Luck & Love {A Harry Syles Fan Fiction}

Courtney is dragged to a concert by her younger sister and by fate meets Harry. She doesn't know him and doesn't listen to his music but he enjoys her company and witty remarks. When she goes to visit her mum in London, he can't help but want to go home every chance he gets. Harry charms her in every way but she can't help thinking of her old flame, Elijah, and the broken heart that came along with it.


5. Nobody Compares to You

When she came closer, my heart beat faster. As I watched her leave, I felt like the heat had left my body. I wanted to be near her, I wanted to hear her voice once more.

It was as if she was infectious.

I had never met anyone who would captivate me like she could. I had been curious about her as she had laid there, curious as I had talked to her and now as she walked away, I was not only curious but intrigued.

I had never felt this way about anyone at first glance and then after talking to them for only a short amount of time. But Courtney seemed different and in all honesty, I wanted to know her differently than I had other girls. I wanted to take my time, I wanted to see every side of her.

Perhaps it was the hair. The coppery, untameable mess that sat atop her head. Curls spilling in every direction, as if they were about to take flight. Maybe it was the way her beautiful and dazzling green eyes shimmered as she gazed at her sister, showing affection and a caring nature. They were a colour I had never seen before. A beautiful mix of light hazel and deep dark green. Thinking of her made my breathing quicken.

Maybe I was just in over my head.

“Harry,” Liam called, waving me over to the hallway door. “Are you finished your phone call yet? We have to get going.”




“Yes, Kam, for the millionth time, I was there and I saw what happened.”

“But he was staring at you the whole time! I’ve never seen him act that way before, ever! Not even when he dated Taylor Swift and I watched their every move!”

“He dated Taylor Swift?”

That was probably the worst thing I could have said because Kameron launched into another rant about how I was better and Harry’s facial expressions and how pretty girls were stalkers. Did I care? Not one bit. Did I listen anyways? Yes, because I didn’t really have a choice.

Kam and I were currently sitting at our gate for the red eye flight our father had booked us. Kameron had mistaken 3:30 the next day for 3:30 the next afternoon, which actually meant 3:30 the next morning. So after spending an extra day in our hotel room trying to entertain ourselves, we were now situated in a deserted airport. It was nearing 3, and although we had only lounged around the hotel all day, except for the hour I had gone to swim laps, we had slept most of the day. As my eyes began to droop shut, Kam pinched me in the arm.

“Ow! Kam, what the hell!”

She quickly shushed me, pointing to a group of people who seemed to be wandering towards us, trying to find their gate. I recognized them right away as One Direction, alone with what seemed to be bodyguards, who looked very buff.

“Oh god, this cannot be happening,” I whispered to Kam, trying to keep my eyes down and willed my cheeks to keep from blushing in excitement.

Harry and I had practically talked on the phone the whole day, on and off. He had a press conference to go to as a half waypoint for their tour before they headed home for a couple weeks, but he texted constantly. We talked about the weirdest of things, but I never really thought to ask about his personal life or interests.

“Kam, stop staring, they’ll recognize you,” I urged.

“Let them,” she whispered back fiercely.

As Kam tried to will One Direction to glace at her with her mind control, I tried very hard to focus on my book.

I was doing fine and becoming interested once more with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy until my phone started to ring, the faint buzzing of it being on vibrate.

“Hello?” I asked, perfectly well knowing who would be on the other end of the call. I held my breathe as I watched Harry walking away from his group, in the opposite direction of Kam and I.

“Hey Courtney,” his voice said, secretly sending shivers down my spine. “How are you doing?”

“Quite well I’d say, since the last time I talked to you a couple hours ago. Still checking that I haven’t fainted again yet?”

“You know me too well,” he laughed, his voice sounding happy. As I watched him, he kept walking until he sat down at another gate, plenty of space away to take in a private conversation. “What did you do since I last talked to you?”

“Not a lot,” I said truthfully. “I lounged around with Kam at our hotel, waited for our flight.”

“Ah, sounds brilliant. I did the same with the lads. We’re at the airport now waiting for our flight.”

“I can relate,” I replied smoothly, but Harry only laughed, not taking the hint that I was only 250 feet away from him.

“Is Kam you’re only sibling?” he asked, everything about him seeming cool and collected.

“What is this, 20 questions?” I challenged, trying to keep the laughing out of my voice, but failing.

He laughed with me. “No, I’m just trying to get to know you.”


The line was silent for a moment. I saw Harry peek a look back at the others, making sure no one had followed him and then quickly turning around again.

“I-I don’t know, to tell you the truth. There’s just something about you,” he said. “Something that makes me curious about you. Intrigued. I just – I want to get to know you so I can spend more time with you.”

“Okay,” I said hesitantly, not sure what I wanted to say.

Was this what I wanted? To get to know Harry Styles? To be on the cover, be loved and hated by thousands, every one of my moves scrutinized? Or was this going to be different? Secretive and friendly or mysterious and romantic.

Romantic? What the hell was I thinking?

“Would that be alright?” Harry asked, breaking my thoughts into pieces, scattering them into the wind.

“Yes.” My cheeks began to blush. I looked up to see Kam talking to the guys, all of them now staring at me, knowing full well that I was talking to Harry. They all had small smiles on their faces as they tried to keep up in conversation with Kam.

“Perfect,” Harry said, a little too loud, his voice echoing off the walls until he quickly quieted it.

“So what would you like to know?”

“Everything,” was his reply.

“All right. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. On one condition.”

“And what’s that?” he said in a teasing tone.

“Get off your phone and come over here to sit beside me.” 

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