Switching Sides

In this story an infection has taken over the world and it is turning humans into monsters every one is switching sides and it's a fight to stay human. During the apocalypse 7 children- Angel, Dylan, Mason, Lucas, Rebecca, Josie and Miranda have to fight to stay both human and sane but on the way they fall into a lot of trouble. Will they all survive this messed up world find out in Switching Sides.


3. Capture

I stood transfixed my eyes darting from the boy to Cooper, 'how could this be?'  It was bad enough when the infection got my mum but not cooper too.

“Fine kill me,” I said trying to stop my voice from wavering, “It’s not like I have anything to live for.”

“Oh how cute,” this new cooper said, “Isn't she sweet guys I told you she was a keeper.” The other one mumbled in agreement and it struck me they weren't at the same stage as cooper was.

There are four stages of infection the first stage was not very dangerous; it was basically where you wake up one day and realize you have done something unforgivable, murder. The second is the worst; it’s when you still look like your former self and have the same memories so you can trick people into thinking that you’re still human. The third is quite dangerous; it’s just the same as stage two but you look like a monster. And finally stage four is when you can’t talk and you just go around killing everything in sight.

The monsters with Cooper I realized were at stage four; meaning they couldn't answer back to what Cooper had said.

“Sorry darling,” Cooper said sarcastically, “But you're far too precious to kill him on the other hand.” He pointed to the boy as if he was a scrap of meat, “When we're done here my friends can do whatever they want.” As if on cue all the others gave a whoop of joy and pulled out the sharpest blades I had ever seen; all of them covered in blood.

“What are you on about,” I stammered as I looked up at him and tried to hold his gaze, “What did I do that made you angry.”

“Oh darling don’t you get it,” Cooper chuckled menacingly, “When this thing started the infection, it tried to take over you. Then something happened and it couldn't.” The other monsters growled as if they were trying to agree with him.

“She didn't do anything,” the boy said protectively, but I could tell he was practically peeing his pants inside, “Leave her alone it’s not her fault. She can’t help being different.”

“Whoa hold on one minuet,” I said puzzled, “Someone needs to properly explain what’s going on now.”   

Cooper smiled his still perfect white toothed smile. “Of cause I’ll explain darling don’t you worry,” he said as the other monsters edged closer and closer to me. “But first I think you need to come with me.”

Before I could say anything more the others pounced and the next thing I knew the monsters had grabbed me and tied my hands behind my back.

“Now don’t worry this will only hurt a little bit,” Cooper chuckled again and shoved a needle in the boys arm and then into mine.

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