They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


8. The night

I woke in the middle of the night when the door opened. I noticed that Louis came into the room, but I played as if I was asleep. I heard him sneaking up to me and I felt him crawl under the covers. I wanted to scream directly, but who wanted to save me? Yet he was quite careful. I felt how he took his hand around my waist and  he started to kiss my neck. I lay with my back to him so he didn't see that I opened my eyes.

"Stop it!" I said, but he didn't give up. Instead, he let a hand slide under my nightgown and up against my chest. He moaned and pressed himself against me.
"Kim, I will not hurt you!" he murmured, and moved his hand perfectly over my skin. I was surprised, as Niall had done the opposite. He hadn't bothered about me, but Louis seemed like it if I liked it. Louis pulled off my nightgown and forced me to lie down on my back. He smiled and looked down over my body. I was ashamed, but he pulled back the covers so that I couldn't be able to hide anything.
"You're beautiful!" he whispered tenderly and leaned over me. I felt his lips reached my one nipple and he used his tongue to get it to react. I groaned. He let one hand slide down between my legs and inside the pants. I had to spread their legs and immediately I was surprised. It was nice and he caressed me properly. Louis let his lips kiss my skin up against my face and when our lips met, I gave up. He got me! He pulled my panties off and I didn't think about the fact that I was lying naked in bed. Instead, I drew off him the sweater and he got off all other clothes. He let his hand slide back between my legs and he kissed me tenderly. He parted his lips and let his tongue meet mine. I shook with excitement and just wanted more. I took my arms around his shoulders and forced him to lie on top of me. He moved away his hand and replacing the area with his member. He rubbed it against me and we both moaned of all the emotions. In the end, I felt he was aiming his cock against me and he penetrated. I almost screamed with pleasure and slowly he slipped further and further into me. He moaned and I saw that he liked it.


We ended up in a fog. The only thing I felt was his body against mine, his sweaty skin against mine and his lovely lips against mine. I was surprised that I let myself be seduced by Louis, but he was so perfect. I knew about why the other girls teasing him. He was probably the only one who cared?


Right as it was my body started to shake. I took my legs tightly around his waist and pressed me against him. It started as a pleasant feeling between my legs and then it spread out over the entire body. I panted, I moaned and I felt I was shaking all over. When I had calmed down Louis laughed lightly.
"Your first orgasm?"
I blushed and nodded. He kissed me again and continued to keep his cock in and out. I understood that he wanted to come and I let him continue. He moved quickly and groaned heavier and heavier. In the end, I felt he filled me and how he was shaking. He pressed his member one last time and buried his face in my neck. I felt him stretching himself and finally he sank together.


"Now you have been a good girl!" Louis murmured in my ear and directly came reality caught up with me. He didn't have feelings for me and I was everybody's possession. I couldn't tell him that he had been wonderful, because he still didn't care. My emotions went from top to bottom. I was a whore now and I had no honor left.


The morning was Louis still in my bed. He was close to me behind my back and he kept me in a soft grip. I heard him sleep and I felt his breath against my neck. One side of me enjoyed and loved that moment. But I was so aware that everything was a game. I was just a part of their lives and I didn't mean much to them. They wanted my body but not my person.


Eleanor looked coldly at me as we ate breakfast. Then she let her eyes drift over to Louis.
"You didn't come to my room and to me yesterday?"
Louis looked up and grinned slightly.
"I had other things to do and that was imported stuff!"
I noticed that Zayn was startled and he looked long at Eleanor, before he opened his mouth.
"I didn't know you wanted the two of you?"
I looked directly up at them and realized that we had many options between us.
"But!" Eleanor muttered, looking down at the plate. "I just thought ...."
Zayn sighed
"You're never happy when I'm with you, but when Louis and Harry show up. Then're all are happy? I'm a man to and I can make you cry for more!"
I swallowed and noted that there really was a competition between everyone. Maybe I could use it and it would help me get back home?


Everyone was tense at the table and I saw that no one was in the mood for conversation. I looked around at the guys and right away I realized that I had a plan. The girls were easy to get jealous of me and they would surely start fighting if they noticed that I was popular. The problem was the guys, because I had zero experience. Maybe I could get them to make a fuss about me? I could suck up and tell them I loved them, but inside I didn't care? I smiled and realized that it was my only salvation. Creating brawl in the house and get everyone to go against each other. It would give me time to escape, but then I had to have a key to the front door.

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