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5. Chapter 5


Harry's P.O.V




Harry Styles said: oh really??

Kimberly M said: OK, now I regret saying that

Harry Styles said: don't worry about it love, it's just talking, nothing more

Kimberly M said: so who should go first?

Harry Styles said: you should, you were the one who came up with the idea

Besides, ladies first ;)

Kimberly M said: what a gentleman

Ok, I'll go first, let me think.... These are just basics :D 1. I'm a blonde 2. I have a thing for redhead boys 3. I love twilight THINK CAREFULLY!

Harry Styles said: hmmmm...


Kimberly M said: are you sure about that????

Harry Styles said: now you're making me doubt my answer...

But, was I right?

Kimberly M said: I'm sorry to inform you that you are wrong my friend

Harry Styles said: Really? Then what's the real answer?

Kimberly M said: #3, I really don't like twilight...

Now it's your turn love XD

Harry Styles said: alright, here goes nothing...

1. I love to sing 2. I have a twin brother 3. I dated a 32 year old

Kimberly M said: I don't know... they all seem so believable

Harry Styles said: really?!

Kimberly M said: but if I had to choose, I'll say #3

Harry Styles said: well you're wrong, it's #2

Kimberly M said: so you hooked up with a 32 year old?! London has game! Hahaha

Harry Styles said: Ha! If you say so...

Kimberly M said: but then again, this is the internet so you might be a 40 year old man for all I know, and if that's the case...I'm not impressed LOL

Harry Styles said: trust me; I'm not a 40 year old

Kimberly M said: whatever... but why did you call things off? Was she tired of babysitting? ;)

Harry Styles said: Yeah, never heard that one before -__-

But if you really want to know, it was mutual We were the ‘talk of the town', nobody approved of it

Kimberly M said: What about your family?

Harry Styles said: they just told me to be careful

Then there were the name calling and silly jokes, like the one you just said

Kimberly M said: sorry

Harry Styles said: It's alright

So we decided to call it off

Kimberly M said: Can I say something?

Harry Styles said: what?

Kimberly M said: I find it dumb that you two broke up over that

I know it's hard to deal with ‘hate' and with people who are close to you constantly judging But if you two really did ‘love' each other, you would've found a way to make it work out, no matter what I know it was a big big age gap, but whatever... It's your life, not theirs And I also know I'm just some random words on your computer screen, but that's what I think :)

Harry Styles said: if only they knew that, but thanks anyway

Kimberly M said: no problem

Harry Styles said: enough about my ‘complicated' love life, what about yours? What was the cause of your last break up?

Kimberly M said: It was mutual as well

We dated for two years, 11th & 12th grade but we started to grow apart. We wouldn't call or text each other for weeks and I didn't even missed him when we didn't talk Plus he was going to move to the other side of the island for university so it was for the best We are still friends, but nothing more

Harry Styles said: so it was a healthy break up

Kimberly M said: yes it was

Harry Styles said: See, told you we were only going to talk, nothing else

Kimberly M said: I see, you're a complete gentleman ;)



"Harry, why are you still up?" I heard Louis talking as he rubbed his eyes, making his way to get something in the kitchen

"I'm uhhhh" I said as I looked over at the computer. I had to options, turn off the computer and lie to him or just tell him the truth, which I was talking to an unknown girl from the other side of the world, who I met through a chat link one of the fans tweeted. He's now walking towards me, with a glass of water in hand.

"Who are you talking to at this time?" he said as he sat next to me and looked at the screen. "Who's Kimberly M?" he asked as he read her name

"She's a friend" I quickly said

"Oh really?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow

"Louis, what are you doing?" I asked him as he took the laptop away from me and placed it on his lap, as he started typing.


Harry Styles said: Top or Bottom?


"Come on Lou!" I said as I yanked the laptop away from him

"What? It's just a question, for all you know I may be talking about bunk beds" he laughed


Kimberly M said: really London? We were having a nice conversation and you ask this?


"See what you did?" I told Louis as I showed him her message. "If she doesn't talk to me, it's your fault"

"Harry, for all you know she may be a 40 year old woman. So I might be saving you!" he said in his defense. "Even though you have history with older woman"

"Old woman or not, it's nice to talk to someone who doesn't know who I am" I said


Harry Styles said: Sorry about that

That was my friend, Louis

Kimberly M said: right...your ‘friend'

Harry Styles said: it's the truth

Kimberly M said: yeah right...


"See what you did" I told Louis as I leaned back

"Remember mate, I might be saving your life. What if she IS a crazed fan and she's just acting like she doesn't know you?" Louis said

"I never thought about it that way" I said as I looked at him

"But look, she's writing" Louis said as he leaned towards the monitor


Kimberly M said: but if your ‘friend' really wants to know, just tell him that the top bunk is always the best ;)


"Oh, I like her already" Louis said with a smile "Have you seen her?"

"No, I can only see that small picture where there are about 10 girls" I said, a bit disappointed to say the least

"Then send her a video request" Louis said as he pressed the small camera icon on her picture

Kimberly's POV

Harry Styles is calling you

"Oh my God Taylor, he's calling me!" I let out, panicking at the same time

"Well, send him a video request as well" she said, as I did what I was told

Kimberly M is calling you

Harry's POV

Kimberly M has accepted your call

"And now it's time to see who's the lucky lady" Louis smiled as the small icon space got bigger and her silhouette started to show.

"wow" we both let out as a blonde girl with her hair down to her chest, tanned skin and dressed in a over sized shirt appeared.

"Are you going to accept her call?" Louis asked. I thought about accepting it, but then again, Louis could be right. What if she was another crazed fan?


Harry Styles has declined your call

Kimberly M said: Really?

Well, two can play that game

Kimberly M has ended your video call


"What have you done?!' Louis let out "Did you see that girl?"

"I did, and I was about to accept her call but then you got in my mind" I accused him

"How?" he asked

"You were the one to tell me that she might be a crazed fan" I said "What if you were right?"

"Oh" he said quietly "At least you got to see her for a whole minute"


Harry Styles said: yeah, but at least I got to see you, so I win!

Kimberly M said: that's because you're a cheater!

Harry Styles said: No I'm not, I'm just smart ;)

Kimberly M said: if you say so...

Anyway I have to go to my house, need to wake up early for work And it's also four in the morning over there, you need to get some shut eye Good night & TTYL <3

Harry Styles said: Alright, have a good night

Hope you sell a lot of clothe

Kimberly M said: hope so too...LOL

Bye :)

Harry Styles said: Bye

Kimberly M has logged off


"She's right, you need to get some sleep" Louis said as he stood up and let out a yawn "it's four in the morning"

"I know" I said as I closed the computer and placed it on the coffee table.

"Night Harry" Louis said as he walked back to his room

"Night Lou" 

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