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4. Chapter 4

"Do you like waffles? Yeah we like waffles! Do you like pancake? Yeah we like pancakes. Do you like french toast? Yeah we like french toast. Do do do do can't wait to get a mouth full, WAFFLES! WAFFLES! WAFFLES!" the alarm on my phone went off and now I was hungry. Whose bright idea was it to wake up to a song about food? Oh right...mine. I turned off the alarm and sat on my bed, looking around. It was Friday, oh how I waited for this day. I looked over at Patricia's bed and she was still tucked in. Oh how I hated her, she didn't study on Fridays so she just stayed in bed, lucky bitch. After a few minutes I decided to get out of bed and take a quick shower. I grabbed my towel from the bed post and made my way to the bathroom.

"Fuck!" I let out as I got in the shower and the ice cold water hit my skin. *Note: turn the water heater on* I finished taking a shower I got out and got dressed. I looked at the time and it was 8:20, shit, I only had ten minutes to get to class. I grabbed my backpack and walked out the door. As I got out of the building I practically ran to the building where I had my first class.

"Just in time" I said to myself as I noticed the professor walking inside the classroom, the rest of the students' right behind him. I entered the room and took my seat at the back besides Taylor.

"I'm so excited! Are you?" she sang as she did a little dance. This girl got excited by the littlest of things.

"I am, but not as excited as you" I laughed

"Listen up class" the professor said as he stood in the front of the class room "All week you sent me where you guys wanted to go for the Summer Trip, that's only two months away. You had three choices: Australia, Mexico and England."

"Please be England, please be England, please be England" I heard Taylor whispering with her eyes closed and her fingers crossed, I swear she could be a little kid when she wanted to.

"After counting the votes countless of times, just to make sure the number was right, we had a winner." The professor started as he turned on the projector, revealing the words that read ‘MEXICO'. I smile crept on my face and I looked over at Taylor, who was down.

"Maybe for your birthday we can go over there" I said as I nudge her and winked

"But there's a problem" the professor said, making all of us grow quiet "once I called the travel company we faced a few problems with the university's credit card" I think I forgot to mention that the University is the one to pay for the tickets and hotel. "They weren't accepting it so we had to change our destination, to the second place with the most votes" The class started to murmur once they heard this. "So we are going too...." he said, making a dramatic pause "London!" he exclaimed, as a picture of a big tall clock appeared with the words ‘London, England' written over it.

"Well fuck me sideways" I let out as I slouched on the chair, not to happy with the decision.

"Just tell me when and where" I heard someone saying from behind, I turned around and came face to face with Adam, one of my closest friends, a little bit to close if you know what I mean.

"Shut up Adam" I laughed. This was just great, I got excited for nothing. Have you ever been in a relationship where the boy takes you to cloud nine with pretty words and then let's you fall flat on your ass when he gets what he wants? Well, that's how I was felling right now. The professor took me to cloud nine when he mentioned Mexico and let me fall flat on my ass when they changed it to London. YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

As the rest of the day dragged on, all I wanted to do was go back to my place, eat some Ben & Jerry's ice cream, watch the "Brides Day" marathon on TLC and cuddle with my cat. Yes, just a typical Friday night, I'm a wild one. Once my last class was over I walked out of the room and went straight to my apartment.

"Honey, I'm home!" I sang as I entered the apartment "Pat?" I called as I closed the door behind me.

"I'm in the shower!" I heard her screaming "Can you do me a favor?"

"What? I asked as I placed my bag on my room

"I'm going out today with Caleb, is the outfit appropriate for meeting the parents?" she said

"Oooh, meeting the parents, that's a big step!" I said as I examined the clothe she picked out. It was a simple lilac sun dress with some lace at the waste and some white wedges. Lucky girl, she was only 5'3 so she could wear any heels; then there's me, standing in 5'8. "and yes, your outfit of choice is appropriate" I yelled back

"Great" she smiled as she got out of the bathroom. She got dress and I helped her with her hair and makeup. After an hour there was a knock on the door. I offered to get it and noticed Caleb standing there. Patricia walked over to us and said her goodbyes, leaving me all alone with our cat, Muffin.

"Well Muffin, it's just you, me and Ben & Jerry's" I said as I looked down on him, he meowed and left me "Or maybe it's just me and my two boys" I sighed.

It was already 7 at night and I had a date with TLC for the next few hours. After a few episodes of ‘Four Weddings' and ‘Say Yes To The Dress' and a carton of ice cream, I decided to go on my laptop. I checked facebook, first mistake; never, I repeat never, go on facebook on a Friday night, those status updates of not having a boyfriend or something like that are just ridiculous. After that I decided to log on messenger, scrolled down and he wasn't online. Just when I needed to ask him something, but that's what google is for, right?


It's been about a week and a half since I talked to London. Not that I logged on everyday to check if he was online or anything. Anyway, that's not the point. In a month and two weeks I'll be on my way to London with the rest of my classmates, I'm still not excited about it.

"Dude, check your e-mail" Taylor said as she sat next to me on the couch and changed the channels on the tv, trying to find out something to watch.

"Why? I'm busy right now." I said

"Kim, you're playing billiards on the internet, I think you can spare five minutes to read the class trip rules." She laughed

"Fine, let me finish this game" I said. Once I finished playing I entered my e-mail and read the ‘rule book' Professor Brown sent us. After ten pages of nonsense I came to the conclusion that we were going to be over there for a month, I believe, taking tours on the weekdays and doing nothing on the weekends and since we were all of age we were responsible for anything we did. "I knew all of that already" I told her "I'll be right back" I said as I stood up and walked over to the kitchen to get something to drink.

"Kim!" Taylor yelled

"What?" I yelled back as I closed the fridge

"Someone's talking to you!" she said


"A guy named Harry Styles?" she said confused and I walked back quickly to the couch "Who is he?"

"Some guy I met through the website you gave me" I laughed

"See, told you you would meet cool people there" she smiled "now talk to him, don't leave him hanging"

Harry Styles said: hey!

Kimberly M said: hi!

Long time no umm, chat?

Harry Styles said: yeah, sorry about that.

I was really busy with work and everything

Kimberly M said: dude, don't worry about it.

Plus, I'm not your mom so you don't have to explain yourself :)

Harry Styles said: right...

So, how are you?

Kimberly M said: I'm great, you?

Harry Styles said: good

Kimberly M said: good to know :) So, what are you up to?

Harry Styles said: not much really, just enjoying one of my few days off. What about you?

Kimberly M said: just hanging out with my best friend :)

And just so you know, she is reading our conversation right now, LOL

Harry Styles said: Well, Hello Kimberly's friend, I'm Harry! :D

Kimberly M said: She says Hi as well

Harry Styles said: So where did we end it off last time we talked?

Kimberly M said: I'm not sure...

I think we were just asking ourselves random questions

Harry Styles said: Right, we had the ‘No frisky questions' policy

Kimberly M said: Exactly :P

Harry Styles said: Is that still a rule?

Kimberly M said: maybe...I'll think about it and let you know ;)

Harry Styles said: you do know it's late and that those type of questions are going to be asked no matter what.

Kimberly M said: you can ask them. But what makes you think I'm going to answer them?

Harry Styles said: you will, don't worry about it

Anyway, let's keep it ‘PG-13' for now Summer is near, any plans?

Kimberly M said: Yes, I have a class trip

Harry Styles said: Really? Where too?

Kimberly M said: that my internet friend, is a secret

Harry Styles said: why?

Kimberly M said: Well, you have your top secret job and I have my top secret location. I think we can call it even.

Harry Styles said: Fair enough

Kimberly M said: what about you, any plans for this summer?

Harry Styles said: I am going to be ‘free' for the summer so I think I'll just relax and go out on nights. Maybe even visit my family, haven't seen them in a while

Kimberly M said: nice :)

Harry Styles said: yup, so let's keep going with the questions.

Kimberly M said: alright, hit me with your best shot!

Harry Styles said: any tattoos or piercings?

Kimberly M said: five piercings, all of them in my ears and three tattoos.

Harry Styles said: WOW

Kimberly M said: what? Is it too much?

Harry Styles said: not really, one of my friends has three tattoos as well.

What kind of tattoos do you have?

Kimberly M said: I have a wrist tattoo that is the infinity sign that reads ‘faith' , my best friend has it as well, a lip tattoo that reads ‘kiss me' and a hip tattoo of a bird.

Harry Styles said: lip tattoo?

Kimberly M said: yeah. It's a tattoo on the inside of the lower lip, you can google it if you want too.

Do you have any tattoos?

Harry Styles said: just one, it's a star tattoo underneath the bicep

Kimberly M said: oh a star tattoo, how masculine! Hahahaha

Harry Styles said: says the girl with a bird on her hip

Kimberly M said: and what a pretty bird it is ;)

Want to play a game?

Harry Styles said: what kind of game?

Kimberly M said: 2 truths and a lie

Have you played it before?

Harry Styles said: I think I have...refresh my memory please

Kimberly M said: it's easy, we have to say three things about ourselves and we need to guess which two are true and which one is the lie.

Easy, right?

Harry Styles said: It is

Are we still going to keep it ‘PG-13'

Kimberly M said: I think we can eliminate that rule 

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