Cherry and The ghost of Hogsmeade

A Girl ,with long black hair blue eyes, called Cherry has a big adventure as she tries to solve the mystery of the Ghost of Hogsmeade!! Sorry for any mistakes. :)


3. Professor Mcgonagall

Cherrys P.O.V 

We all walked into a chamber. In front of us stood a tall stern looking woman with her hair in a bun. " I am professor Mcgonagall, you will walk into the Great Hall, and the sorting hat will be put on your head he will sort you into your houses."She explained,"They are ready for you now!" We walked slowly through the doors as we walked in Sarah whispered "She stole my hair style!" we giggled all the way to the front of the Great Hall. "When i call your name you will and sit on this stall I will then place the sorting hat on your head," prof. Mcgonagall said. 


"Grey, Jewlia" the girl we sat with on the boat walked up she sat down a few seconds later the hat shouted "Slytherin" She ran over to a table on the far left. She sat next to a boy with greasy blond hair. 

"Grey,John" Jewelia's brother ran up the hat barely touched his head  when it shouted"Ravenclaw" 

"Goodlife Sarah" Sarah tiptoed up the hat shouted "Hufflepuff before it touched her head. 

"Leverman, Cherry" I jogged up hoping to get this over with 5 mins later it shouted "Hufflepuff" i went over to sit with Sarah.

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