Because I love you

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if things had gone differently between Dimitri and Rose? What would have happened if Dimitri had admitted that he loved rose and asked her to be with her forever.


1. that bitch

During winter holidays after skating “I can’t believe she was flirting with you the whole time” I was barely able to control my anger Tasha needed to learn quickly that Dimitri is MY boyfriend and NOT hers! God he made me so mad “calm down Roza u know were my heart lies and were it will stay forever” he was trying to calm me down by massaging my back while kissing and nipping and licking up and down my neck “mmm I know baby I know that I shouldn’t worry or get mad but I can’t help it! I love you so much and the thought of someone even THINKING that they can take you from me is infuriating!” god even with him touching me like that I still wanted to ring her neck! God she pisses me off! At the sky lodge He’s leaving me MY Dimitri MY boyfriend MY *crying uncontrollably* “I’ll go on the roof that always makes me feel better” On the roof *still crying* she’s taking away the only man I’ll ever love! She’s a FUCKING royal for god sake! She could have any man she wants, why take Dimitri? MY Dimitri! *crying so hard getting an anxiety attack* I wish his love for me was as strong as he says he does even though I know I’ll never be good enough for my beloved *crying dimming down from egzostion* “you must be freezing” god the sound of his voice makes my heart ach so much I’m afraid I might cry again! “the sun’s almost out.” I won’t let him know how much pain I am truly in he’d never understand “it is. But we’re still on a mountain in the middle of the winter” I wish I could tell him everything like I used to “my life is a disaster”, I want to talk to him about everything, my problems with my mom, things going on with Lissa “I heard what happened. With your mother.” God if he heard I wonder who else knows?! “you know Rose… I honestly think she just wants to protect you from making the same mistakes she made when she was your age” I hate how he’s always right about stuff like this but at the same time oh god, how much I truly love him but he seems to love her more and more every day that their together and it’s killing me to admit it he *sniff* he wants her so, so I have to let him go, because I love him, I have to set him free to be happy
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