Luck & Love {A Harry Syles Fan Fiction}

Courtney is dragged to a concert by her younger sister and by fate meets Harry. She doesn't know him and doesn't listen to his music but he enjoys her company and witty remarks. When she goes to visit her mum in London, he can't help but want to go home every chance he gets. Harry charms her in every way but she can't help thinking of her old flame, Elijah, and the broken heart that came along with it.


13. Sweater Weather

It was Thursday evening, approximately an hour until Harry was supposed to pick me up and I rushed into room in a hurry. I was standing there, stark naked, my hair in a towel and only half my makeup done.

I quickly pulled on some reasonable clothes, a dark wash pair of skinny jeans and a long sleeved white top. Harry hadn’t told me what we were doing so I grabbed some warm uggs, a maroon coloured sweater and a grey beanie before dashing out of my room to the bathroom again.

“Kam, are you done in there yet? I need to finish!”

As Kam emerged from the bathroom, an oversized towel drawn around her and steam billowing out into the cold hallway air, she smirked at me. “What have you done to your face?”

“I haven’t finished yet!” I growled. “You interrupted me!”

She put her nose in the air. “I need to get ready too!” Kam walked over to her room.

“For what? You’ll maybe see him for 30 seconds before we leave and that’ll be it.”

“I’d rather look nice in jeans than grungy in sweatpants!” She countered.

I laughed at our exchange, for that exchange of words between us was neither normal nor expected. I knew full well that all she wanted to do was impress Harry and that only made me angry because I wanted to be the one impressing him. She was staying in while I was going out.

As Kam walked away and back to her room, I claimed the bathroom once more, finishing putting the eyeliner and mascara on my face. When I unrolled the towel from atop my head, my hair came tumbling down in a large heap. With the blow dryer in one hand and a brush in the other I managed to make my hair reasonable in a small amount of time. It had gone from crazy wet curls to soft waves. As I plugged the straightener in and waited for it to heat up I heard a set of pounding feet making their way quickly up the stairs.

My mother came rushing up, taking the stairs two at a time. “Oh Courtney! There you are.” She paused for a moment, leaning against the wall while she gave me a good once over. When she finally nodded her head, she said, “Harry’s here.”

My heart skipped a beat. “What?!”

Quickly I glanced at my phone that sat atop the counter. There were three missed calls from Harry and several texts that I hadn’t heard because Kameron had taken over the bathroom before I had gotten a chance to grab my phone. The time was right though; he was nearly 45 minutes early.

“He’s waiting there with John-“

“Oh god!” I exclaimed, sprinting to my room to grab my purse before leaving down the stairs.

“Kam, unplug the straightener!” I yelled as I ran down the stairs as quickly as I could. I heard my mother laughing as Kam questioned her and the dreaded squeal as she heard the news.

When I had cleared the stairs, coming onto the landing, I threw my stuff onto the couch to my left before running to the door. Harry stood there laughing at a joke with John. Hopefully John had not said anything embarrassing about me. The possibilities truly were endless.

“Harry!” I exclaimed, getting their attention, having both the men look at me. “You’re so early!”

Harry seemed sheepish. “I was in the neighbourhood and thought I’d come see if you were ready. My luck must be good because you look beautiful Courtney.”

I willed myself not to blush at Harry’s words. I hardly felt ready myself. I stood there sheepish, hoping he couldn’t see my imperfections.

“Thanks. Just give me a sec Harry, then we can get going.”

I grabbed my sweater, a jacket, my boots and purse before ushering him quickly out the door just as Kameron came rushing down the stairs. Her hair was dripping wet onto her satin shirt but she rushed to Harry and gave him a hug anyways.

As we walked out of the townhouse, Harry grabbed my hand and led me to his large SUV looking car.

“You never did tell me where we’re going,” I said, sliding into the front seat, immediately turning the heated seat warmer on. I buckled up my seat belt, Harry doing the same before we took off.

“Out for supper of course!” he replied happily, driving expertly down the street.

I suddenly became nervous. I wasn’t sure where we were headed but I hoped that I was dressed well enough. It would be embarrassing to show up to a fancy restaurant in jeans.

I quickly stole a glance at Harry, who was humming a Coldplay song along to the radio. He seemed to be dressed the same as me; a beanie, sweater, jacket and jeans.

“I’m taking you to my favourite spot,” he said, filling in my thoughts. “It’s a casual place, nothing fancy. I hope that’s alright.”

I relaxed. “That sounds perfect.”

As we drove the distance to the restaurant, we chatted casually about what we had done during the day. It was odd for me. I had only known Harry for a week, but as I sat there talking to him, it felt like I had known him for years.

When I voiced this to him, he turned and looked at me with a grand smile on his face. “I feel the same.”

When we arrived, I fiddled with the seatbelt. By the time I had undone it, Harry had come and opened the door for me. He stuck out his hand, which I accepted, carefully avoiding the puddles with every step I took.


“You’ll love it,” Harry promised, keeping hold of my hand and leading me into the restaurant. I smiled.

We chose a table in the back, away from any prying eyes, Harry quickly explained. I didn’t care too much.

When the waiter came around with the menus, I didn’t even need to read it. I had been here too many times already.

“Fish and Chips, please! With a coke.” Harry sat there astonished at me. “I guess I failed to mention that Kam and I come here for lunch all the time. It’s close to mum’s boutique.”

He laughed loudly, grabbing my hand on top of the table. His felt warm and rough, probably from preforming so much.

“I’m actually relieved that you love this place. Now I know I can take you here and not feel guilty!” He told the waiter that he would have the same as me.

I laughed along with him, so excited to just be spending time with him. I didn’t care that a lot of people were staring at us and pointing. Their eyes widened in excitement as they realized who he was but none approached, thankfully.

 After we had filled our bellies with all the food we could eat, Harry paid quickly and rushed us out to the car so that no one would follow.

“I love the fans,” he explained, starting up his car and gunning it down the street after I had buckled up. “But not when I’m on a date with a pretty girl.” Harry gave me a wink and squeezed my hand.

“I’m a young woman, thank you kindly!” I said in a teasing tone. Harry smiled at me, showing the perfectly white teeth he had.

“I don’t want to take you home yet,” he confessed. “Is there any place you’d like to go?”

I thought about this for a moment while he drove, not too sure where to tell him to go. “I’m not sure,” I admitted.

“Where’s your favourite monument,” he ventured, giving me a quick look before facing the road again. “There’s many to choose from.”

I sat there in silence. Of the many time that Kam and I had come to see my mother over the years, we had never ventured off to see any of Britain’s famous landmarks. Mum had always been too busy with her work and planning our holiday dinners to take our interest in it. Or, mine at least.

“I’ve never been,” I mumbled, embarrassed. I kept my gaze towards my hands. I didn’t want to see his reaction of pity.

However Harry surprised me again. “Not to worry, I’ll show you all of them! Especially all my favourites!” He winked at me when my head shot up in surprise.

Harry was turning out to be the person that I had always wanted: kind, gentle, and funny. Someone who I could always talks to. And as the time went on, I couldn’t seem to get enough of our time. I never wanted to fall asleep when I was texting him, I never wanted to hang up when we were calling each other.

And as he sat there, driving with one hand and casually holding one of mine in the other, all while whistling lightly to the Ed Sheeran song on the radio, a heat started to spread through my body.

Dear god, was I falling for Harry Styles?

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