Luck & Love {A Harry Syles Fan Fiction}

Courtney is dragged to a concert by her younger sister and by fate meets Harry. She doesn't know him and doesn't listen to his music but he enjoys her company and witty remarks. When she goes to visit her mum in London, he can't help but want to go home every chance he gets. Harry charms her in every way but she can't help thinking of her old flame, Elijah, and the broken heart that came along with it.


19. Parties

The drive from our place to Harry’s was about 30-45 minutes. All the while the lads talked about anything and everything. From their upcoming tour to the mess that Louis had made in the Harry’s kitchen when he had tried to make pancakes earlier.

Pulling up to Harry’s house, I couldn’t help letting my jaw drop. The place was surrounded by a very tall brick fence and with a swipe of what looked like fob that Harry held, it swung open with ease.

His house was modest but looked quite modern. There were large windows that expanded from the ceiling to the floor.

Stepping inside was like a whole other world. The floors were a dark hardwood and looked completely spotless. The furniture looked like it was barely even used, the dark brown leather couches perfectly pristine. A large TV was hung above the fireplace. In the kitchen all the appliances were a grey steel, while the granite countertops were a clean and spotless black and white. 5 barstools were laid out next to the island to have a breakfast nook type look.

The first floor also held a dining room, a half bathroom, and a linen that was packed with a washer and dryer. The second floor held two bedrooms and a study, which Harry explained also doubled as a recording studio when he needed.

By the time Harry had finished giving Kam and I a tour, the boys had unloaded what seemed like a massive amount of beer, wine, soda and various items of food.

“What did you do?” I asked, looking at Harry. “Buy the whole store?”

The boys laughed. “No,” Harry said. “But we wanted to make sure we had enough.”

“How many people are you expecting?” Kam ventured, an excited look on her face.

The boys looked at one another. “Probably about 50-70?”

“70 people!” I exclaimed, my mouth hanging open.

“Don’t worry Courtney,” said Harry, walking up to me and putting his hands on his shoulders. “You won’t have to memorize anyone’s name, other than these lads.”

I laughed but felt my shoulders relax the smallest bit.

“Here,” he said, motioning to my jacket as the boys put various things in the fridge and on the counter. “Take that off and give me your purse. Kam, do the same. I’ll put them in my room so they don’t get mixed up with everyone else’s when they come.

I slipped off my jacket and passed him my clutch, but made sure to keep my phone. Kam followed him up the stairs carrying her own stuff.

As the boys finished and made themselves comfortable in the living room, I followed suit and took a seat on one of the leather chairs.

There was a moment of awkward silence between us until I noticed something on all their shirts.

“The nametags! Harry remembered.”

The boys all looked down at the tags them back up at me with grins.

“He said you had a hard time remembering names,” Liam said, trying to hide his laughter.

I blushed, my cheeks heating up as I looked at my hands. “I’ve always had trouble with names, it’s a wonder I can remember my own!”

“It’s Christina right?” Harry said, coming down the stairs with Kameron behind him. She sat in another chair across from me while Harry perched himself on the arm of mine. I hit him on the leg for his comment.

“When d’you expect everyone?” Kam asked.

“Eleanor and Perrie should be here any minute and everyone else will show up anytime after 10,” Harry said confidently.

He couldn’t have been any more wrong.

Eleanor and Perrie didn’t end up coming until after 10:30, according to Harry, but by that time the flat was full of people with more streaming through the door every minute.

“This is insanity!” I shouted to Kameron, hoping she could hear me over the music.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people fit into a small space like this!” she responded, sipping on her soft drink. She had originally wanted a glass of wine like I was drinking, but I refused. She was only 16, would be 17 in August. Legally she could drink here with mum’s consent but mum wasn’t here and I don’t think she would approve of Kam coming home tipsy.

“How are you doing?” Harry asked, surprising me. I turned to see him standing there, a smile on his face.

I smiled back. “I’m doing well.”

“It’s almost midnight, did you want to announce it to everyone with me?”

Something in my chest seized up. I knew it was panic. “Oh god, Harry, I can’t.”

“C’mon,” he insisted. “You’re going to do it anyways.” He took my hand and lead me into the crowd. I turned back to see Kameron smirking at me, with Niall now standing beside her.

I quickly gulped my wine down, feeling my body heat up as the alcohol spread through me.

Harry turned down the music just as the TV lit up, counting down from 60 seconds. He held my hand tightly as he started talking to the crowd of people. “Thank you all for being here tonight! I hope your having a good time and are enjoying yourselves!” There was an eruption from the crowd as they cheered in yes.

45 seconds remained.

“You guys have all made this year bearable and most of you have supported our band, so thanks for that!” Another cheer rippled through the crowd, and as it quieted, people started to count down from 30. Harry turned to me and led me towards the window, away from most of the people.

“Thanks for being here, Court. It feels like you’ve changed my life around.”

“I could say the same about you, Hazza,” I said, using the nickname I had heard the guys call him in the car. Upon hearing it, his eyes lit up and his smile grew.

Harry learned his forehead against mine, bringing us closer. His arms, that were around my waist, felt like fire through my dress. His eyes were bearing into mine and this, deep down, hwas what I’ve wanted since before Christmas. To be close to him and get to know him. And now as the crowd screamed as the last seconds ticked down until New Years, I wanted to know what his lips tasted like. How soft they were, if he tasted of the apple cider that he had been drinking.

I faintly wondered if this was the couple of glasses of wine talking or if this would be the same reaction if I were sober.

As everyone screamed at the end of the countdown, Harry squeezed my waist. “Happy New Year, Court,” he said softly, before leaning in and touching his lips softly to mine. 

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