Luck & Love {A Harry Syles Fan Fiction}

Courtney is dragged to a concert by her younger sister and by fate meets Harry. She doesn't know him and doesn't listen to his music but he enjoys her company and witty remarks. When she goes to visit her mum in London, he can't help but want to go home every chance he gets. Harry charms her in every way but she can't help thinking of her old flame, Elijah, and the broken heart that came along with it.


1. The Sky Above Was Black

The music was loud, ear splitting, window shattering sounds. The low bass shook the walls and the ground beneath my feet. I gently swayed my hips to the beat, loving every minute of the musical sounds, not so much the lyrics.

I was hard pressed into going. I wasn't interested in stupid boy bands and their preppy lyrics about getting the girls. But dad had insisted someone had to come with Kam. They had bought the tickets a year in advance, anything for daddy's favourite. Kam wouldn't take no for an answer. Not today.

So as Kameron screamed the lyrics to her favourite song, the tears screaming down her face, I could only stare and laugh at her antics. And although Kam wasn't the only one crying ridiculous tears, she was the only one related to me.

I stifled a yawn as the band announced they would be closing with their final song. There were a couple boo's from different sections, but most just wanted to hear more music. From our section, I could just make out the five boys, if I craned my head to the side to peek around the tall man in front of me. The burley security guard that made sure no one jumped up on the stage.

They all looked to have brown hair, expect for the one, who had a head full of bright blonde. As they all laughed at some joke that I missed, the crowd cheered.

"Okay," one of the boys spoke, causing Kam to start screaming 'Liam', over and over. "So before the show, we took a couple fans, who seemed excited enough to burst, to the side and asked them to fill out a quick contest paper, with your name, section and ticket number."

The screaming seemed to grow, if it were even possible. Kam glanced over at me, her eyes glowing with excitement.

"You filled one out, didn't you?" I asked, my voice sarcastic as she screamed some more.

"Not just one, but two! One for you, one for me." Her smile was mischievous.

I rolled my eyes at her enthusiasm. The chances of her getting picked out of everyone in a sold-out arena was slim to none.

"We will pick one lucky fan and security will escort them to stage for this last song."

"So everyone have your tickets at the ready!"

I looked down at the pass hanging around my neck, then at Kam who smiled and gave me a thumbs up. That was our signal for good luck.

"And the lucky winner is a lass, I believe!" the blonde said giving a wink to the audience while they screamed and shouted things at him.

Another boy with shaggy brown hair gave a smirk. "Our winner is a girl on the floor." There was a collective sigh from the arena. "In section D!"

There was a cheer from Kam and all the girls around us. I supposed that was the signal that the lucky winner was in our section, and upon grabbing my ticket and inspecting it, I saw I was sitting in section D. My ticket was number 134.

Another boy took the ticket from his grasp. This boy had darker hair that seemed to shoot to the sky, and scruff all over his face.

Five boys to keep track of? I couldn't even dream of it, they were probably so roudy.

"The ticket is number.... 134! If you have that ticket number, jump up and down screaming and we will get you up on stage!"

"Look here Zayn," the blonde said, pointing to the small piece of paper. "It says here that the name is Courtney."

"Kam..," I managed to choke out, a dreaded feeling spreading in my stomach at the thought of going onstage. There were too many people, Kam knew I had stage fright, surely she wouldn't make me go up.

"Oh my GOD, Courtney! You won!" Kam quickly said, ushering the security to come towards us, however I was frozen in my spot.

"Kam don't make me go up!"

"Court, don't joke around, this is the best chance of a lifetime! Get up there!"

Before I knew it, strong arms were urging me forward, pushing through the crowd easily, as a knife gliding though butter. This obviously wasn't their first rodeo. I didn't know if my legs were moving of their own accord or if the guards were carrying me. As I looked back, Kam became smaller and smaller, her smile only growing with each step I was taken away from her.

As stairs came into view, my heart started to sink into my gut. But security didn't stop there, they brought me all the way onto the stage, the lights shining brightly at me.

"Yer name is Courtney, love?" The blonde one asked, taking my hand and pulling me out onto the stage more, my feet dragging behind me.

Just don't look out at the crowd, I kept telling myself. Focus on one thing and it'll be done before you know it. You can do this.

I nodded, trying not to speak in hope that my voice wouldn't crack. I focused on the blonde, keeping my eyes off the crowd. I knew that if I looked I would freeze up.

"Glad teh mee' ya, love. Me name's Niall, if ya didn' already know." He had a heavy Irish accent, making his words sometimes hard to follow. I tried to focus solely on his face, the white complexion hidden by the obvious makeup and foundation. His eyes were a clean and crisp blue and as he winked at me, a smile grew on his face.

"Who did you come here with?" Zayn asked, his British accent enticing. His smile seemed genuine as he asked me the question.

The microphone was thrust into my face and I could feel myself getting hot. The lights were too bright. Too many people were looking at me at once. There had to be thousands of people at this concert and everyone's were surely on me. I could feel my breathing quicken at the thought as I turned my head towards the audience trying to find my sister.

Bad idea.

"Kam...?" My voice sounded panicked, uneasy and pathetic as it was projected through the microphone, traveling to the ears of every person that came.

It was then that everything went black.






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