Switching Sides

In this story an infection has taken over the world and it is turning humans into monsters every one is switching sides and it's a fight to stay human. During the apocalypse 7 children- Angel, Dylan, Mason, Lucas, Rebecca, Josie and Miranda have to fight to stay both human and sane but on the way they fall into a lot of trouble. Will they all survive this messed up world find out in Switching Sides.


19. The signal

“Work again,” Cooper yelled coming in the next morning smiling his big perfect smile.

“Fine were coming,” I said yawning as I walked over, “No need to grab me I’ll walk.”

“Yeah me to,” Dylan said dryly, “I’m tired of the same old routine.”

 “Come on then ladies,” Cooper said glaring at Dylan, “Oh wait you’re a boy aren’t you my mistake.” He chuckled as we followed him down corridor after corridor again and arrived at the van again to go clear up bodies again.

“This is so boring,” Dylan said after the first body, “Hey you’re not helping.”

“Oh sorry,” I said laughing, “I’m waiting for the signal.”

“What signal you dumb idiot!” He said angrily, “There’s no blinking signal, what you waiting for a train.”

“Molly’s signal if you must know,” I said with an edge to my voice, “So just stop right there.”

“Molly that girl from yesterday,” he said puzzled, “Why do you want a signal from here?”

“Cause we are escaping today and once she gives the signal we have to go in two minutes or it will be too late to escape.”

“Fine so when are we,” He stopped because suddenly we heard a high pitched scream followed by a low pitched scream. Without thinking I grabbed Dylan and ran towards the sound when we arrived there was Molly smiling standing next to here was a boy I recognised.

“Mason!” I said shocked, “I thought you were dead!”

“Yeah so did I but I’m not so I have one question where’s my sister,” he looked at me and glared, “So did you replace my Miranda because you found a hot guy.”

“No I it’s not like that,” I stumbled for the right words but luckily Molly stepped in.

“Guys we have to go now,” Molly said frowning glancing around for the switchers, “The switchers will be here any minute.”

“Ok let’s go,” I said and we ran and kept running until we reached a massive four story house.

“Is that it,” Dylan said sounding ungrateful about it, “I kind of expected it to be you know more room and a bit nicer.”

“Don’t be selfish it’s beautiful, I said, “Thank you for helping us.”

“You’re welcome,” Molly said smiling, “Come on let’s go inside.”

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