No sound


3. hope

Harrys pov

I woke up to the smell of breakfast . I smile knowing my mum is cooking . I get off my bed and i walk to the closet . I feel cold sheet under my foot and look . I pick up the picture and smile . It was a photo me and serena took at the london bridge with her poloroid .


She grabs my hand and pulls me toward her . I stand beside her and smile as the random stranger takes the picture . It prints out and she hands back the camera and photo . I thank her and she walks away . I look at the picture . I smile at serena and she hands me the photo . She mouths ' keep it ' and i nod . It was the perfect picture to me and i will keep it forever .

*end of flashback*

I walk over to my drawers and pull out my memory box . I know its stupid for a guy like me to have such a thing but i find it very creative . I place the photo in it and back in ny drawer. I walk back to my closet and grab a pair of sweatpants . I put them on and walk downstairs . I greet my mom with a kiss on her cheek . "Whats cooking ?" I laugh . She smiles "omletes " she continues cooking the delicious food . I sit at the table as my stepfather walks in . " harry! Your up early today . Youve got quite a glow ." He says walking in " i do?" I laugh "yeah . What happend ?" He questions " what do you mean."

" did you- " i cut him off

" oh god dad no! " i laugh

My mum hits his arm and he laughs . She serves us and we start eating . "So why are you so happy this morning ?" My mother asks

" i kinda went on a date you can say " i smile

" you ? On a date ?" She laughs " are you serious ?"

"Yeah . I had met her the day before and thought id take her out to see london . Shes new here " i simply say taking a bite of my omelet . "Thats sweet . Do you like her ? Is she pretty ? Whats her name ?" She asks way to excited "mum calm down . " i laugh " her names serena and shes very pretty , theres just one thing ." I say " what is it " she takes a sip of her orange juice. "Well shes deaf " i bite my lip . " harry , " she sighs " you cant be in a relationship with her if she cant hear . In a couple its all about communication . It would never work sweety " i frown my eyebrows " it dosnt matter if shes disabled ! I like her because shes beautiful and her personality ! Im intitled to be with whoever i fall for . And i think shes amazing " i say getting up from the table and storming off to my room . I slam my door shut and lay on my bed . Why cant they accept that i like her. I throw my pillow . Why is this so complicated . Mabey this is all going to fast but i have hope .

Serenas pov

I sat on my living room couch reading my book . I wish i could watch tv or listen to music or mabey just to sit outside and listen to the cars pass by , children laughing , people talking , birds chirping . Its those little things in life that people dont really pay attention to that i wish i could listen to , to relax me . But sadly i cant . I keep reading when i feel a tap on my shoulder . I turn only to see beautiful emerald green eyes that i love . I stand up and smile . He holds the pinkest rose ive seen . I take it and smile . He kisses my cheek and hands me a note . I take it and he sits us on the couch . I read it .


Well i wish i could tell you this myself . Like talk to you but sadly i cant but thats okay i dont mind writing to you . Its kinda fun acually .

So i want to confess somthing . I think that im starting to like you alot . I know mabey im going to fadt but i want to try and make this work out . I want to ask you out on a another date . My friends throwing a little party at his art gallery if you'd come with me ? Tonight :)

Harry xx

I look at him and nod . I turn over the paper and write ' what do i wear ' i laugh lightly , coming out as a breath . 'Anything looks amazing on you im sure of it' he writes

A/n well hey ! Its a short chapter but there is definently more to come :) hope you enjoy!

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