Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


5. Chapter Five

I walked off the stage, smiling. I saw Alex and Sarah standing together. I smiled, “Hey.” They smiled. Sarah looked at me, “That was awesome!” I nodded, looking up at Austin, smiling, “Yeah. He is.” Alex smiled, “Mhm. Nicki's got a crushy wushy.” I rolled my eyes, “Do not!” He nodded, “Do too!” I smiled, “Not at all.” Sarah smiled, “Nicki do you want to go see Justin?” I looked up at Austin, “Umm.. maybe later. I'm kinda thirsty. I'm going to go get something to drink.” Alex laughed. “Not like that, Ruben,” I said, rolling my eyes, smiling. He laughed, looking at Sarah. I walked to the soda table. I felt as if somebody was following me. I turned around. Startled, I looked at 5 faces. I smiled, “Umm, hi?” They looked at me. One was blonde. She looked at me, “Why are you trying to flirt with Austin?” I laughed, “Umm, I'm not. I just met him, legit today.” The other one looked at the girl with cut off jean shorts on, “Whatever. We're telling you to stay away from Austin. He's Taylor's. Not yours.” I nodded, “Alright.” I turned, walking away from them. I walked up the stairs. Sitting down on a step, I put my head in my hands. “Why do I always get hated on?,” I said, holding back tears. I heard somebody clear their throat. I looked up, amazed. They smiled, “Hi.” I smiled back, “Umm.. h-hi.” They sat beside me, “I couldn't help but overhear your problem. I always get hated, too.” I nodded, “Yeah. I know... but I've been a fan of you since like 2011. I saw you on my birthday!” He laughed, “Well, it's a pleasure to meet a Belieber.. umm.. what's your name, love?” I smiled, “Nicole. I saw you in Columbia, South Carolina. On August 5th!” He smiled, “Oh! I love South Carolina. We only got to spend a little bit of time there, but it was really cool. It's really pretty.” I smiled, “Yeah.” He laughed, “Well... I'm Justin. Nice to meet you, Nicole.” I nodded, “You, too.” He looked down at his hands, “So... umm... what do you think of Music Mondays?” I smiled, “I LOVE it! My favorite song is either All Bad or Bad Day. But I like Heartbreaker, too. I don't know!” He laughed, “Hahaha. That's awesome. So, do you wanna hear an unreleased song? I'm releasing it Monday. Wanna hear it? I'm going to record it now.” I smiled, “Yes! Totally! I-I mean, sure. Whatever. It's all good.” He stood up, grabbing my hand, helping me up. He laughed, “You're cute.” I smiled, “Thanks.. You're cute too...” He smiled, “Alright, let's go,” he said, holding my hand. I felt sparks. Not like Austin sparks.. but it was different.. it felt... special. I blushed, following him into the room. He smiled, “Yo! Scooter, this is Nicole. She was a part of Austin's party downstairs.” He looked at me, then Justin, “Justin. You can't just kidnap a girl like that!” Justin laughed, taking off his snapback, “Will you calm down? She was on the stairs, and was sad, so I talked to her. I wanna show her the song that's released next week.” Scooter looked at me, “Excuse us, please, Nicole.” He ushered him out of the door. I looked around. I've always wanted to be in a recording studio. I walked into the studio, putting on the headphones. I smiled, singing along, “Nobody else gotta know. Just meet me later on, alone. Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker. Cuz girl my heart is breaking. Heartbreaker. Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker. Cuz girl my heart is breaking. Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker. Oh, no. Oh, no.” I heard the music cut off, and I opened my eyes, looking around. Justin was looking at me, smiling. Scooter's jaw was open. I looked around, “Umm.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean, I just... I'll go now,” I said, taking off the headphones, walking into the room where they were. Justin smiled, “No! Don't go! That was amazing...... you're amazing.” I smiled, “Thanks,... but I ruined your song.” Scooter shook his head, “Not at all. Even tho I'm his manager, and I'm suppose to be all for him... you've got talent, Nicole.” I smiled, “Really?” He nodded, “Yes, Nicole. How would you like to be featured in one of Justin's new songs?” I was about to cry. I closed my eyes, “Oh my God. Are you serious? I just... yes!” Justin laughed, hugging me. I hugged him back, tears forming in my eyes. He smiled, wiping them away, “Awww. Don't cry, babe!” I smiled. He looked down at me, “Come on. Austin's probably looking for you!” I nodded, “Bye, Scooter. Thank you again!” He smiled, “You're welcome. We'll be in touch.” Justin grabbed my hand, walking downstairs. I smiled, looking up at him. I looked for Austin. “Oh my God....,” I said, looking at him. Some blonde chick was in the middle of making out with him. I looked at Justin, “Umm, I-I have to go.” I ran past Austin, going out the door. “Nicole!,” Sarah yelled. I was already crying. I ran out the door, running down the street. I got to my house, running into my room, slamming the door. After all I told him. We kissed!!! Did that mean nothing to him?!?! I cried for the next 2 hours. I got texts from Sarah, Austin, Alex, even Justin! He got my number from Alex. I didn't reply to any of them. Austin tried to call me, text me, e-mail me, Skype me, everything. I ignored him. I finally decided to reply to Alex.

From: Alex Constancio:

What's wrong? Why'd you run from the party? :( Everything okay?

To: Alex Constancio:

I got hate from these girls at the party... saying to stay away from Austin. That he's Taylor's. And I sat on the steps. Then I saw Justin Bieber. He sat beside me and asked if I wanted to hear a new song that hasn't been released yet. I walked into the recording booth while he was talking to Scooter. I sang and thought I was going to get in trouble, but I didn't. Scooter wants me to be on one of Justin's new songs. Alex, I came downstairs, and saw Austin making out with some girl. I'm assuming Taylor. I kissed him, Alex! I've told him things I haven't told anybody else... I trust him.... and he doesn't care... </3

From: Alex Constancio:
Aww. Nicole, you got it all wrong. SHE kissed him. He tried to pull away, but she said if he did, she would make sure the picture of them kissing is in all the magazines. He only did that to protect your feelings, Nicole. I promise! Just talk to him? Go on twitter, look at his instagram. He's so upset..

To: Alex Constancio:

I'll talk to him.

I looked at my phone. 12:00 in the morning. I don't think Michelle would like me that much if I knocked on her door at midnight. I unlocked my lock screen, and called Austin. “Hello?,” he asked, on the second ring. I sighed, “We need to talk.” He sounded like he had been crying, “Come to my house and meet me on my roof.” I nodded, “Okay.” He sniffled, “Hey, Nicole?” I stared at his poster, “Yeah?” He was silent, then blurted, “I love you.” My heart was pounding, “I-I'll be at your house in 5 minutes. Bye.” I hung up. I'm so stupid.

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