Cherry and The ghost of Hogsmeade

A Girl ,with long black hair blue eyes, called Cherry has a big adventure as she tries to solve the mystery of the Ghost of Hogsmeade!! Sorry for any mistakes. :)


5. Oh No!

Cherrys point of view!


As Sarah and I ran out of the Dormitory we bumped into a stern looking prefect he had brown hair that was in dreadlocks. "STOP RUNNING!" he yelled as we got back up."Sorry" we muttered as we almost collapsed  in laughter. When we found Madam Pomfrey we explained that all the 1st years stuff had disappeared, she just laughed in between laughs she told us about Freshmen Friday "On this Day all the teachers and 2nd years and up pull pranks on the first years!" "Oh No!" I yelled as i had just noticed the Giant squid eating all my (and the 1st years) things! including our books!!!   

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