No sound


2. london sights


pov ~

I walked back home from the mail office . I made my way up the steps to my front porch and through my door . The smell of hot tea filled my nostrils . I inhale its sent and smile knowing my father is home . I walk into the kitchen and see him . He signs me ' i made you some tea . Your favorite ' he smiles . ' thanks dad ' i walk up to him and give him a soft hug . I remove my scarf and my coat to hang it up on the rack by the front door . I go sit back at the table and sip my tea . The liquid warms my mouth and i smile satisfied.




I wake up in my big bed . I am cuddle up in a ball with a huge blanket over me . I streach and rub my eyes . I sit up and squint from the light shining in . I get up off the warm cozy bed and walk over to my window , taking in the scenery . The smell pancakes and bacon fill my nostrils . I look into the mirror and shrug . Guess i wasnt i wild sleeper last night . I walk out and down the stairs . As i am about to walk into the kitchen , i notice a familiar car just outside the window . Mom . My eyes go wide and i smile uncontrollably , bursting through the kitchen doors and up to my mother . I hug her tightly , never wanting to let go . She kisses the top of my head and steps back to look at me . ' beautiful ' she signs me . I miss hearing her voice , like when she would sing songs to me at night or read me bedtime stories . Just her laugh is angelic and i would give up anything to hear again . Hear her again . ' are you visiting ' i sign her ' yes a whole year ' my eyes go wide . I cant beleive it . ' shes staying because she has buisness up here ' my dad signs . I nod and my mother smiles at me . I feel my phone vibrate and i check it .

H- im here :)

The message read . Oh no i forgot about harry !

I run to the door and my parents look at me weirdly . I open the door to only be greeted by emerald eyes and curly hair pushed back ever so perfectly . I smile and wave at him . He waves back and smiles . I gesture for him to come in and he dosnt hesitate . I turn to my parents and sign them ' this is my friend harry , he wanted to show me around london today ' i smile . My parents study the man stood there .

Harry's pov ~

I see her parents seem to be studying me . I laugh slightly .

"Dont worry , im no killer . I wont hurt her , just a stroll in london " they laugh lightly "well its fine with me " her dad says . Her mother signs serena and she looks down at her very comfortable looking pajamas. Im sure she forgot what time i was coming . She motions me to sit at the couch and wait as she runs up to her room to wash up and get ready .

" so harry , right ?" Her mother asks "yes ma'm" i smile " quite the name there . Im jenefer and this is robert " she gestures towards her husband " how long have you been married " i ask . They both look at eachother ." Well only a year and a half , we got divorced after serena was born " oh " oh so your visiting ?" I ask her , she nods " 1 year , im on a buisness trip " she replies . " thats good for serena , to be able to spend time with you " i smile . " im happy that ill acually have time " i hear a door shut and see serena walk down . She wears a beige sweater with skinny jeans . She has a scarf around her neck loosley and brown boots on her feet . Her hair is perfectly curled with a beenie on her head . I smile at her apperence . She nods signaling that shes ready . I stand up and walk over to her . " it was lovely meeting you jenefer . Robert " i shake they're hands "pleasure meeting you harry " robert says and jenefer smiles and nods agreeing with him . We exit the house and out to my car . She smiles as i open the car door for her . She goes in and shut the door . I jog around to my side and get in .


Serena's pov

I wave goodbye too him as he drives off . I had an amazing time . Hes the sweetest friend ive ever had . I smile to myself knowing im not alone anymore . I acually have a friend ! Someone who doesnt mind my disability . Im finally happy for once . I walk in and run up to my room . I hang up my sweater and and lay on my bed . I rethink about everything that happened today . i feel my eyes get heavier and i drift off to sleep with a smile plastered on my face .

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