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Cause talking to a stranger online is a very smart thing to do...


7. Chapter 7

"Welcome to Abercrombie & Fitch, Our jeans make you look like..." I trailed off as they walked past me, I hated this job. Don't get me wrong here, working here is one of the best things that ever happened to me, I just didn't' like to be a greeter at the front of the store. People would just look at you from head to toe and give you ‘the look', like you did something to them. I've been in the same spot for over two hours now and my feet were killing me.

"Kimberly!" I heard one of the managers calling my name "Can you come over here?"

"What's up?" I said as I walked over to the register, leaning against it

"Jack and John will be here any minute now, so I need you to help out." She started saying "We need you to place this skirts and jeans where they belong" she as she handed me a box.

"You're a life saver!" I smiled at her and she just looked at me, like I was on drugs or something like that. Jack and John were the ones who we had to impress, the bosses, the ones on the top of the food chain, while I was at the end of it. They were twins, in their late twenties, I believe? Every month they would come down from London and help out around the store. Yes, they are from London, just like my internet friend; and every female worker (and some of the guys) where head over heels for those two. Then there's me, ‘one of the guys', their ‘wingwoman' or whatever they called it, for those nights we went out. I placed the skirts on their designated tables, doing the same thing with the jeans. Once I finished I was handed some jeans for the boys section, these always took me some time. I danced along to the sky music that was playing, You Oughta Now by Alanis Morissette was playing, loved it!

"It was a slap in the face, how quickly I was replaced and are you thinking of me when you fucked her?" I sang along as I danced and organized the jeans, then I heard someone clearing their throat behind me.

"You know, that's not the proper language to use inside the store" I heard a familiar English accent saying. I turned around, and there they were, both of them with a smirk on their faces.

"Jack" "John" I let out as I jumped on them and hugged them

"Woah! Easy there" I heard John laughing

"Sorry" I said as I let go

"So, we see you're working hard, that's always a good sign" Jack laughed as he wrote it down. How do I know who is who? Well, Jack has the cutest birthmark on the left side of his upper lip.

"Yup" I said popping the ‘P' and turned around, going back to work

"But we heard some rumors" I think it was John who said that and I felt my heart beating faster and faster as a knot started to form on my stomach. I haven't done a thing, but I knew who might have started it, Marvin.

"Whatever he said, it's not true!" I practically yelled in their faces, making the customers turn their heads and look at us. "Sorry" I said as I looked down

"Calm yourself Kim, it's not a bad thing" John laughed

"We heard that you're going to London in a month" Jack said as he raised an eyebrow "Is it true?"

"Oh that" I nervously laughed "Yeah, its true. I have this class trip that is worth like half my grade and they decided to go to good ol' London" I said sarcastically

"What? You don't like London?" the did this ‘twin' thing where they said it at the same time

"I preferred Mexico" I smiled

"Anyway, we just wanted to say that if you have any free time, you should join us and go out with us while you're there" Jack said

"You have our number, so just give us a call while you're there" John added

"Will do" I smiled "Now if you excuse me, I need to go back to work" I said as I turned around and walked over to a customer. The rest of the day went by slowly and the fact that some customers where being bitchy wasn't helping, I just wanted to hit them, but I knew better. But before I knew it, it was time for me to leave.

"Kim" shit, please tell me I'm just hearing voices, please tell it's not, yes, it's him. I frowned as I saw him walking towards me

"What do you want Marvin?" I flatly asked

"Where are you going?" he asked as he stood beside me

"I'm off, I'm leaving, bye!" I said as I walked away, not letting him finish. There's something you need to know about this boy, he's a pain in the behind. He has a silly ‘high school' crush on me and it's getting on my nerves, he even started spreading rumors around work that we were a couple, he even said that we slept together. He should've known better than to mess with a girl that's into boxing; let's just say he couldn't talk for a week. Another thing about him? He's in my World History class as well, so he's going with me to London.

Harry's POV

"So, who's the girl?" Liam asked as we all entered the small coffee shop that was just down the street from the studio and thankfully, we were the only ones there.

"What?" I asked confused as I grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich from the fridge they had near the cash register and a water bottle, then paying the elderly woman who was at the register.

"Come on Harry, don't be like that" Liam said as he paid for his food as well "Louis told us about her earlier today, while you were in the bathroom" I turned around and glared at Louis, who had a grin on his face.

"So, who is she?" I heard Niall asking as we all took a seat in the booths at the end of the shop.

"You guys know how the fans are sending links to us and everything, right?" I finally said and they nodded their heads, indicating that they knew what I was talking about "One morning I decided to open one of the links and it took me to this website, which happened to be a chat where you talk to strangers, I talked to a few people from here and around the world and she happened to be one. So, I asked her for her e-mail and she gave it to me. We've been talking ever since" I explained as the boys ate

"Aren't you afraid that she's a crazy fan, that's just pretending to be someone else?" Zayn asked as he took a sip of his drink

"I wasn't, ‘til Louis over here opened his mouth" I said as I playfully pushed Louis to the side

"Have you seen her?" Niall asked this time

"Yes we did" a smirk appeared on Louis face

"Louis, you have a girlfriend" I said laughing

"Right" he said, being serious "But for the short minute we saw her, she seemed fit"

"Really?" Liam said as he raised an eyebrow

"Yeah, Louis sent her a video request which she accepted" I explained

"Then why did you only saw her for a minute?" Zayn asked confused

"Because this guy over here got in my head with the same thing you asked, so I hit decline and she ended her video call" I said as I looked at Louis

"And what do you know about this girl?" Liam asked

"I know her name is Kimberly, she's 19, studying to be a gym teacher, works at Abercrombie & Fitch and she's a very nice girl to talk too." I said, not giving too much information about her.

"And?" Zayn asked as he moved his hands, trying to get more information

"What more do you want?" I asked, raising my voice

"Do you like her?" he asked as he wiggled his eyebrow

"I've only talked to her about four times Zayn. That's not enough time to develop feelings towards her. Besides, she's from the other side of the world; nothing's going to happen" I clarified as I took a bite out of my sandwich.


Being the last day off we had before some performances around the UK, I decided to log in once more. But there was a problem; I was surrounded by four other guys who wanted to see who I was talking too.

"What are you waiting for?!" Niall said "Click on her name" he pointed out at the screen

"Why are you guys so interested?" I asked

"Because..." Zayn said as he shrugged his shoulders

"Because what?" I asked

"Just talk to her!" Louis said "Or I will"

"No thank you" I let out "I'll do it"

Harry Styles said: Hello!

Kimberly M said: I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to talk to strangers...

Especially the ones that decline my calls and yet they get to see me Or the ones that after a very nice conversation asks "top or bottom"

Harry Styles said: Really Kimberly?


"You asked her that?" Niall said in astonishment

"I didn't, Louis over here did" I explained "See what you did Lou"


Kimberly M said: Really

Harry Styles said: Come on I freaked out and I already said sorry for that question and it wasn't me, it was my roommate.

Kimberly M said: You freaked out? Why, where you at your top secret job?

And sure, blame the roommate

Harry Styles said: Why are you even mad??

Yesterday you were alright with it

Kimberly M said: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I'm not mad, I was just playing with you XD How are you love?

Harry Styles said: nice played

I'm alright You?

Kimberly M said: I'm great!

So, any plans for today?

Harry Styles said: Not really, spending some time with my friends over at my place


Kimberly M said: BORING!

I'm going out with my bosses and co-worker So I'm just looking for something to wear Mind being a judge? My roommate isn't here and I need someone's opinion And before you freak out, don't worry, you don't have to turn yours on



"Dude what are you waiting for, say yes!" Zayn said


Harry Styles said: sure

But just remember, I'm surrounded by 4 others...

Kimberly M said: fine, the more the merrier, right? ;)

Kimberly M has requested a video chat. Accept. Cancel.

Harry Styles has accepted your video chat

"Hi!" she waved at the camera in front of her with a smile "Can you hear me and see me?"she was wearing, once again, an oversized shirt and what it seemed like shorts.

Harry Styles said: yes we can!

"Great. I have two dresses. So just tell me which one looks better" she smiled "and before I forget" she placed a towel over the camera, making it go black "you're not getting a free show" she laughed



"You were right Louis, she is fit" Niall said

"Told you" he laughed


"Alright, this is dress one" she took out the towel and there she was, wearing a short, strapless, black dress. She turned around, letting us to see the back of the dress. "And let me show you the second one" she said as she started unzipping her dress by the side "Woops, almost forgot this" she laughed as she placed the towel over the camera once again. The camera went black once again, we could hear her humming to a familiar tune and then she started singing "my heart's a stereo, it beats for you so listen close..." that's why it sounded so familiar.

Harry Styles said: nice voice


"And this is outfit number two" she said as she removed the towel once again. This was a cream color? I don't even know what color it is, but it looked nice on her, it was also a one shoulder dress. She twirled around and once she finished she got closer to the camera "thank you" she laughed. I'm guessing she saw my comment. "so which one?" The boys and I talked for a minute and finally came with an answer.

Harry Styles said: the black one!

"You sure?"

Harry Styles said: positive

"I'm trusting your judgment guys" she pointed out at the camera "Well, I have to get ready. Thank you" she said as she blew a kiss to the camera and turned it off.

Harry Styles said: Have fun ;)

Kimberly M said: trust me, I will ;)

bye <3

Harry Styles said: bye

Kimberly M has logged off


"Well Harry" Zayn said as he placed his hand on my shoulder "You got a good one" he winked


I know I don't always say this but thank you. <3

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