Story of my life. (Harry styles and louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Sarah and Darcy are both 19 and from a small town in British Columbia, Canada. They now live in London England. They go to a meet and greet with concert tickets and backstage passes and meet the boys. Sarah falls in love with Harry while Darcy falls in love with Louis. Read to find out more. Please leave comments!


5. A great day out.

AN thanks to everyone who's read my book so far. 144 reads! I know it's not that much but for my first book it's pretty impressive and I've only got 4 chapter haha keep reading. I'm changing the rating by the way, it's not gonna be R anymore but it's not gonna be a goody two shoes book, it's gonna be in the middle. I can't figure out how to actually change the rating because I'm stupid lol -Sarah <3

Harry's POV

i finally had her in my arms. I'm gonna take her out and show her all around London even though she probably has already seen all of it. She doesn't know the "special" spots that I go to when I'm bored or just need some time alone. She's gonna love it I can already tell. "Sarah? We're gonna go touring to my "special" spots around London today, are you alright with that love?" I asked her "yeah, sounds good to me" 

Sarah's POV 

Harry is gonna take me to his "special" spots in London today. I'm kind of scared but at the same time happy because I'll be with him all day. I haven't seen Louis or Darcy since last night. It's a good thing that their both single. I kinda feel sorry for Eleanor but she did cheat on Louis. (AN I love Eleanor, I have nothing agains her but this is just for the story, ok back to the story) I think that Louis and Darcy would be really cute together. 

AN sorry for the short chapter I'll hopefully update soon but it's exam week so I have to study. 


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