Forbidden Love (Teen Wolf Stiles)

My name is Sarah. I'm Deucalion's daughter. My dad is enemies with a pack of wolves, a Stiles is one of the wolf's friend. I go to his school. Scott and I are friends. I meet Stiles, and we later become friends. I feel like I am in love with him. Does he feel the same way? And what will he do if he finds out my dad is Deucalion?


1. Chapter One: New school

I woke up to the sharp sound of my dad yelling,

"Wake up, it's your first day at your new school!"

I groaned, and then fell out of the bed. Laughing at myself for falling, I stood up. There was no one here to reassure that I was okay, so there was no need to laugh.

I changed into my first day clothes. A pair of black skiny jeans and short sleeved green shirt, to add a bit of bling I wore a pair of glittered sandals, the ones that do not look tacky of course. I then put my hair into a pink ponytail holder, and went into my small adjoined bathroom to brush my teeth.

As I walked out of my brown walled bedroom into the hardwood hallway, my dad asked me,

"Are you eating breakfast?" He was quick about it, as he fixed his red tie in the hallway mirror.

I yelled "Nah, I'm not hungry," as I ran down the hallway and down the stairs to the kitchen, where my orange backpack was. After checking if my ipad was there, I walked out the white screen door and to the outside world, where my dad's blue truck awaited me. Soon after me buckling the seatbelt in the front seat, he came out of the house holding two oranges in his hand. He opened the driver's side door and slammed it with a thunk.

"Here, take this." He handed me one of the oranges, my favorite fruit actually.

"Dad, I'm not hungry."

"I know, but you will be." He smirked his fatherly "I know everything" look, and backed out of our gravel driveway, and drove in the direction of my new school.

After we hit four squirrels and a robin on the way to school, my dad dropped me off and I entered the school. It was a large building, but very cliche. It had metal doors with glass windows and the outside was brick walls all around. An emotionless school, no not quite, it was boring and saddening in a way. Just like the weather here.

After taking in the bright lights and students milling about, I went into the school's office. It was bland, white walls with anti-bullying banners all over the place and a rickety metal table with a few dusty trophies on it. I saw a office lady, and asked her,

"Can I have my schedule, my name is Sarah, I'm Deucalion's daughter." She flipped through some files, and then found the one with my name on it, her facial expression changing to an aha look.

She gave me my schedule sporting a smile that completely contrasted the mood of the rest of the building. My locker number is one-zero-zero-zero. After walking out of the office and down the right hall she pointed me towards, I saw two couples making out, and one girl quoting speeches at a wall. Finally, after wandering for a few minutes, I found my locker amongst a long row of equally colored green cages, I mean lockers. I went over to it, put the locker number in, and opened it.

My first class of the day was world history, so I looked for Mrs. Basil's room, as it was somewhere on the third floor, and when I finally found it, I walked in. It was a standard classroom, there were a few posters with Roman buildings and quotes from poets, and the desks were arranged to all be in rows facing the teacher's large scratched desk.

Mrs. Basil gave the basic first day of school intro, but I sat up straight to get in her good books. After her talking about a paper we were to write, the bell rang and twenty or so kids rushed into the hallways to go to their next class. As I walked, carrying my class schedule and looking for the science lab, I ran into someone and dropped my paper and books in the process.

"Hey, are you alright?" A male's voice asked me.

"Yeah, I just lost my schedule," I replied. Looking up from the ground, I saw a guy my age. He had black hair and green eyes, with a smile plastered across his white face that made him seem like a little kid.

"My name's Scott," He held out his hand, for me to shake and to take in order to get up.


"Nice to meet you," I blushed, talking to guys was never my strong suit.

"Same. I have drama next, but based on your schedule, I'd say you need to head that way, to the third door on your left." He was smart, and into the fine arts? Not my type, but he was sweet.

After thanking him, I ran to my next class and sat through the same speel as the previous class. The next two periods, math and English went by just the same. After that, I headed to the large, but crowded cafeteria. There were round tables to sit at, and the food actually looked edible. I sat down at a table alone, and soon enough a blond girl showed up out of nowhere.

"Is anyone sitting here?" She asked me warmly.

I replied back with a laugh, "You are,"

"Thanks, my name's Lydia, what's yours?"

"Sarah, I just moved here,"

"Oh I see, we don't normally get new people around here," She trailed off. She was so kind, it was almost annoying.

"Glad I could make your day better," I began eating my food, a chicken sandwich with rubber cheese, and Lydia took her cue to be quiet and let me eat.

After lunch, I headed to home economics, a boring but useful class, all things considered. The classroom was setup differently than the others. There were large plastic rectangular tables instead of desks, and there were colorful posters all over the wall with parts of the body on them, how to be drug and germ free, and some with cooking measurements on them.

"Alright class, how many of you can tell me how you fry an egg?" A man in his late forties walked in, that must be Mr. Triangle. "You, do you know the answer?"

He had pointed a a girl a few seats diagonal from me, and she looked at her desk, at a piece of paper actually.

"I don't know, that's why I am in this class," She stated simply, not taking her eyes from her paper.

"You can fry an egg sunny-side up or sunny-side down. I doesn't matter as long as it's cooked," He finished with a hearty laugh from deep in his chest.

In that one class I already learned about herpes, baking batter, and what whipping is in cooking terms. Perves. Anyway, my next class was science, so when the bell rang I traveled into the hallway for my next to last class of the day.

When I walked through the wooden door, Lydia called to me from a few feet away,

"Sarah, I gotcha a seat!" She had actually, and it was just beside several of the popular girls. So being the considerate person I am, I sat with her and acknowledged her kindness. When class started it was the same as the rest, except home ec. of course, and all that I learned was that some senior had gotten pregnant and another junior was stealing from the locker rooms.

After that class, I began my walk to the parking lot to wait for my dad, and all the while Lydia was talking about some hobby she had called Geocatching, whatever that is. Anyway, she was interrupted by Scott and an adorable guy with brown hair and eyes.

"Oh hey Sarah," Scott called from the eight or so fee away.

"Hey, what's shakin' bacon?" I asked jokingly.

"Nothing much hon," The cute guy said. Wait, did he just call me hon?

"Who's your friend?" Lydia asked. Mine Lydia, not yours.

"This is my friend Stiles, Lydia Stiles, Stiles Lydia," Scott stated awkwardly. What about me?

"And you must be Sarah, Scott told me some about you, he said you were quite the looker,"

"Did he? Well I don't know about that," Someone called me good looking, I couldn't believe it.

"Yeah," Even though he answered awkwardly, he was still so adorable doing it. As I looked to my left, I saw my dad's blue truck pulling into the parking lot.

"See you guys later, I've gotta go,"

"Alright, talk to you later kid," Scott called after me, causing Lydia and Stiles to both crack up. As I walked to the truck, I wondered about today. It wasn't the greatest day ever, but I made three great friends. That counts for something, doesn't it?

As I climbed in, my dad spoke curtly, "Don't talk to that boy."

"Why?" I asked him.

He replied to me a moment later, "I have heard some not so good things about him, just be wary, okay?" He said it carefully, as if he was choosing each word in great decision. Whatever the reason, I suppose it was no without cause. I would keep my guard up, but I would still talk to Stiles, how bad could he be?

I gave my dad a confused look. I sighed and finally replied, "Okay, I'll be careful," He smiled and drove home to the sound of Sweet Home Alabama playing from the radio.

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