Loving You Is Easy (Austin Mahone)

She has her walls built up so high... and he's the only one that could break them.


11. Chapter Eleven

When I got done, I dried my hair, and curled it. I put on my clothes, and makeup, and then took a selfie. “@Nicole_Cupcake22: Get to go on a date with my boy.<3 #Mall @AustinMahone” I smiled, walking out of the bathroom. I walked downstairs, “Austin!” I heard Lindsey talking to him, “No, Austin! Not like that!! You're suppose to have your boa around your neck, not your head!” She giggled, “Silly!” I smiled, walking into the living room. She looked at me, “Lexie! Look!” Austin raised an eyebrow, “Lexie?” I nodded, “It's for Alexis. But little cousins call me Lexie. So do my aunts and a lot of my family.” He nodded, “Oh.” Lindsey smiled, “Lexie! I made Austin into a pretty, pretty, princess!” I laughed, “Oh, he's very pretty!” He smiled, “I prefer the term, beautiful.” I rolled my eyes, “Oh, excuse me. But I don't think you're beautiful yet. I think we need to give him a makeover.” She gasped, “Can we use your makeup, Lexie?!” I nodded, “Totally.” I told her to run upstairs and grab my pink and white chevron bag. I smiled at Austin while she was upstairs. “Better be glad I love you,” he said, laughing. He leaned in for a kiss. I put my hands up, “Sorry, I don't kiss princesses. Only princes.” He rolled his eyes, “Oh, whatever.” She came downstairs, “Here you go, Lexie!” I smiled, “Thank you, Lindsey. Now tell Princess Austin that he needs to look all the way up to the sky so we can put eyeliner on him.” He looked up, “I hope this gives me brownie points.” I laughed, “Totally, babe.” As soon as I did his eyeliner, I had to do mascara. I fixed his eye lashes. Lindsey giggled, “You look very beautiful, Austin!” I laughed, smiling, “Yes he does!” I grabbed my lip gloss, and put it on his lips. He laughed, “Okay. You're done!” Lindsey shook her head, “Noooooo. You need a dress!” She ran in my mom's room, and I rolled my eyes. He sighed, “Is this what it's gonna be like when we have a daughter?” I smiled, “Possibly. Because you're so good with her.” “I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it!!,” Lindsey said, yelling until she got to us. I laughed. She was holding up my prom dress. Even tho I never got to wear it. I smiled. Austin looked up, “Is this yours?” I nodded, “Yeah.. my prom dress.. I never got to wear it.” He smiled, putting it in front of me, “I bet you'd look stunning in it.” I smiled, “I guess... but you'd look way more beautiful in it than I do! Go try it on!” He laughed, walking into the bathroom. He came back out, wearing my dress. I smiled, “Hmm.. we're the same dress size. I guess you should be doing my dress shopping from now on!” He laughed, “Just take my stupid picture. I know that's the only reason why you wanted me to do this.” I smiled, pulling out my phone, “You're right. Say 'cheese'!” He pulled Lindsey in front of him, smiling. I smiled, taking the picture, “Now go get changed, Princess!” He laughed, running back into the bathroom.


15 minutes later, Austin was all cleaned up, and back to his handsome self. We walked out the house, and walked to the car. I yawned, looking at the time, “Wow. It's already 4:00.” He nodded, starting the car, “Yeah, I know.” I yawned, “I'm so tired now!” He laughed, “You? I'm the one who was a princess!” I nodded, “Yes, and you were a beautiful princess, Austin.” He laughed, “Hey, did you post that pic?” I shook my head, “No.. but it's my home screen.” He smiled, “Oh, wow. Justin Bieber's my home screen.” I raised one of my eyebrows. He laughed, “Kidding! It's me and Mema.” I frowned, “I wish I had gotten the chance to meet her. She sounds like... really awesome!” He nodded, smiling, “She was.. she told me, I would make it one day. She said to always follow my dreams, and my heart. And... my heart lead me to you. So, in a way, you did meet her. She's inside of your heart... it's like, you're a mini her.” I laughed a little, smiling, “I'm glad...,” I looked at the picture of them on his phone, “she's beautiful.” He nodded, smiling, “Yeah..she is. The last day I saw her, she still looked beautiful.” I grabbed his hand that was resting on the armrest. He interlocked our fingers, “Thank you, Alexis Nicole Lucas.” I looked in his eyes, “What do you mean, Austin Carter Mahone?” He smiled, “Thank you for loving me, for me.” I smiled, “You're welcome. And thank you for loving me, too.” He smiled, pulling into the mall parking lot, “No need to thank me, I'm just following my heart.” I smiled, unbuckling my seat belt, and getting out the car. Austin put on his sunglasses, and snapback, getting out, and walking to my side. He grabbed my hand, smiling, “Ready?” I nodded, “Yeah.” We walked into the mall, and I pointed, “Oh my gosh! Babe! We should go to build a bear!” He laughed, “How old are you, babe?” I rolled my eyes, “Come on! Please?!” He laughed, “Okay. Let's go.” I almost dragged his arm off trying to get him to go with me. He laughed, “Okay, what animal do you want, babe?” I almost screamed, “PANDA!” People started looking at me real funny. He laughed, “Babe, people are staring!” I laughed, grabbing the panda. I went over to the sounds. My jaw dropped. He looked at me, confused, “What?” I smiled, handing him the sounds, “It's a One Direction song!!!” He rolled his eyes, “Oh, Lord.” I smiled, waiting in line. He hugged me, “So this is like our kid?” I smiled, “Well, if you put a heart in it, and I do, then yes! Because it has both of us in him.” He smiled, giving me a kiss. I kissed him back, then went up to put the heart in and stuff him. The girl working there smiled, then saw Austin. She smiled, “Oh my gosh! You're.. you! And you! You're Nicole!” I smiled, “Yeah. I am.” She was almost freaking out, “Oh my gosh! Can you follow me on twitter?!” We nodded, “Sure!” She gave me her twitter, and I hit follow. Austin did, too. She smiled, “Okay, so Austin, hold your heart, rub it together, make a wish, kiss it, then put it in.” He did, closing his eyes, then kissing it. He put the heart in. I took pictures on my phone of him. He laughed, “You're turning into me, Nicole! Geez!” I laughed, then wished my wish and kissed the heart, putting it in. The girl told us to step on the levers to control how much stuffing we wanted in him. After that, we sowed him up, then he took a bath. Austin looked at me, “You're a good mommy.” I laughed, “It's to a stuffed animal.” He laughed, “Well how did that happen?” I laughed, then picked him up, taking him to pick out an outfit. Austin smiled, “We should give him a Justin Bieber outfit! Or The Bulls.” I smiled, “But what if she's a girl?” he smiled, “Okay, in that case, we can get her... this!” He held up a shirt that was sparkly and pink. I smiled, “That's so cute!” He smiled, “And these?” He picked up some jeans that were sparkly. I laughed, “So many sparkles!” I smiled, then walked over, getting her some UGGs. He smiled, and grabbed the clothes, putting them on a table, “Okay. Let's change her.” I laughed, taking his picture. I posted on instagram, “@Nicole_Cupcake22: With my two loves <3 @AustinMahone & baby,” I looked up, “Austin! What's her name?” He thought, “Hmm... Madison's pretty.” I smiled, “Okay.” I continued, “& baby Madison. #MadisonMahone” He laughed, putting her clothes on, and then handing her to me, “Here ya go.” I smiled, “Yay! Okay we gotta go over there and do her name thing.” He nodded, and we went to the computer, and typed out her name thing. (I don't know what you call it, I haven't been in such a long time!! xD)

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