Story of my life. (Harry styles and louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Sarah and Darcy are both 19 and from a small town in British Columbia, Canada. They now live in London England. They go to a meet and greet with concert tickets and backstage passes and meet the boys. Sarah falls in love with Harry while Darcy falls in love with Louis. Read to find out more. Please leave comments!


3. After the concert...

AN hey guys sorry it took me so long to get another chapter up, I got my iPad taken away so I couldn't write anything. Please leave stuff in the comments what you think of the book, or any thought or ideas you have or anything you want me to change. I'd be happy to except your ideas and stuff. Have fun reading. I'll try and post a couple of chapters tonight. -Sarah<3

Sarah's POV 

The concert was amazing. Harry kept trying to find me through out the whole concert, he never succeeded though. Darcy and I were making our way backstage now to find Harry and or Louis. We got up to a door and walked threw it. A guy stopped us. "Do you have backstage passes ladies?" He said "yes we do, here you go" I said showing him our passes. "Alright, you can go threw" "thank you" we said. We were making our way to the boys dressing room and another tall man stopped us. "Excuse me. What are you doing going into the dressing room exactly?" "Oh um Harry told us to meet here so we could hangout after" I said "did he now" he said "yeah" I said awkwardly "well I'd turn around if I were you 'cause your not getting in there" he said angrily "but Harry told us to meet him here" "well I can't trust you so bye" he said very rudely "ill text him now then" I said all sassy like "fine" 

Harry's POV

i just got a text from Sarah saying she was held up by one of the security guards. Ugh why do they always do this? I had to go out there I guess. "Hey what's the problem out here?" I asked the security guard "um nothing sorry Mr.Styles" "thank you" they girls and I headed for our dressing room. "Hey! Long time no see" we all said to the girls "no kidding" they both said. "So you girls ready to head out?" Zayn asked, they both nodded. We finally got to the hotel. I pulled Sarah off to my room to just got to know her a bit more. "I'm not taking you in here to have sex with you, I just wanted to talk and get to know each other a little more. Just so you know" "ok good I was kinda worried there for a second" she said, we both laughed. "Ok so, tell me a little   bit about yourself"

Sarah's POV

"well I grew up in this little town called Cranbrook, it's in British Columbia, Canada. Darcy and I moved here on an exchange a couple years back we just loved it here so our parents got together and helped pay for our house and after that our parents said we have to pay for everything else and they would only help out when we absolutely needed it. I've got an older brother who is  21, his name is James. I've got an older sister who is 29, her name is Heidi. My mom is 49, her names  is Cyndi. My dad is 47, his name is Brian. I love hunting. My favourite colour is purple. I've got 2 nieces. My favourite sport is hockey, well I am from Canada. I'm a huge directioner. I've got the biggest crush on you in the world. I've got a dog, her name is sugar. My favourite movie of all time is Titanic. I think that's all I've got for you." I said to Harry. "Wow, can I tell you something?" He asked "yeah, shoot" I said "you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" "well thank you Harry" I said. He just look at me and then he looked at my lips. He started to lean into me and the next thing I knew Harry Styles was kissing me in his hotel room. After a couple of second I started to kiss back. It got very passionate. 

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