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8. Chapter 8

Today is one of the busiest days we've had in a long time. We had an interview in the morning, now we're heading towards a radio station for another one and during the night we have our first performance of this little tour we are doing.

Once we got to the building we were surrounded by screaming fans and guided by security to the inside of the building, it was unbelievable. Once we were inside a lady in her early forties guided us to the studio, where they had for us tea and some bottled waters. We sat down in the couch they had inside and patiently waited for our turn during the interview.

"So Harry, how's your lady friend?" Zayn said as he took one of the bottles in his hands and sat next to me

"She's alright" I simply said as I took out my phone and went to BBM

Harry Styles:

Hey! How are you? How's your ankle?

I sent it to her and placed my phone back on my back pocket, as I continued having a conversation with the boys. A few minutes passed and it was time for our interview.

"So, I'm just going to go through the basics quickly" the presenter said "You were formed during the X Factor, so most of the people who are listening to us already know who you guys are. Your first single, ‘What Makes You Beautiful', was a hit and so was your album once it was released. Your first tour was ‘Sold Out' in minutes, which was really impressing and now the same thing happened with this one, am I right?"

"Yes sir" Louis said into the microphone. The rest of the interview consisted of Louis' romance with Eleanor and Liam's with Danielle and how did they made it work out. We talked about the CD, we took some calls from fans and some questions from twitter, usually they would always be the same questions so we were used to it.

"So tonight, you guys are starting a new tour, but shorter, right?"

"Yes, it's only a month short and we're visiting some places around the UK and Ireland as well" Niall answered

"And once the tour is over, what are you guys going to do?"

"We are taking a break" Liam said

"This last year has been a wild ride so management told us we would be taking a month break over the summer" Zayn said

"Which I'm thankful for since I haven't seen my family in a while now" Niall said

"But we also have some small performances in some clubs, nothing too big" I added

"Well guys, thank you for being here today and good luck on today's show" the presenter said

"Thank you" we all said at the same time as we smiled

"There you have it ladies and gentleman, One Direction"

As we got out of the studio and tried to make our way to the van, we were escorted by security once again since the fans were still outside. Once we were all inside, the van started running and we were on our way to tonight's venue for the sound check. We were all tired and I've been up since four in the morning, so the ride was silent. I was about to fall asleep but a vibration in my pocket made me jump. I took out my phone and realized I had a BBM message.

Kim Marie :

Hello, I'm alright. Went to the doctor and I have to wear an ankle brace. What about you?

I laughed at the message; it was funny picturing her limping around while wearing an ankle brace.

Harry Styles:

I'm doing great. Hahahaha Well, hope you get better soon, you don't want to be wearing that during your trip. What are you up to?

I placed my phone back in my pocket and leaned my head against the car window, closing my eyes. We still had one hour left of driving and I just wanted to rest for tonight's show.

Kimberly's POV

I sat on the bleachers inside the basketball court along with Taylor and some other friends from the same faculty. We were watching our university's basketball game against our rival university. We cheered for our team and booed at the other team every time they were doing their free throws. Half-time started, making the cheerleaders take their spot in the center of the court.

"So what exactly happened to you?" Ethan asked

"Dude, I swear I'm going to write it on my forehead, everybody has asked me today" I laughed "I was doing the long jump for the ‘Track and Field' class and I didn't landed properly"

"And you call yourself an athlete" he laughed

"I don't call myself an athlete, I call myself an amateur boxer" I corrected him as my phone started to buzz on my hands, receiving a reply from Harry.

Kim Marie  :

Thank you. I'm just watching my Uni's basketball game with some friends, what about you?

I wrote him back as I smiled and set my phone beside me.

"Who are you talking to?" my noisy best friend asked

"Who do you think?" I winked at her

"Oh Harry" she said with a smile "So you guys took it to the next level I see"

"Whatever Tay" I laughed as I rolled my eyes

"Who's Harry?" Ethan asked as he looked at me "Is he your boyfriend?" he said as he playfully punched me on the shoulder, smiling.

"No, he's just a friend" I said as I felt my phone buzzing once more near me

Harry Styles:

Just got to my workplace. Sorry in advance if I don't write you back, long night today.

I rolled my eyes at his message and replied to him

Kim Marie :

I already told you, I'm not your mom or anything like it, so you don't need to explain yourself. And good luck on your job thingy, hope you get out soon :)

Once the game was over I walked back to my dorm and lay on my bed, looking at the ceiling and I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of my roommate walking around the place, her high heels hitting the wooden floor.

"Sorry to wake you up" she said as she sat on her bed and took off her shoes.

"Don't worry about it; I was supposed to wake up anyway." I said as I looked at the table clock that was beside me, which marked 7pm. I looked at my phone and realized I had a message.

Harry Styles:

Right...anyway, thank you, I just got out and it's 11pm over here. I'm very tired. Talk to you tomorrow?


Kim Marie :

Well then, have a good night. And maybe, if I'm not too busy ;) 

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