Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


12. Chapter Twelve

We got out of Build A Bear, went to a store that sold any kind of snapback possible, then went to get something to eat. I looked at him, sitting down. He smiled, “So did you have a good time?” I nodded, “Yeah.. your Mahomies already like Madison.” He laughed, “Good. So, what else do you wanna do?” I shrugged, “I dunno. Christmas is coming up and I kinda wanna get the shopping done. I need to get a present for my friends back home, and then for Sarah, Alex, Rob, Tyler, Zach, you, obviously, Justin, and my mom.” He nodded, “Alright, but you don't have to get me anything.. and the crew's presents can be from both of us.” I smiled, “Okay, but I'm buying you something anyway.” He laughed, getting up and getting our food. He came back with chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A for me, and he got Subway for him. He smiled, grabbing one of my nuggets and eating one. I pouted, “Hey! That was mine!” He smiled, handing me a chocolate chip cookie in truce. I smiled, grabbing it and eating a bite of it, “Okay. I forgive you.” He laughed, and we ate in silence. After we got done eating, I stood up, grabbing our bags. He smiled, throwing away the trash, then grabbing a bag, and holding my hand with the other, “So, we gotta get your mom and my mom something.” I nodded, “Yeah. What would your mom like?” He smiled, “I'm gonna get her a necklace.” I smiled, “That's cute.” He nodded, “What about your mom?” I shrugged, “Not sure.. maybe a ring or something.” He smiled, and we talked into Kay Jewelers. He started humming the jingle, “Every kiss begins with Kay.” I laughed, “Wow.” He smiled, and walked to the cashier, “Hi. Umm, I have a necklace to pick up. Austin Mahone.” She nodded, walking into the back. I looked at him, “So after this we need to get Sarah something. From me. Because we're starting to get close as friends.” He smiled, “Here, what about you buy her a shopping spree? Y'all can go hang out and shop.” I smiled, “I think she'd like that.” He nodded, “Knowing her, and how much she shops, yes. Yes, she would.” He smiled. I smiled back, then the girl came back holding a box. “Thank you,” he said, grabbing the box in a bag, and handing her the exact money. He smiled, grabbing my hand and walking out.


The next week and a half went by quickly. The night before he left, I spent the night at his house. I poked his cheek, as he changed the channel. He looked at me, smiling, “May I help you?” I shook my head, “No...” He nodded, standing up, “Follow me.” I nodded, grabbing his hand. He walked to his room, then shut the door. I sat on his bed, as he walked to his closet. He grabbed out a big bag. He sighed, “Here.” I raised an eyebrow, “Why you so sad about it?” He laughed, “Just open it.” I nodded, moving the wrapping paper. I gasped, “Austin... this is your like favorite hoodie.” He nodded, “I want you to have it. And I sprayed my scent on it. Haha. So while I'm gone, you can spell me.” I smiled, “Aww.” He smiled, “Continue.” I nodded, looking and getting something else out. I smiled, “A necklace.” He nodded, “Look at it closely.” I was confused, “It's missing a part?” He nodded, pulling out his key chain, “That's because the other part is here,” he said, putting the key chain inside the necklace. I smiled, “You're the best.” He laughed, “Not as good as you, tho.” I smiled, pulling more stuff out. I laughed, “Austin, how much more stuff are you giving me?” He smiled. I smiled back, looking down at his favorite snapback. I smiled, putting it on, “Austin. I love you. But you love this hat. You're taking it with you. I am making you.” He shook his head, “No, babe.” I rolled my eyes, “Whatever.” He smiled, “Okay, one more.” I smiled, grabbing the box. I smiled, unwrapping the paper. I screamed, “OH MY GOSH!! YOU GOT ME OUR MOMENT?!?!?!” I ran to him, hugging him. He nodded, laughing, “Yeah. I know you like One Direction, so I was like what better present?” I smiled, “Thank you.” He kissed my forehead, “You're welcome.” After I opened the presents, we sat down on his bed, talking. He looked at me, grabbing my hands, “And then, we'll go to Downtown Disney together. Since I'll be at the House of Blues! I mean, it's like right there!!” I nodded, “What about any other park?” He nodded, “Yeah! Mom said she would get us the hotel, and it would be me and Dave, and you and a friend.” I smiled, “Okay. I know this is gonna be fun.” He kissed my cheek, “Yeah, I know. But if you don't wanna bring a friend, Mom said she would stay with you.” I smiled, “I'd like that. Mama Mahone is super nice!” He made a funny face, “I guess.” I laughed, “Give me your phone.” He grabbed his phone out of his pocket, “Okay? Why?” I smiled, “You'll see.” I ran downstairs then about 10 minutes later came back upstairs to his room, handing him the phone back. He had my phone in his hand. He smiled, “Thanks. What were you doing?” I shook my head, “Can't say. What were you doing?” He smiled, “Can't say, either.” I smiled, “Okay.” I yawned, “What time is it?” He looked at his phone, smiling at the new lock screen, “1:00 in the morning.” I nodded, leaning my head on my pillow I gave him, “Okay..” He laughed, “I gotta pack.” I groaned, “I told you to pack earlier! You're going to forget something.” He shook his head, “No I won't!” I got up, “Okay, bring this shirt, because it's my favorite on you.” He smiled, grabbing his Aeropostle shirt and putting it in his suitcase. I laughed, “Babe, why do you have a can of silly string?” He laughed, “Never know when a silly string war's gonna break out and you need your trusty can!” I rolled my eyes, “You're insane.” He winked, “Thanks.” I smiled, clapping my hands, “Hurry up and get packing!” He rolled his eyes, “Do I have to?” I sighed, pushing him out the way, “Move, Mahone!” He laughed, falling onto the bed, “Well excuse you!” I laughed, packing his suitcase, “Excuse YOU. Because you didn't do this earlier, so I am going to be the mature and responsible one!” He laughed, “Sorry. I wanted to spend as much time with you as possible. Send me to jail, why don't ya?” I laughed, throwing a pillow at him. He yawned, “I'm gonna take a nap.” I tackled him, looking down on him. He smiled. I stuck my tongue out at him, “Sleep on the plane!” He smiled, kissing me, “I'd rather sleep with you.” Dave covered his eyes, “Ah!” I pulled away from Austin, falling off the bed, “Oh, God!!!” Austin laughed, “Come on, it's just Dave!” He laughed, “I gotta ask. Y'all weren't doing anything... right?” I shook my head, “Heck no!” Austin looked at me, “So you don't want to?” I shook my head, laughing, “Not now!” He pouted, “Aww...” I stood up, and hit him in the shoulder, “Stop being gross!!!!” Dave laughed, “Okay, as long as y'all weren't. Austin, I suggest you don't do anything like that, especially if you're going on tour.” I nodded, “I agree with your bodyguard. Who isn't much of a bodyguard.” He laughed, “Hey! That's not nice!” I smiled, “You know I love you, Dave.” I hugged him, then smiled at Austin, “And I'm gonna miss both of y'all.” Austin smiled, “We'll miss you, too.” Dave nodded, “But I'm gonna miss you more than Austin.” I laughed. He shook his head, grabbing my hand, and pulling me away from Dave, “She's my girl. Get your own.” He laughed, “Get packed, Mahone! We leave at 8!” He nodded, as Dave walked out the room. I walked to Austin's closet, grabbing shirts, then folding them into the suitcase. Austin looked at me, then sat beside me, kissing my cheek, “Hey, what if you know... you came with me.” I looked at him, “Stop being crazy. That'll never happen.” He nodded, “True. Plus, you probably wouldn't want to go anyway.” I nodded, “I mean, it'd be cool.. but I don't know.” He smiled, helping me fold some clothes, “Yeah, it's okay. So, we have 6 hours. What do you wanna do after we get done?” I shrugged my shoulders, “I don't know.. but I think we'll be packing for 3 of them!” He laughed, “Naw... we'll be good.” I nodded, sitting down on the bed, and yawning. He laughed, “You tired?” I put my head on the pillow, “Mhm.” He smiled, yawning a little then continuing to pack, “Close your eyes and take a nap. I'll wake you up when I'm done.” I nodded, “Okay.”

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