Till' Death May We Part

Crystal, and her sister Jade are left alone one day, the day the world as they knew it would go horribly wrong. They find Crystals boyfriend and set off to find survioirs and a place safe. (I AM REALLY BAD AT DESRIPTIONS BTW ITS BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS)


7. Blackout

  We slowly open the door. Good nothing has managed to get in the yard. We walk up to the gate and open the gate.  Nothing. Completly empty. The street was comepletely desolated. Not a single person living or undead. "What...."   "Sush Jade" Jared whispers. We walk down the  street. we have to find the stream. It leads to the river. That was our goal. We had to get there and go down the river. That was the only thing we could think of because it was the safest place we could think of and then we could check on the rest of our family's as well Because most of them lived on the same side of Jared's Aunt. We finally found the  stream. Suddenly There was tons of them. Everywhere. Surrounded. Impossible to escaoe with out fighting. There seemed like no escape.             I turned to Jade and yelled, "RUN JADE!!!",
we took off running but more and more appeared and kept getting closer "There's too many of them!",exlamed Jade.
"Try to deal with the one's closest to us," I say.
"shit!!" Jared exlames. Then all a here is a scream. "Cc!" I hear some one yell. I coulden't reconize who. The blood I remember tons of blood. Then, nothing. Blackness. Like the world had stopped and some one flipped a light swich off. "Cc!?" I hear Jared's voice. it sounded strained. I slowly opened my eyes. "Thank god!" I hear every one say. "what happend?" I  ask. "you acedent;y let go of your sword and the hilt hit you in the head."Jared exclaims. I get up. "we have to get out of here." "but will you be alright?" Jade questions. "yeah" i say. I'm not really but we have to move on  
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