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4. not so friendly

I look into the mirror making sure i look my best . I have on a short black dress and white flats . My hair is curled with a white bow in the back. I smile happy with my simple , cute outfit . I turn around to see harry sitting on my bed . I wave shyly . He grabs a small notebook from his back pocket and write on the sheet of paper . He hands it to me . 'Beautiful' the word is written down and i cant help but smile at his thought . He stands from the bed and walks towards me , taking my hand in his as he walks us out and to his car . I smile when he opens the door for me . He jogs over to his side and hops in , atarting the engine and driving off to our destination .


We get enter the building and are immediatly greeted by guests . Im guessing harry is very well known . He talks a bit but im intrested in somthing . I find my self infront of the beautiful art . Ive seen nothing like it and let me just say im quite fasinated by it . I admire the artwork hung up on the wall . Looking at every detail . I feel a tap on my shoulder . I turn to see harry . He hands me a peice of paper

' come with me ' i nod and follow him . He takes me into a room that seems to be in the back of the building . We walk in and its a studio . I smile at him and he grabs my hand walking me over to a closet . He takes out two bags . He opens them and he hands me a pair of white pants and a long sleeve . I look at him with confusion but he only gestures for me to change into them in the bathroom . I shrug and go in to change .

I soon walk out and he is alreadh wearing his pair . He is sat on the floor with many paints all around him . I walk towards him and sitt down aswell . It suprises me when he dips his hand in paint . I laugh at his foolish attempts when he gently puts his hand on my leg . I squeal and try backing away but it was too late . He marked me with his paint and i could tell hes laughing at me . I glare at him and grab some paint aswell . I dip my hand in and flick my hand towards him . Ive left spots of paint all over his clothes . I laugh and start to run . He chases me around the studio . We keep diping our hands in paint , flicking it at eachother . I run around and slip on a peice of used newspaper . I laugh and harry lays with me . He looks at me and i look at him . He starts to lean in and i tense up . What is happening ? I lay there frozen and then his hand is on my face . I keep still and he removes it and smiles . I do the same and leave my white hand print on his cheek . I couldnt help but smile when he does . I finally decide to get up and go wash up . I walk into the restroom and wash my hands and get back into my dress . I come back out and harry isnt there . I soon panic . I search around the studio but


I find a door in the back and im curious .

I turn the knob and open the door . I see harry talking to a man . This man is wearing a suit and he dosnt look so happy. Out of no where the man is on the ground from a hit recieved from a the curly haired boy and my eyes go wide . He repeatidly hits him til he man has no more power to fight back .

Did that just happen ? Harry beat him ? But he was just all sweet and innocent and now hes all aggressive and dark .

I shake my head and close the door quietly . As i back away the door is slammed open and i see a not so joyful harry . His eyes are dark and his fists clenched so tight his knuckles are white . I can tell he is breathing heavily by the way his cheat rises and falls rapidly . I start to back away but he only gets closer .

Ive never been more terrified .

He gets close enough to grab my arm and rushes me out of there . He runs us to the car and we quickly get in . Im all shook up and jumpy . I grap a napkin and a pen from the dashboard . I write down on it and pass it to him . We pull up to my house and he reads my note

' whats going on ' he looks up at me and he loosens up . He shakes his head identifying that nothing was wrong . I want to tell him i saw everything but i leave it alone . Its best i dont bring that up . I sigh and open the door hopping out . I smile at him and close the door . I walk up to my door and look back but he is already gone . My smile fades and i turn to walk inside . Once i walk in i find a note on the coffee table in the living room .

' serena, we went out with some of our freinds to the art gallery down town . Im sure you went out to the starbucks for your hot chocolate . Your brother will be home soon . We will see you later . Love you '

My eyes go wide . I forgot i was supposed to stay home and wait til my little brother got home from his freinds house . I run upstairs and into his room . He is already alseep in his bed .

He looks so peaceful . Like an angel . I smile and walk out .

I walk into my room and my the tv is on . wrappers all over my bed . Oh how i missed him using my room as trashcan when he plays video games . I smile to myself . Im glad hes back . Hes been gone on vacation with his bestfriend dylan for 2 weeks and its been lonely without him . I was a little worried while little johnny was away . I mean hes only 13 and hes away to hawaii for 2 weeks . I shrug , im just glad hes back and safe .

I clean up and get ready for bed . I lay down and think about today . I think about harry . First thing that comes to mind is our paint fight . I instantly smile at the thought . Hes like a child at times , so playful and cute . They way he is , so gental and kind . Then the next thing flashes through my mind . I frow . He beat up a man . Im not sure why he would do such a thing , or be so angry about what ever the man told him . Did he offend him or worse insult him in a way that ticked him off so fast . He changed from sweet and loving to dark and psychotic . I shake my head and try to get the thought out of my head . Soon enough my eye lids become heavy and i become sleepy . I start to fall asleep when i feel a pair of hands cover my mouth and hold me down . My eyes shoot open .

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