to post a tweet.

@ElizabethAshton: Today is finally the day! Who's ready for the Safe and Sound tour?! xx

Moments later Liam emerged from the bathroom and I walked in. While I did my hair and makeup Liam came into the bathroom and began brushing his teeth. For a while Liam and I stood there in silence before I caught him making funny faces at me through the mirror.

"Liam I swear you are such a dork." I laughed while curling my hair.

He took the toothbrush out of his mouth and gave me a kiss on the cheek, leaving toothpaste bubbles on my cheek. My eyes widened and I smeared some soap on his cheek.

"Are you asking for a soap fight?" He smirked.

"No but you are. We have to leave soon anyway." I told him.

"Babe, neither of our tour groups can leave the lot without us. We'll be fine." He laughed.

"Don'e care. We're not having a soap fight." I smiled at him through the mirror.

He finished brushing his teeth and turned to me.

"I'll finish your hair, you do your makeup that you don't even need because you're beautiful." He told me.

I raised my eyebrows at him. "You're going to do my hair?"

"I'm not that bad. Remember when you taught me to braid your hair when we were younger, I wasn't that bad." He said.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine. Only because I don't want to be late."

I handed him my curling wand and he began twirling my hair around it. I grabbed my makeup bag and took out my makeup. As I began putting it on Liam spoke.

"Why do girls wear makeup anyway? Why do you? Elizabeth, you are beautiful. I'm not even joking when I say that. You are absolutely, incredibly beautiful." He told me.

I felt my cheeks get hot. "Because it makes me feel better about myself. You may think I'm beautiful but Liam... you're my boyfriend... of course you think that. I however, look for every imperfection about myself and I just end up using them to judge myself" I told him.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you're beautiful until you believe it?" He asked.

"The number is infinite." I sighed.

"I guess I should start now then huh? You're beautiful, you're beautiful, you're beauti-"

"Not literally!" I laughed.

I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. I slowly pressed my lips to his and he deepened the kiss. He picked me up and set me on the counter. He set the curling iron on the counter behind me and his arms went around my waist. He began kissing my shoulders and up my neck.

"Liam." I whispered.

"Hm?" He mumbled.

"Liam we need to go." I whispered, trying not to give in.

"They can wait. I can't." He mumbled.

His lips moved up from my neck back to my lips. The kiss became more passionate and my hand ran through his hair. He softly kissed my neck.

"Liam..." I whispered. "We... we need to go."

"I don't want to go. I want to stay here with you." He told me, his eyes meeting mine.

Our faces were inches apart, our arms still wrapped around each other. I sat there a moment staring into his dark, chocolate colored eyes.

"I don't want to go either." I whispered. 

It was silent for a while. "But... we have to." I whispered.

I hopped off the counter and finished doing my makeup. Liam picked up the iron again and continued with my hair. Our eyes never left each other's through the mirror. It seemed at this moment, only ours before we were to be separated, that I felt most in love with him. No words were spoken. No kisses exchanged. Just glances. Thats all he and I needed.

He was right before, in his dream. All we needed was each other, nothing else, no water, not food. Just me and him. As soon as I was done with my makeup and he was done with my hair we walked back into our room silently. I slipped on my shoes and he slipped on his. We grabbed our already packed bags and walked downstairs. He and I walked outside and got into the car after putting our bags in the back. We rode in silence but we only had one thing on our minds. Each other. I stared out the window watching cars pass by.

Finally when we pulled into Syco records we got out without saying a word. He took my hand into his and intertwined our fingers. We walked into the building and climbed into the elevator. Once we reached Simon's floor we got out of the elevator and walked into Simon's office. The boys were already there waiting.

"I thought you two would never show up." Simon said.

"Yeah sorry. We were a bit held up." Liam mumbled.

"Beth I think you have something on your neck." Louis smirked.

My hand flew up to my neck and I could almost feel the bruise on my neck. I blushed madly.

"Oh stop making her blush." Liam rolled his eyes.

 He and I took our seats and waited for Simon to begin.

"Alright, now that we're all here we can begin." Simon said. "Elizabeth, here is your set list."

He handed me a piece of paper.

Safe and Sound Tour Set List

1. Red
2. Forever and Always
3. Better Than Revenge
4. Skyscraper
5. Come Back...Be Here
6. A Thousand Years
7. B-e-a-utiful
8. Listen To Your Heart
9. Breathe
10. Heart Attack
11. A Year Without Rain
12. Catch Me
13. Ours
14. Eyes Open
15. Because Of You
16. Safe and Sound

"Songs from both of my albums?" I asked.

Simon nodded. "Yes, I feel that your fans not only want to go to your concerts to hear your new album but also to hear your old one."

"I guess that makes sense." I shrugged.

"Liam, I've already given the boys your set list so you can look over that on the plane ride. I'm sure that all of you are aware that Elizabeth's tour ends one month before yours." Simon said.

"Is she coming on tour with us again?" Louis asked excitedly.

" Yes if she chooses to do so." Simon said simply.

Louis look at me.

"Of course I'm coming. You really think I'm going to sit at home for a month missing you guys." I smiled.

"And Elizabeth, I expect you to follow the rules this time because on your last tour you broke quite a few of them. You absolutely must follow your set list, you didn't on your last tour." He said.

"But doing all the songs... every single night... in the same order... its just so boring." I groaned.

"Well its crucial that you do follow it. Also, I don't think I need to worry about this but this is what I said last time too and you still broke the rule. I  am making it clear, you are not to date anyone in your tour group, that means no dating the drummer." Simon told me.

"To be honest Simon, Bran was just... he was someone to take my mind off of Liam. I don't think you have anything to worry about this time." I told him.

"Alright. And Liam, when Elizabeth does come on tour, I think you know what is and isn't appropriate on the bus." He told Liam.

"Are you trying to embarrass both of us because we were late?" I smirked.

"Don't be late next time." Simon told us.

"Simon, I'm pretty sure they were a bit busy with something else before they left." Louis smirked.

"Yeah, something that involves hickeys." Harry said with a smirk.

"Remind me to kill both of them later." I said.

Simon filled us in with the rest of the information. When the meeting was over we walked out into the hall. I slapped Harry and Louis lightly.

"Not funny." I told them.

"It kinda was." Niall laughed.

I turned to Liam. "Why are you friends with them."

"I have no idea." He grinned.

We all walked outside and got into our cars. As Liam drove to the airport, everyone behind us, the car was silent. Finally as we arrived at the airport we parked our cars and walked inside. After checking our bags onto our different flights we walked to my gate. I saw the rest of my tour group already there and waved to them. I turned to the boys.

"You know, this is the hardest part." I sighed. "Saying goodbye."

They all nodded, sad looks on their faces.

"I'm going to miss all of you... so, so much. I hope you guys have a great tour."I looked at Liam who looked like he was about ready to cry. "And take care of Liam for me. Make sure he focuses more on his career than me and don't let me not being there bring down his spirits."

"We will. Don't worry." Louis said.

They each pulled me into a hug.

"We're going to miss you a ton Beth." Zayn told me.

"I'll miss you guys too but we can always skype and call." I told them.

They nodded and I finally got to Liam. I looked at him for a moment before wrapping my arms tightly around his torso.

"Although I will be half way across the world," I put my hand to where his heart was. "I will always be in there. Every second of the day and night. At every concert, each time you go to sleep. I'm there." I could feel the tears in my eyes. 

I looked up and his eyes were tearing up too. He took my face into his hands. "I'm going to miss you more than anything. I love you. Don't forget that. I love you more than everything and anything."

He softly kissed me as I heard the last boarding call for my plane.

"I love you too." I whispered, feeling a tear slip down my cheek.

I let my had fall from Liam's grasp slowly and I picked up my bag and began walking towards my plane. As I was about to walk onto the plane I heard Liam call my name.

"Elizabeth!" He called.

I turned around, tears streaming down my face. He ran towards me and as soon as he approached me he held my face in his hands and kissed me with passion. As he finally pulled away I could see tears streaming down his cheeks.

"I love you." He whispered.

I kissed him one more time. "I love you too."

And I pulled away one more time. I didn't look back but I knew Liam was still standing there as I got into the plane. I knew that these would be some of the hardest six months of my life. The moment I left his grasp, that was the moment I knew.
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