Switching Sides

In this story an infection has taken over the world and it is turning humans into monsters every one is switching sides and it's a fight to stay human. During the apocalypse 7 children- Angel, Dylan, Mason, Lucas, Rebecca, Josie and Miranda have to fight to stay both human and sane but on the way they fall into a lot of trouble. Will they all survive this messed up world find out in Switching Sides.


17. Back again

When we got back to the cell I had forgiven him. I realised that since I was stuck in this small room for ages then I knew I couldn’t stay mad at him.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” Dylan said smiling, “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s fine,” I said smiling back, “I got a bit over dramatic about it and it was silly of me.” We sat there in silence for a few moments and then Dylan sighed.

“I can’t sit in silence anymore,” he said frowning, “Oh come on just hug me.” And without warning he grabbed hold of me and wrapped his arms around me in a massive hug.

“Thanks I needed that,” I said smiling, “I haven’t had a hug in god it’s been five whole years now.”

“That is far too long to go without a hug,” He said smiling, “So I’m very happy that I managed to give you a hug.” I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. We stood there for about five minutes just looking at each other and then I got bored.

“I’m going to bang on the door and ask to use the bathroom,” I said pulling a face, “I need to get the smell of rotting flesh out of my mouth and my nose.”

“There’s a bathroom good job I haven’t needed the toilet,” Dylan said smiling, “So let me get this right you want to get rid of the smell of rotten flesh by going outside and talking to zombies.”

“Yeah I know stupid eh,” I said walking to the door, “So are we calling them the switchers now or what?”

“Yeah why not,” Dylan said shrugging and lying back down on the bed, “Go on before they come back for more work from us.”

“Yeah ok I’m going,” I said and I banged on the door, “Hey guys come here!” I smiled proudly as I listened to the footsteps coming towards the door. Cooper was standing there all dressed up in a suit and tie.

“What do you want,” Cooper said solemnly, “Hurry up I’m busy.”

“Yeah sorry to interrupt your date,” I said giggling, “I need to use the bathroom I saw on my way in here today and I want to use it.”

“Fine,” he said but he didn’t sound happy, “Just make it quick I don’t have all day.” I walked to the bathroom and used it quickly then I rushed back and was shoved back into the bedroom with Dylan at my side.

“That was harsh,” Dylan said rolling his eyes, “I guess zombies never use the toilet eh.”

“Yeah,” I said rolling my eyes back at him, “What was his problem.”

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