They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


33. What happened?

Louis and I ended up quite quickly in a comfortable condition. We woke up, take breakfast, talked, was out walking, went to the village (though we were careful not to go in the middle of the streets) and we sat in front of the TV or in front of the fireplace. Louis wasn't a good cook, so I took the opportunity to try to teach him how to cook, but mostly he burned even cooked vegetables.

"You're hopeless!" I told him, laughing. Louis blushed and put the burned food in the trash.
"But I couldn't know that the water shouldn't boil away!"
I laughed even more and hugged him tightly.
"Okay, I cook, you take care of the dishes?"
Louis kissed me happily and nodded
"Sounds like a good plan!"


We put ourselves in bed and I was close to Louis. I felt his arms around my body and I liked the feeling of having him there.
"Kim?" he whispered out of himself. "What do you dream about?"
I sighed and realized I didn't have any dreams any more. I had lost them long ago.
"I don't know!"
Louis smiled and looked at me.
"My dream is that I'll stay with you, we will have three or more children, and we should have a very nice house."
I looked into his eyes and blushed.
"You mean it's your dream for real?"
Louis nodded and smiled.
"It sounds silly, but that's what I want!"


Middle of the night I was awakened by a car. Someone drove up to the cottage and immediately I woke up Louis. He flew out of bed and seemed almost afraid.
"Kim, you have to climb out of the window and hide in the woods."
I shook my head but he took his hand over my mouth.
"If it's Niall, I can say that you aren't here and yet I don't lie!"
I swallowed and understood him. I watched as Louis opened a window quietly and in the meantime, I got on my clothes. I took the shoes and jacket, then I jumped onto the ground. Louis closed the window and directly I slipped in between the trees. I sat behind a bush and looked toward the cottage. I only saw the backside, but perceived that someone came into the front door.


"You fucking idiot! Where is she!" screamed Niall and I heard that he was angry.
"She's not here!"
Silence, and then I heard the door open and close.
"She's with you and you're lying!"
I heard that Louis was scared.
"No, Kim isn't here and it doesn't matter if you turn down the cottage. You will not find her."


I chose to go further into the forest and in the end I lay against a rock, and let my eyes still look towards the cottage. I saw that the lights were lit, but I knew Niall couldn't see me. I heard the glass shattered and things were destroyed. I swallowed and didn't know if I should cry or get angry.


Right as it was, I heard a gun fired. I froze and became completely still. I heard it was triggered panic and I heard Harry's voice.
"Damn Niall! You promised not to ....!"
"It wasn't the intention!"
"We have to take him to the hospital!" shouted Zayn and I realized that they meant business. I heard car doors opened and then drove them away. I was cold all over. What had happened? Was Louis killed?


I waited a long while before I dared to sneak back to the house: When I came in, I saw that they had pulled a bloody body across the floor toward the door. Everything was broken and the whole house looked like a hovel. I was scared and I knew that Louis was injured, but the question was if they killed him?


I quickly picked clothes in a bag. I found some food I brought with me and even Louis wallet. He had money in the account and I let the cards remain in the cabin. Niall could been able to trace me if I had used them.


I found Louis car keys and directly, I decided to jump into his car. I had seen how to do it, but I hadn't sat behind a wheel before. I turned the key and tried to get it going. In the end I managed to get the car to roll away and I realized that I had to abandon it in the end. Still, I drove to a village. I just wanted to got hold on a bus, so I could get out of there fast.

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