Eternal pain

Derek and Chloe are still together, Chloe had just had a miscarriage and Rebecca another werewolf did to hers. who has just joined the group on the run and secretly wants to break Chloe and Derek up and take Derek all to herself to take revenge on what his birth parents.


1. lost

At this time Derek and Chloe are still together, Chloe had just had a miscarriage and Rebecca another werewolf has just joined the group on the run and secretly wants to break up Chloe and Derek and have him all to herself because his birthparents killed hers. 

Chloe and Derek are in their special spot in the forest where they go for Derek’s transitions and where Chloe and Derek had their first kiss.

Chloe’s P.O.V

“Chloe, I can’t do this anymore” I was on the verge of crying Derek hasn’t even wanted to look at me never mind touch me, I have been sleeping in my own room which for the past year and a half has become a foreign language to us “I just can’t be in this kind of relationship anymore,” I cut him off he set off a trigger that hit a soft spot that pissed me off “we’re only in this kind of relationship because ever since we lost our son you look at me like it’s my fault and that your disgusted by me!” I don’t know what I was going to do more, cry or punch him out “how is it my fault! How is it my fault out son is dead? Or the fact that you didn’t want me to do anything to you during your pregnancy!” oh now he’s really trying to piss me off and kill me at the same time “so what you’re saying is it’s my fault our son died and it’s my fault that it would have caused our son mental disabilities if we did have sex while I was pregnant!”  I was walking away from him he doesn’t want me and he clearly came her to turn all of our good memories to shit because he wanted nothing to do with me anymore and he was blaming everything on me. “Chloe! Wait! I didn’t mean to,” again I cut him off I wasn’t going to let him destroy the most meaningful place to me “you didn’t mean to what?! You didn’t mean to piss me off with you trying to avoid the fact that you are trying to tell me you don’t want me anymore and that you want to break up! Fine just say it say why you brought me here!” I was going to cry I didn’t want to lose him but I wasn’t going to let him see me break down! “I don’t want to break up but it’s clear that nothing were doing is right!” you fucking ass whole you’re going to rip my heart out over a problem we have and news flash there are NO perfect relationship there are always going to be problems in relationship “no relationship is perfect Derek and what do you expect, we just lost our son but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up on us but clearly you have already made up your mind so do you know what congratulations I’m done because if you don’t love me I don’t think you ever did because you clearly never did if you’re ready to give up so soon after one problem and do you know what you didn’t have your child die inside you Derek I did so excused me if I’m not in the mood to have sex at this moment!” I was balling now the one guy I loved more than anyone else in this world and he has clearly given up on us.

Derek P.O.V

Chloe just walked away from me, from us and I was about to cry but I had no right to I did this to her not the other way around shes right I hurt her and I wasn’t their when she needed me to and I was just about to run after her and beg her to take me back “she is a horrible woman she has a bad gene pool and if you really want a child and a family I’m your girl”   

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