Little Brid

He came into my life like lightning, a bright bolt uninvited; turning my world upside down with his irrational actions and dimpled grin, his unquenchable desire and eyes the colour of emeralds. And he gave me something I had never had before – a wild adventure and the illusion of freedom. But even then, I had to keep reminding myself, even once falling into the vortex of churning emotions ultimately I had surrendered myself to, that I had no choice.

I was his Little Bird; encaged in his hold.


“I know enough about you to know that you’d be going home to an empty house, but even when they’re away, they keep you caged up, don’t they Little Bird?” A deep frown creased my brow, worry and confusion and terror leaking into my nerves, an accumulation of varied emotions attacking my senses, sending my mind into a whirlwind of commotion and chaos. I parted my lips to allow the questions and accusations spill, run wild. I wanted to reveal my disgust and curiosity in countless queries as


4. Chapter 4



Harry stood from the ground first and looked down at me, I presumed waiting for me to repeat his actions. I, however, remained in the same position, exhaustion now heavy within me after I wasted the previous energy I had and after the uncontrollable tirades that spewed profusely from my lips. I was tired, really tired; too tired.

 “Where are my pants?” I whispered, gaze fixated on his feet clad in white converse. My cheeks flushed a little with heat at my question and lack of clothing, but after everything that had happened, fatigue was heavily present; I was too tired to care.

He simply held out his hand, gesturing with his head for me to get up. I stared at it wearily, then to Harry’s face, finding his expression challenging, then back to his outstretched hand as slowly I reached out and reluctantly allowed him to help me to my feet. Harry interlocked our fingers tightly as he tugged me along, limbs heavy as I trudged behind back into the living room. He released me at the couch.

 “Wait here. I’ll make you some food, and then I’ll show you were all your things are.”

I watched him silently as he left the room, sinking back into the comfortable couch, my eyes automatically fluttering shut.

And by the time Harry came back just five minutes later, sleep had already consumed me like a famished beast.






2 days.

It amazed me how so many things could change in such a short space of time. I’d had my whole world turned upside down, now rather than imprisoned in my parents suffocating clutches, weighed down beneath their unattainable expectations and criticism that was supposed to ‘encourage me to work harder’, I was imprisoned, encaged with a complete stranger, his morals misguided and intentions remaining untold. I was forced to live in an environment even more so foreign than usual with only my cluelessness as company.

My mind had attempted desperately to decipher the reasons of Harry’s drastic actions, discover the meaning behind my capture and understand why it was me of all people, not believing that anyone else deserved to be in my position, but truly confused as to why he had chosen me. Was it at random, just merely unlucky that it had been me his eyes ultimately landed on, or was it planned – how long had he known about me?

Had he been… watching for long, how long? The answers lay untold, my questions unfulfilled and empty.

Nothing much had happened. Harry tried to make sure that I did all the things I did at home like shower and eat, and I did quietly without so much as a fuss, barely parting my lips at all. I tried to be calm; but I was on edge, nervous, frightened and anxious. I lay awake for hours waiting for Harry to come in ‘my room’ and live up the disastrous expectations my mind had tortured me with, brain far too nervous to allow my body rest; before eventually exhaustion took over and I succumbed to dreamland – only to wake into a nightmare all over again.

I found my palms sweating and heart thudding ferociously whenever we were in the same room together, constantly waiting for him to make the next move. I knew he had something planned, he must have otherwise he wouldn’t have taken me, he couldn’t have just done it for the sake of it for due to unquenchable desire; there must have been an unforeseen explanation.

And part of me wanted him to just put me out of my misery, his actions almost positively putting me into an abyss of more misery, but at least it would’ve happened and I wouldn’t have the anticipation of his potential game. And then part of me wanted never to know what his plans were; what he wanted from me, the answer I thought maybe too much for me to handle.

I spent as long as I could sleeping, dismissing my thoughts or wasting the hours away on the couch, trying my very best to ignore Harry’s presence, or better yet his entire existence. It felt as if a week had gone by.

 “Birdy, come here!” I stood from the couch, nervously following Harry’s voice, where I found him standing in the kitchen. He turned as I entered timidly, as he did my eyes immediately landing on the large knife gripped tightly in his hand. I swear they almost popped out of my head. “What do you-?”

Horrified I didn’t even glance at his face or listen to what he had to say as I released a terrified, tiny squeak and fled.

 “Birdy!” He called after me, but I was already running, knowing that he’d be chasing after me. I ran up the stairs in a frantic rush, my mind reeling dangerously with panic as I ran into the first room that caught my yes; slamming the door shut behind me and ignoring my name as it left Harry’s lips in haste. I cursed internally at the empty door that had no lock, annoyed as the front door downstairs had enough for every door in the house. My legs took me as far from the door as possible, to the other side of the room and past the bed as Harry entered; his empty hands bringing me no reassurance.

My brow was creased as he slowly shut the door, lips slightly agape and eyes glued on me. “Birdy,” he said softly, slowly approaching me. “I was making a sandwich – it was, it was just a sandwich.” I eyed him suspiciously, realizing that his explanation added up, suddenly feeling ridiculous and embarrassed. My cheeks flushed and I let out a weary laugh, “Oh,” I murmured, “Right.”

I avoided his gaze, hands fidgeting by my sides as I reassured myself I was fine, and attempted to cool the heat at my cheeks.

 “Come here.” Harry gestured with his head to join me, sitting on the bed, and slowly I trailed towards him, mirroring his actions. “I was just going to ask you what you wanted on your sandwich.” He looked down at me with a small smile on his lips, and I nodded sheepishly, my face still red with heat at my immediate assumption that had caused me to freak out at such an innocent gesture.

 “Listen, I want you to be comfortable here, with me. I understand that this whole situation is confusing, strange and different, and you’re obviously frightened.” Harry spoke in a hushed, quiet tone. He reached forward to tuck a loose strand of hair that had fallen over my face, but I flinched backwards, my actions proving his words. He withdrew his hand. “I’ll never hurt you; I swear to you that I’ll never lay a finger on you. You’re too precious.” I couldn’t define my feelings as he spoke, so I merely nodded my head a little. He smiled slightly. “I’m not like that; I would never do that to you, Birdy.”

His eyes didn’t stray from mine, and green sought out blue as I found myself unable to look away. There was no evident teasing in his tone or humour, amusement or insincerity plastered on his features. I wanted to believe him; I wanted his words to soothe the raging emotions and wild swirling thoughts in my head, my innocence and naivety telling me to trust what he was promising. I had no reason to believe or trust him, but I wanted to, I wanted to believe that he wouldn’t hurt me, that everything would be okay.

 “You’ve given me no reason not to trust you, but if you calmed down a bit, when you’ve settled in I can introduce you to my friends, I’ll take you outside; this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I just need you to calm down.”

 “Okay,” I whispered, suddenly enthralled by the thought of going outside. If I could gain his trust it would be easier for me to escape, and the quicker I’d gain his trust the quicker things could get back to normal; I’d find my way out of the vicious trap I’d been caught in, I could go home. Though the thought of meeting his friends made me anxious; I didn’t know who they were or what they were like, something telling me that I wouldn’t like them and they could possibly frighten me even more so than Harry did.

Still, I hoped that if they saw the situation (presuming they knew everything) maybe they would realize how wrong it was. Or if they didn’t know, hopefully I would get the chance to spill Harry’s secret and if I was lucky they would convince Harry to let me go, scold him on his delusional and irrational behavior. The possibility was farfetched but I had to have hope. I couldn’t give up on my freedom. Certainly not yet.

 “Okay,” I repeated a little louder this time, nodding my head again.

Harry seemed happy with my response, and I wondered if gaining his trust would be easy enough for me to pull off. I was a terrible liar and that was definitely no secret; my made up lies so meek and irrelevant it passed the point of embarrassing to completely humiliating, so I highly doubted that if it came down to it my excuses would be the exact opposite of authentic and in fact work in Harry’s favor rather mine.

Casting thoughts aside of all doubts, it occurred to me that I didn’t even know my location. I hadn’t looked out of the window or seen the light of day since Harry had taken me.

 “Where are we?” I asked curiously, brow crinkled slightly in meek confusion.

He turned to face me with a small smile. “You ask a lot of questions.”

 “You don’t answer many.” I responded quietly, and thankfully his smile didn’t falter, but he stared at me, amusement dancing across his features.

 “London. We’re in London.” He said.

My eyes widened, lips falling apart in obvious shock as instantaneously my body sprung from the bed, legs taking me to the window hidden behind chocolate curtains. I pulled them apart, revealing the outside world that almost felt as if it didn’t exist anymore. I had always wanted to go to London, my entire life the places and attractions I knew of fuelling to the desire that I flee from my small, insignificant town to a whole new world.

Several times my parents had travelled and stayed in London on work, business meetings, court cases and all the irrelevant stuff I had no interest in; but I had always been left behind so I wouldn’t get in the way, and also to ‘work on my studies’ that ‘so desperately needed it’.

A smile lit up my features as I stared outside, both palms pressed up against the glass. Of course I had been planning to go to London for University, but I highly doubted that I’d be able to escape and run free on my own accord, the stress and anxiety of studies looming over me, not to mention the expectation of my parents that I had to live up to. I knew that I wouldn’t have had time to venture the city and visit the places London was well known for, the places that I craved to see with my own eyes, in the flesh rather than on numerous pictures and videos.

 “I’ve always wanted to go to London.” I told him, palms still pressed against the window, nose almost touching the glass, eyes watching the world outside my confines. It was a normal street, fairly large, modern houses each with gardens – there were streets like this in my town, but knowing they belonged to such a bigger and beautiful city made them all the more special.

 “I can take you out soon, if you’re good and promise to behave if I do.”

For a brief moment, excitement flooded through me and I spun around. “Really?” I asked the smile in my tone perfectly evident. Harry nodded and I turned back around, gaze on what could have been waiting for me outside. For that brief moment when excitement flooded through me I forgot that Harry had kidnapped me, and that after he said he could take me out soon, condescending words followed; I forgot that that I was being kept against my will, and that I should have felt frustration and anger not in the least bit excited.

I thought about visiting all the places I’d ever wanted, but then the excitement faded as realisation struck me that I’d be racing around London, my hand captured in my kidnapper’s and an invisible leash attached to the collar on my neck.

I sighed lightly, facing Harry. “You’re really not letting me go are you?”

I said quietly, not so much fearfully or even sadly, but as if ultimately I was accepting the harsh reality of my unusual situation. His features softened just a little and once again he shook his head, confirming what I already knew.

I was trapped.

Or at least for now

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