Just a poem, about life (not mine, a relative) :3 Came up with the last phrase and was like, I must use this to write a poem. So yeah, enjoy even though it's kinda depressing ^_^


1. 1


She’s trapped.

Like a bird in a cage, she’s jailed so innocently,

Wanting to get out,

Pleading to get out,

Yet she can’t.


She isn’t meant to be there.


She’s trapped.

Hiding from the outside world inside,

Living, possibly, within her own mind,

Breaking inside,

Screaming inside,

Yet she’s alive.


She isn’t meant to feel like that.


She’s trapped.

A continuous flow of raw emotions,

Jabbing, prodding, digging deeper,

Communications failing,

Connections disappearing,

Yet she can still stare within us.


She isn’t meant to know who I am.


She’s trapped.

But maybe somewhere deep inside she knows it, knows us,

Maybe those frozen eyes on us mean something,

Examining us,

Taking in our features,

Yet maybe we’re being too optimistic.


She isn’t going to remember.


She’s trapped.

Forever she’ll be inside some lonesome world of hers,

Either living or breaking apart from the inside,

Fighting for life,

Fighting for freedom,

Yet she knows she can’t be saved.


She isn’t going to be saved.


She’s trapped.

So trapped that no one knows how she feels, or what to do,

Because she can’t put across those simple thoughts,

Telling us,

Explaining to us,

Yet she attempts to.


She isn’t giving up.


She’s trapped.

Trapped like an endless prisoner with no way out,

No cure, no path, no future.

Why can’t we create this?

Why can’t we heal this body wound?

We have technology,

Yet we still don’t know.


She isn’t meant to go through this.

She isn’t meant to feel this pain.

She isn’t meant to be stuck in torture.


But she is.

Every single day her mind must run with thoughts,


Of the Past,

Of the Future.


But she’ll have none of it.

She never will.

Because she’s trapped.


Trapped inside her very own soul.



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