Till' Death May We Part

Crystal, and her sister Jade are left alone one day, the day the world as they knew it would go horribly wrong. They find Crystals boyfriend and set off to find survioirs and a place safe. (I AM REALLY BAD AT DESRIPTIONS BTW ITS BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS)


1. The Relisation


             I turned to Jade. Then yelled, "RUN JADE!!!".

  We took off running but more and more appeared and kept getting closer "There's too many of them!",exclamed Jade.   "Try to deal with the one's closest to us," I say.  We run and kill but with each one we kill two more appear.  For a moment it was easy to lose hope but I think i just lost my sanity instead.     Chapter 1.        Now if you're wondering what's happened, let me explain. My name is Crystal. I live with my sister, Jade. Our mother died when we were young and our father got put in jail, so we've always lived on our own.   We never appreciated  what we had until it all disappeared.         I looked at Jade who was intensely staring out the window at something.      I walked to where she was and look out the window  " What the fuck are you looking at?", I ask. Jade points to a man. The man was  standing, just outside the window. He looked like he was staring at something intently.     " Jade it's just a man," I mumbl as I roll my eyes.   That's when I relise that there was something strange about this man he was standing there but lifelessly. I looked closer at him and  I suddenly relise he has blood all over him. I notice that a big chunk of his arm is missing it looked like something had bitten into it and tore it from his arm. He looked like something out of a horror film. I gasp and shout,"WHAT THE HELL?!?!".  I shove the curtains closed and lock the doors.  "What is that?" I say, fear present in my voice.  "I have no idea,"Jade replise "Maybe there's something on Tv that might explain what ever  the fuck THAT is."   I grab the televison remote and switch it on to Eyewitness News Now.
"We are live from Huston Garden's reporting on the strange phenomanomn that has gone on today," Sally Parkenson the news reporter says.
 Suddenly there's screaming in the backround.  "EVERY ONE DO NOT GO OUTSIDE IT IS NO LONGER SAFE WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOUSES!!" Sally shouts as a woman covered in blood stalks up behind her and bites into her arm and blood spurts  everywhere  and suddely it goes silent Then all of a sudden she starts to twitch, and attacks the camra man. Then a sign pops up on the Tv  screen saying "tecnical diffuctise sorry for the inconvenice".  
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