Forbidden Love (Teen Wolf Stiles)

My name is Sarah. I'm Deucalion's daughter. My dad is enemies with a pack of wolves, a Stiles is one of the wolf's friend. I go to his school. Scott and I are friends. I meet Stiles, and we later become friends. I feel like I am in love with him. Does he feel the same way? And what will he do if he finds out my dad is Deucalion?


2. Chapter Two: Howls in the Midst

That night I lay in my bed restless, whenever I put my purple bedspread over my body, I got too hot, and whenever I took it off, I got too cold. My thoughts jumped around, and I wondered about my mother.

Dad had said she was killed by a robber when I was young, while she was loading her car at a grocery store. He does not like to talk about her much, nor are there any pictures of her in our house.

"Dad, why aren't there any pictures of mommy?"

"Because dear," he had looked at me with sadness and some contempt, "your mother did not like having her picture taken,"

"Oh, aren't there any?"


He had left it at that, walking away morosely, obviously lost in his own world. Now that I think about it, it was odd. He had never really talked about any family, and sometimes he was gone for periods of time, and would return looking tired. Maybe he was simply drinking? Whatever the case, he did not do it much anymore.

As I curled back up, using only my top sheet, began to doze off, ignoring how hot I was. In the depths of butterflies with wings of toast and chocolate bunnies filled with water, I heard a strange sound.

Not far from here, I could hear the howl of some type of dog, or wolf. Snapping my eyes open, I sat up, my hands clutching the sheets, shaking slightly. It came again, not far from the house. Could it get in? Would it try?

"Dad!" I screamed, clutching my sheets and a bunny I still sleep with. After I waited for about ten minutes, I jumped up and ran to his room down the hall. Throwing the door to his room open, I flipped the switch on, and gasped.

He was not here! The howls grew closer, and seemed as if they were just out in our back yard. Running to the kitchen, I grabbed a white handled knife and the keys to my dad's truck, and ran out the door.

I sprinted to my dad's truck, and threw open the door. Putting the keys into the ignition, I remembered what little driving my dad had taught me on a dirt road outside of town.

I pressed my foot on the brake, and moved the shift thing to the D symbol. Then, I drove out of there like a bat from hell. Jerking the wheel was the only way I could get around turns, and as I drove I felt like there were eyes watching me.

I heard a howl again, and just as I jerked the wheel towards a left turn, a road that led to the school. Something large hit me from nowhere. I was completely weightless, glass cutting my face as I tumbled in the air. Then, I could not breathe. I spasm-ed, clutching my throat and trying to find some air.

"Sarah, it's okay, just breathe," The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't even tell where it came from. My eyes watered and I tried to ask the person where I was.

"Sarah, it's me, Stiles. Calm down and breathe," So it was Stiles, I relaxed slightly and felt my lungs slowly fill with air, and then lose it. I began inhaling and exhaling, it hurt a bit, but I was breathing.

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