Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


1. Chapter One

“21?,” Tyler asked, chucking the basketball to Zach. Alex looked up from his phone, “Y'all bout to get schooled.” Tyler laughed, adjusting his glasses, “Ha! In your dreams, Constancio.” Robert was texting, so no trash talk was spoken from him. Austin looked at both of them, “We all know I'm the best at basketball.” I laughed, rolling my eyes. I was sitting beside Sarah on the bench. She smiled, “So, how are you enjoying the neighborhood so far?” I smiled, “It's cool. I like the fact that we have a basketball and tennis court.” She smiled, looking over at the boys play, then looked back at me, “Do you have a certain guy on your mind?” I smiled, looking at them, “No.. I've only been here a day, Sarah. Haha. I barely know their names.” She looked down at her phone, “True.. but I had a crush on Alex the day I met him.” I smiled, “Y'all are cute together.” She blushed, smiling from ear to ear, “Thanks, girl!” I looked down at my phone, seeing if he texted me. Nope. I sighed. She looked over at me, and down at my phone, “Something wrong?” I shook my head, “No.. just.. I wanted my, erm, friend.. to text me. But he didn't.” She frowned, “Awe.” I looked down at the ground, “Yeah. I'm used to it now tho. No big deal.” She looked at me, “Here! Let's go over there and watch them play. It'll get your mind off of it.” I smiled, getting up and walking to the basketball court. “Look out,” I heard somebody yell. I turned around, only to find a basketball coming towards me. I closed my eyes, protecting my face with my hands. I was waiting for it to hit me.. but it never did. I moved my hands, slightly. I looked up and saw Austin in front of me, smiling. I moved my hands down to my side, “Thank you...” He smiled, “Are you okay?” I nodded, “Yeah. Thanks.” He smiled, “No problem, Nicole.” I smiled, grabbing the ball out of his hands, “Can I play?” He looked at Alex, eyes widened, “Uhhh.. umm.. sure.” I smiled, walking onto the court, dribbling. I looked at the boys, “What about 3 on 3? Me, Robert, and Alex vs Austin, Tyler, and Zach.” Tyler laughed, “Nicole... I don't think I cou-,” “You're scared of playing basketball with a girl? Really. Just come on and do it,” I said, laughing. Austin stood in front of me, “Get ready.” Dave stood up, grabbing the ball from my hand. We were about to tip it off. “Now I want a good, clean game. No pushing, shoving, or foul play. First one to make a basket wins. Both teams ready?” I looked at Austin, extending my arm, “May the best team win.” He smiled, shaking my hand, “Good luck, short stuff.” Dave threw the ball up, I passed it to my team. Robert grabbed the ball, dribbling down the court. Alex was getting blocked by Austin, Robert by Zach. It was me and Tyler. He wouldn't stand in front of me. I waved my hands in the air, “Rob, over here!” He passed me the ball. I looked at Tyler. He was just standing there. I smiled. Austin yelled, “Tyler! What are you doing?!?! GET THE BALL!!!!” He shook his head. Zach ran over to get it from me, as I turned around, shooting it in the net. I smiled, “And THAT is how you do it.” Austin looked at me, “You have got to be kidding me.” I smiled, and was greeted by Robert and Alex. Robert laughed, “Can I have you on my team every time we play?” Alex smiled, “I wish Sarah would come out and play with us.” She laughed, walking onto the court, “Pssh. No thank you.” I laughed, “I played basketball for my town back home.” Austin smiled, “Well you're amazing!” I blushed, “No.. it was an easy shot. Mainly because I was standing on the free throw line, which, honestly, anybody who can make a free throw knows it's easy to shoot. And besides, Tyler wouldn't get within like 10 feet from me because I'm a girl and he didn't want to steal the ball from me. Haha.” Austin looked at Zach. Zach looked at Robert. Robert looked at Tyler. Tyler looked at Alex. Alex looked at me, “Wow...” Sarah laughed, “Guys, stop drooling all over her.” I smiled. Austin looked at the boys, “Umm.. excuse me for a second, guys. Nicole, can I talk to you for a minute?” I nodded, walking over to the other side of the court. I smiled, “What's up, Austin?” He looked down at me, “Hey, short stuff.” I rolled my eyes, smiling. He laughed, “Anyways, I'm throwing a party tonight at the studio. It's a congratulations party for me getting triple platinum on What About Love.” I smiled, “Congrats.” He nodded, “Thanks. But, I was wondering if you wanted to come.” I raised an eyebrow, “Hmm.. will there be skittles?” He laughed, “You like skittles, too?!” I nodded, “A lot.” He nodded, “Yes! Tons of them.” I smiled, “Of course. But we're just friends.” He nodded, “Just friends.” I smiled, hugging him. He hugged me back, then pulled away. I smiled, walking back to Sarah. She winked, “What happened?” I rolled my eyes, playfully, “Nothing. We're just friends.” She nodded, “Me and Alex were 'Just Friends' one time.” I laughed, “Whatever.” I looked at the boys, “Hey, I gotta go back to the house and get ready. Umm what time is the party tonight, Austin?” I heard Robert whistle, “Ooh, ACM's gotta date!” I rolled my eyes, playfully hitting him on the arm, “Not at all.” Austin smiled, “Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you guys.. Party at the studio tonight! Nicole, be there at 6:00. Everybody else, 6:30. I wanna show Nicki around.” I blushed a little, “Okay. Bye, guys.” I walked to Sarah, and hugged her, then Robert, then Tyler, then Alex, then Zach, then Dave. I stopped when I got to Austin. He smiled, “I'll pick you up?” I smiled, nodding, “That sounds great.” He smiled, pulling me into a hug. I pulled away. He smiled, “Umm.. I think we need to exchange numbers. Ya know... just to be safe.” I laughed, “Oh totally.” He blushed, handing me his phone, “Yeah.. because I'm all for the safety.” I put my number in, laughing, “Alright. I'll see y'all tonight. Bye!” I heard an echo of bye's before I got on my bike, riding to my house.


(A/N) Hey!(: I'm Alexis. I hope y'all like this! It's my first movellas, and I don't know if I should continue or not! Please let me know by commenting, liking, favoriting,fanning me, ect!<3



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