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Cause talking to a stranger online is a very smart thing to do...


2. Chapter 2

After a stressful day in Uni, all I wanted to do was go to my apartment and sleep. I stopped by the Burger King they had inside the campus, grabbed some food and walked over to the dorm. As I walked in, Patricia, my roommate was already there, studying in the small desk in her side of the room.


"Hi!"" I smiled as I walked in and closed the door


"Hey" she replied, not taking her eyes off her book. I walked over to my side of the room and sat on my bed. I placed my food on the small tray I had in my bedside table and started eating. "You know, eating fast food every day is wrong for you" Patricia said as she turned around


"Right now, my life revolves around it. I have no time to cook and I'm really occupied with all my classes." I explained as I continued eating


"Been there" she said as she turned around and continued with her studies. Once I finished eating, I threw the food wrappers in the trash and took out some clean clothe and decided to take a shower. Once I finished my nice, long, hot shower I sat on my bed and opened my laptop. I looked through my facebook, where a lot of heartbreaking statuses were being posted on a daily basis. I swear, these people got their heart broken on a daily basis. I took out my books and notebooks and decided to start working on my English essay that was due tomorrow.


‘Log in to your msn, I need to show you something! :D' I received a text from Taylor. Doing as I was told, I logged into my messenger quickly and a window opened up, TaylorAnne is calling you.


"Kim, can you see me?!" she asked as she waved her hand in front of the camera


"I can see you and hear you" I laughed "What's up? What did you want to show me?"


"Look!" she smiled as she showed me a puppy "she's my early birthday present!" her smile got bigger


"Awww" I let out "I hope she doesn't have the same luck your last four goldfish had" I laughed 


"Funny" she said with a straight face "but she won't, I'll take great care of her. Anyway, have you decided for what place you're going to vote for the class trip?"


"Yes" I smiled




"I'm going with Mexico" I replied


"Mexico, really?" Taylor complained "Come on Kim, think about my future husband and little redhead kids"


"I'm sorry Tay, but your prince will have to wait" I laughed "Come on, Mexico sounds like a fun place. Plus, aren't you the one that wants to learn to talk Spanish?"


"Whatever" she said as she rolled her eyes and I laughed at her reaction. The conversation went silent for a few minutes and a small box popped up by the right corner of the monitor ‘Harry Stylessent you a request. "What was that?" Taylor asked as she her the beeping noise from the notification.


"Just a new friend request" I simply replied as I continued working on my essay, not paying attention to her.




"Why do you care?" I laughed "but before you get all drama queen with me, I don't know, it's just a random person"


"Oh, alright" she smiled "Anyway, I have to get going. I need to go out and buy puppy food and a bed and all those things for my new baby"


"Ok, I have to finish writing this essay for tomorrow. See you later alligator" I said as I waved


"In a while crocodile" she waved as well and the computer screen went black. I closed the window and went back to my paper, in the last couple of days I had only managed to get the introduction done.


"This is going to take a while" I said to myself


"Kim, I'm going out, do you need anything?" Patricia asked as she walked over to the door


"Coffee, please. I think I'm going to have an all nighter" I sighed and she nodded as she walked out the apartment. I started writing my essay and a few minutes into it a small tab on the bottom of my window started flashing, the color orange was the one to catch my attention. I clicked on the small tab making a window open. Harry Styles seemed to be the person who wanted to talk to me, but who was he?



Harry Styles said: Hello, remember me?


Kimberly M said: umm...


Harry Styles said: I'll take that as a no...


Kimberly M said: if you give me a hint, maybe I'll remember :D


Harry Styles said: I talked to you earlier today through a website and asked for your e-mail


Kimberly M said: Oh, right...London guy


How are you?

Harry Styles said: hahaha, yes. I'm good, you?


Kimberly M said: good, but a little bit stressed thanks to an essay I have to hand in tomorrow


Harry Styles said: what's it about? Maybe I can help you out


Kimberly M said: maybe you can...

It's about...to be honest; I don't even know what I'm writing about. Its gibberish and I'm going to fail this class!

Harry Styles said: first of all, you need to think positive, with that attitude you'll get nowhere. Also, take a break, maybe if you just relax you'll find your ‘muse' once again :)


Kimberly M said: fine...I'll take a break. And I have a question for you!


Harry Styles said: what?


Kimberly M said: isn't it like very late over there? Shouldn't you be like sleeping or something?


Harry Styles said: it isn't that late...plus, I'm not tired


Kimberly M said: alrighty then

So, what do you do? Do you work? Study?

Harry Styles said: work. What about you? What are you studying?


Kimberly M said: cool. I do both. I work at a clothing store and I'm studying to be a Physical Education teacher.

So, what do you work in?

Harry Styles said:  I rather not say...


Kimberly M said: why? Do you sell drugs or something?


Harry Styles said: NO! Not even close!


Kimberly M said: then, if it's not illegal, why can't I know?


Harry Styles said: it's not that you can't know, it's that I prefer not to say. Maybe SOMEDAY I'll tell you, but you just have to wait.

Kimberly M said: Someday? I'm guessing I'll never find out.


Harry Styles said: you do???


Kimberly M said: YES! You're a spy! That's why you can't tell me! Am I right? ;)


Harry Styles said: sadly, no. I'm not a spy!


Kimberly M said: dammit! I always wanted to meet a spy; I guess that day will never come :(


Harry Styles said: don't worry, maybe someday you will. Just wait and see :D


Kimberly M said: whatever...


Harry Styles said: so, for what store do you work for?


Kimberly M said: Abercrombie & Fitch


Harry Styles said: nice, I have a friend who works over at Hollister


Kimberly M said: I asked for a transfer to Hollister, I said it was because I liked it better. Truth is, their male floor models are HOT! Like "Whoa! You better call the fire department" HOT! Don't get me wrong, the boys over at Abercrombie are hot as well but ... damn those are just WOW!


Harry Styles said: right...


Kimberly M said: sorry for my blabbing, I just needed to get that out of my system.


Harry Styles said: no problem love. But I have to say, I'm with you, well at least with the girls. Those floor models sure are fit.

Kimberly M said: I know, sometimes I look at those girls and wish I looked like them


Harry Styles said: Come on, I'm sure you're beautiful just the way you are


Kimberly M said: You're just saying that to be nice...


Harry Styles said: maybe, but if you sent me pic I might tell you the truth


Kimberly M said: nice try... but I'm not going to send you a pic. For all I know you might be a perverted 40 year old man! I'm not falling for that one!


Harry Styles said: HA! Well, I'm not...


Kimberly M said: HA! Well, it's the internet, you never know!


Anyway, I have to keep working on my essay, gotta go, ttyl! BYE! <3

Harry Styles said: BYE! And good luck!


Kimberly M said: thank you! :) & good night 




What do you guys think?:D

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