Till' Death May We Part

Crystal, and her sister Jade are left alone one day, the day the world as they knew it would go horribly wrong. They find Crystals boyfriend and set off to find survioirs and a place safe. (I AM REALLY BAD AT DESRIPTIONS BTW ITS BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS)


8. Water


I have a massive head ache. I wince from the pain.  "you okay Cc?" Jake says. "just a head ahce that's all." Im not surprised" Jared mumbles As we walk futher and futher the river starts to widen. Then theres more of Them. I uncapp my sword and swing aming strat at there heads. A clean slice. It's amazing how much blood can come from somthing thats undead. I wonder how they even manage to break the skin of humans. Maybe when they change their teeth become really sharp or something. I don't really want to find out though.
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