No sound


1. deaf

* july 4 , 2010 *

I feel the cold air against my skin and my hair pushed back by all the wind . We sang and laughed in the car on our way to the fair grounds . We had planned this fourth of july for a while . To go to the big festival they had downtown .

I was so excited , in fact we all were , it was gonna be a huge festival , the biggest one yet . My friends and i drove down the streets laughing uncontrollably , moving to the beats of every song . It was a blast . " oooh justin turn up the volume ! I love this song ! " i say as he turns it up . We all start to dance and be silly . " justin look at this dance move ! Justin look ! Hurry look ! " i laugh at her attempt to dance . I see justin look back and start to laugh at her . I suddenly feel the car move and two headlights in front of us . I scream " justin watch out !!!" I yell at him . But it was to late . The car hits the vehical infront of us and i close my eyes shut . I feel us spinning and then we flip . I feel the tightness of my belt loosen and then i hit the ground . I suppose . All i hear is glass shattering and people calling for help . Next thing i hear are sirens . My head is spinning and i cant move , when i suddenly feel a sharp pain in me ears and nothing . I hear nothing . Thats when i blacked out . ~~~ *

*september 1 , 2013*

I walk down the streets of london , watching cars pass by , couples and children strolling along , double decker buses with tourists taking pictures of the sights . It is beautiful here . I smile when i see a child asking her mother for a teddy she sees in the window of a toy shop . Her mother shakes her head and grabs her hand . The child frowns and starts to cry . I never like to see children unhappy . I walk into the store and grab the teddy . I pay the man at the counter and exit . I see the woman and her child at a bus stop and walk over to them . I look at the child and hold out the teddy . Her face brightens and she takes it from my bare hands and hugs it ever so tightly . He mother smiles at me and mouths "thank you" . I nod and walk away .

I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around swiftly . I see a tall figure with emerald green eyes and curly hair tucked into his gray beenie . He has on a coat and tight skinny jeans , with brown boots . He is saying somthing but i cant read his lips . I am only staring at him with no emotion. He looks at me and says somthing else but all i see are his lips moving .

Harrys pov ~

"Errm hello ? Can you even hear me ?" I ask the girl infront of me "i said that was very kind of you to do that for that woman " i try and speak to her but she just looks at me confused . She sighs and points to her ear . She shakes her head. oooh shes deaf.

I nod and pull her into the mail office . I quickly find a pice of paper and a pen . I write down what i want to say and hand it to her. ' that was very kind of you , im harry by the way ' she writes back ' its what i do , im serena ' i smile at her name ' beautiful :) ' i see her blush a bit and i laugh slightly ' are you from here ? ' i write ' no im from new york , i just moved 2 months ago ' she smiles ' i hope you dont mind if i ask but would you like me to show you around london ?' I write back anciously waiting for her reply ' i wouldnt mind at all harry , how about tomorrow ?' I smile brightly ' of course ' she writes down her adress and heads out . I soonly walk out right after and smile to myself and think ' what a day '


So this is my first story on wattpad :) i hopr you enjoyed the first chapter ! Comment on how i did . Dont forget to favourite this . It would mean so much to me . Thanks xx

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