The sound of the trees

this is a poem about trees


1. The sound of the trees

Trees are gentle trees are kind,

Trees stay around for a long time,

They make me laugh they make me cry,

They make me feel like I can fly,


But the sound is the best,

Way above the rest,

The sound of the leaves,

It's in my wildest dreams,


It sounds like fairies running along,

Singing about a magical song,

Oh why can't I reach up and touch the leaves,

When I try they fall just out of my reach,


They sound like angels with feathery wings,

Oh how I wish I could see all of these things,

They rustle about in the mid summers sky,

Oh how I wish that leaves never die,


They have long thick trunks,

Like an elephant who has sunk,

In a sandy bog of mud,

That looks just like soap suds,


They tower above me into the clouds,

They make me want to feel really proud,

And though I can't see them all of the time,

They fit in this poem cause they make a good rhyme.

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