Valerie Trayner. A 16 year old girl who's always had issues with herself. Disorders and diseases, taking over her mind and body, making her a little bit insane over time.


1. Prologue

This is the story of how I became who I am today. My name is Valerie Grace Traynor. I am 16. And I am a victim. A victim of many things. Bullying, eating disorders, psychological disorders. There's more. I don't know what. But there is. I go to Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster. I'm in year 12 now, but I'm supposed to be in year 11. I think I skipped year 2 or something like that. But anyway, goes so fast doesn't it? Well I think it does. I just moved school because the last school I went to made me want to vomit my guts out each day I went. And even though this school was better than the last one, I still had no friends. Well, at least 1 or 2, maybe. But there was this one boy who I saw a around quite a lot. We also exchanged a few looks once in a while.



His name was Louis Tomlinson.


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