They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


10. Zayn and art

Zayn had put forward a couch when I came to him again. I wasn't sure, but didn't show it to him. Instead I undressed naked and lay on the couch, as if I was used. Zayn smiled big at me and showed me how I should lay down. I looked into his eyes all the time to see if he was influenced by me. I was disappointed when I didn't see a single change, but I smiled and lay still. Zayn painted and he seemed completely in the scoreboard. I felt that I froze a bit, but realized it would be negative if I pointed it out. Instead, let it be and felt my body just went numb.


Right as it was Zayn stopped and I met his gaze . He watched me closely and then stood up . He came up to the couch and looked down at my body. I noted that he had boner and I realized that I had succeeded. He sat on his knees in front of the couch and let his hands caress my skin. It was like I was mud and he shaped me into something perfect.
"You have a beautiful body!" he mumbled. I chose to put me down on my back and right away he started kissing my stomach. I felt how he used his tongue and immediately I wondered if he wanted more than just touch me ? He kissed me carefully over the belly, across my chest and up to my lips. He let his tongue go directly in between my lips and I groaned. I felt he took me by storm, and it wasn't long before his hand slid down between my legs. I moaned lightly and felt a finger penetrated. He moved so perfect, and his lips were so intense. I started lifting the hips against his hand and responded with my whole body. Zayn smiled right away and looked down at his hand. I groaned and felt how finger number two penetrated. I closed my eyes and let him continue. He moved his hand perfectly and I wasn't aware that he was stripped naked. Finally he lay just above me and I felt he pushed me down hard against the couch. He penetrated and I moaned loud against his lips. I felt how he filled me and how he quickly began to move on the hip. He pushed himself hard in and out, which led to I moved in the same movement.


Zayn stopped right as it was and lifted me up in his arms. He took my legs around his waist and then he lifted me up to the wall. I felt he pushed me up against the cold surface and he pushed again into me. He held his hands tightly under my butt and pressed himself hard against me. I could do nothing but take my arms around his shoulders and I kissed him intensely. I heard he was breathing faster, his movements became harder. Finally he came and pushed me hard against the wall. He moaned into my ear and I felt him shaking. When he finished, he let me down on the floor and smiled at me. He went down on his knees and began to lick me right between the legs. I pressed my hands to his head and felt how his perfect tongue moved over my clit. I tried to spread my legs as best I could, because I was still standing up. Zayn let two fingers penetrating and tongue worked faster. I pressed myself against his face and finally I came. I screamed and shook all over. I felt the sensation pulsed out in all joints and in the end it faded away.


He looked up at me and the whole Zayns face showed how happy he was.
"You are perfect!" he mumbled and stood up. He gave me a light kiss on the cheek and then turned around to the painting, which he had painted. I did the same and immediately I saw that he had actually painted me. It was just perfect!

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