Luck & Love {A Harry Syles Fan Fiction}

Courtney is dragged to a concert by her younger sister and by fate meets Harry. She doesn't know him and doesn't listen to his music but he enjoys her company and witty remarks. When she goes to visit her mum in London, he can't help but want to go home every chance he gets. Harry charms her in every way but she can't help thinking of her old flame, Elijah, and the broken heart that came along with it.


24. Little Things - Him

Hello readers! Please take caution to this next chapter, for it contains some, erm, more mature content. I will always let you know ahead of time if things are going to get ‘steamy’, so take this as your warning.

Thanks! --MissKlary

As Courtney led me up the stairs of the flat, one couldn’t help but think that their home was beautiful.

The place itself was old fashioned, with a fireplace on every floor, older trim around every wall, ceiling, floorboard. The library was floor to ceiling bookshelves that were completely filled, there were two living rooms, one that Courtney explained was for entertaining with throw pillows and perfectly placed lamps, and another one that was closer to the kitchen with a large sectional and flat screen TV.

The dining room had a large table and an elegant glass chandelier that hung from the ceiling. She explained that they didn’t eat in there much, unless her father was having people over or it was a holiday.

Her room was something else entirely. The walls were a stark white with what looked like black trim painted on by Kameron, in different symbols and designs. Her bed was facing out from the window, her bed neatly made, the white bedspread flawless. The rest of her furniture was white as well, her vanity that held makeup, perfume and all her jewelry, her dressers, nightstands, her desk. Even her lamps matched the room. Everything had a place and everything was neat and organized.

We didn’t stay in there long however, for she grabbed my hand insisting she had a surprise for me. Kam’s art room was nice, she really was a good artist, but I much enjoyed Courtney’s music room more. It honestly didn’t take much for me to persuade her to play, which surprised me a great deal.

As I laid there on the couch, I couldn’t help but feel relaxed in her company. Rehearsing and touring with the boys was fun and all, but also very stressful.

I knew the song she was playing before she even started to sing. How could I not? I knew the song backwards and forwards and thought it was awfully bold of her to sing this, out of all the songs in the world.

But once she began there was no question her voice was enticing and perfect. I sat up in my seat, only to stare at her in awe.

She sang with such courage and surety, I had to show this to the boys. Maybe we could even play it like this on our tour!

I whipped out my phone as she started the first chorus and started a video. Unsure of if it would be able to pick up her soft voice from across the room, I moved closer, standing at the end of the piano. Thankfully she hadn’t heard me, for she kept her head down and her eyes closed.

There was something about how she was putting so much emotion into the song or how her voice flowed through the notes like it was water flowing down a creek; it made my heart swell as if I was actually hearing the song for the first time. Courtney was absolutely magical.

As she hit the last couple notes on the piano, I quickly ended the video and stashed my phone in my jean pocket. I had a feeling that if she knew I had taken the video she would make me delete it.

She opened her eyes and stared at me, when she spoke, her voice had taken on a sort of edge. “My heart-“

I interrupted her, with a sly grin on my face. “Beating fast?” When she nodded, a thrill of excitement went through me. “You’ve got entertainers blood.”

Courtney was quite for a minute before she relaxed and scoffed. “I think it’s panic blood,” she countered, getting up to go and sit on the couch. I followed her.

“A voice like that should not be kept away from the world because of stage fright.”

“I just can’t get up in front of people and do that, what I did there,” she motioned to the piano. “I don’t know how you can.”

“Some days I can’t. Sometimes when I get up on stage, I freeze. Then the music starts and I know that if I don’t perform that everyone would be disappointed. I get stage fright just like you, but instead of freezing, I use it as fuel, like an adrenaline rush and then I’m not afraid anymore."

“I don’t know if I can do that,” she said meekly. My heart started to beat wildly as I put her hand in one of mine, placing the other on her face. I could almost swear that she leaned into it, just the slightest bit.

“You can do it,” I assured her, leaning in close. “I believe in you.” I closed my eyes as our foreheads touched.

“I just don’t believe in myself. Or my potential. Or-“

I silenced her as our lips touched. Since New Year’s last week, I had wanted nothing more than to do this. To kiss her once again, feel her soft lips on mine. She tasted faintly of some fruity chap stick and I knew I would never want that taste out of my mouth. My heart accelerated to an almost inhuman speed.

I had never had any girl give me this kind of feeling before, it was if I could feel it deep in my gut, my soul.

I pushed my hand through her hair; it felt soft and free. I loved when she wore it down so that it framed her face. My thoughts were running wild as I kissed her slowly.

Taking my other hand, I placed it on her back, pulling her whole body closer to mine, keeping her locked in the kiss.

Her hands came up to rest on my chest and it was if a fire was spreading there. Just her touch alone excited me and it was hard to keep my body in control.

As her hands roamed over my chest, feeling everything, I let my tongue slowly slide it’s way across her lower lip.

When she moaned in pleasure, I could feel my body moaning in response. How was she able to do this to me? And I wondered if I was able to do this to her as well.

Unable to control myself, I lifted her so that she was straddling my lap. Courtney let out a little gasp, her lips leaving mine for a brief moment. As I opened my eyes quickly, I could see her looking at me, a mysterious and dangerous glint in her eyes.

Quickly and with a precision that I didn’t know she could ever have had, she removed my shirt in one quick motion, leaving her sitting there, running her hands slowly and softly up my stomach to my chest.

I was losing focus, losing my breathe, my words. I was able to make a slight noise in the back of my throat that grabbed her attention.

Thankfully she caught what I had been unable to say. With a quick roll of her eyes, she quickly tore off her shirt, revealing freckled, pale skin and a white laced bra.

“Better?” she said with a smirk.

Unable to even make another noise, her lips came crashing onto mine, which I did not mind at all. There was a lust in the air and it was driving me mad. I could feel the pleasure growing inside my pants and I wondered if she could feel it too.

I parted out lips, slowly making my way from her jaw to her neck. I could feel her breathe in my ear.


That one word was what broke me, saying my name with such pleasure in her voice. I could feel myself being ready and I’m sure at this point she could feel it too. “Are you?” she asked, unable to finish her sentence for my lips were on hers again.

I pulled away from her to look into her eyes, my hands on either side of her face. “Courtney, you are doing things to me that I didn’t know someone could do. I want you so badly-“

She put one of her fingers on my lips to stop me from talking, leaning over to whisper in my ear. “I want you too.”

Without a seconds hesitation, without thinking about the fact that I didn’t have a condom on me, without knowing if she was on the pill, I flipped Courtney over so she was laying on the couch, my body hovering over top of hers.

I took her hands in one of mine, pinning them atop her head. I slowly kissed her neck, working my way down past her collarbone and shoulders until I was slowly kissing the skin exposed on the top of her breast, still going farther down.

“Oh Harry-“ Courtney whispered, but she didn’t get to finish her words. There was a couple of loud knocks on the door behind us, to which we both froze.

How wonderful, Harry. You’re going to meet Courtney’s father, you’ve got a rocket in your pants that’s ready for takeoff and your girlfriend’s shirt is off. Great bloody start.

But the door didn’t open. Kam’s voice came from behind it. “Court, Harry, pizza is here. It’s waiting in the kitchen.”

Thankfully Courtney found her composure when I couldn’t. “Thanks, Kam. We’ll be down in a second.”

“Okay,” Kameron said and we waiting until we heard her retreating footsteps before we moved.

Courtney quickly grabbed her shirt, tossing me mine, while I sat on the couch, dumbfounded. She smirked before coming to give me a peck on the lips.

“C’mon rock star, your pizza awaits.”

“That’s it, you’re just gonna walk away from this?”

I heard her sigh before she came and sat beside me. “C’mon Harry, you can rock my world another time.”

“Another time?”

“Well,” she said, fiddling with her fingers. I could tell she was getting nervous. “I mean, we only just met a month ago. You haven’t even told me if we’re actually dating or not and I don’t want to rush anything with you.” She looked up into my eyes. “I don’t want you to get bored, though. I’m sorry if I led you on a little today.”

A little? God, she led me to the fucking zoo on the moon and back.

“Courtney,” I said after taking a moment to think about my words. “I’m not angry we had to stop. I’m thrilled we got to go as far as we did. I would never push you into anything you didn’t want to do. I will wait years for you if I have to and I could never ever get bored with you.” I stood, pulling her up with me, putting on my shirt. “Let’s go get pizza, rock star.” I repeated the words she had said earlier.

Courtney smiled, wrapping her arms around my waist. I leaned down so she could whisper in my ear once more. “You might want to go to the bathroom to freshen up. I think your tiny soldier wants to be let you.”

I blushed at her words as we both looked down to my package. I'd never known someone who had even addressed something like this, in this sort of situation. Courtney was showing me sides of her that I'd never seen before. “I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

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