Story of my life. (Harry styles and louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Sarah and Darcy are both 19 and from a small town in British Columbia, Canada. They now live in London England. They go to a meet and greet with concert tickets and backstage passes and meet the boys. Sarah falls in love with Harry while Darcy falls in love with Louis. Read to find out more. Please leave comments!


1. The night it all happened. Pt. 1

A.N this story is about me and my friend Darcy, in the real world she doesn't really like one direction but I love them, we're both 13 but in this book we are 19 and living together 'cause we are best friends and this is my first book so no hate please, comment what you think! -sarah<3

I woke up and checked my mail. YES! "I got the tickets!" I shouted to my friend Darcy. "Sweet, when are we going?" She asked. "Tonight, we've got meet and greet tickets plus backstage passes!" I said excitedly. "Well duh. But what time does it start? Darcy asked. "It's from 6-11 tonight." I said. 

Its now 3:00pm only 3 more hours to go. Darcy has already had her shower, now it's my turn. After my shower I picked out my outfit. I'm wearing a white flowy top that says meow in black lettering and it shows my belly button ring with some black ripped skinny jeans, plus some white toms. Darcy is wearing some black and white leggings with a black tank top, plus tome red toms. I curled my hair and Darcy put her hair in a messy but cute bun. I never liked using much make up so all i put on was some eye shadow and a little mascara, Darcy on the other hand loved make up, she looked good with it though. We only had 30 minutes to get something to eat and then get to the concert. We had macaroni and cheese or supper, we were to lazy to make anything else. 

I grabbed my keys the concert tickets and my wallet, I didn't want to bring a purse, it's just to big to carry around all night. Darcy did the same as me. We found a parking spot and headed to the doors. We were half way threw the meet and greet when Harry look me straight in the eyes, I think I started blushing I could tell though, I was to lost in the moment. 

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