They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


29. The lie

I was glad when we got to the new house. Niall had chosen a white house a few mile from the boys' house. There was a large yard with a high wall around and also that he had all the security so that I couldn't escape, I felt more free. I didn't have to line up on everyone else and I could take care of myself. We had the kitchen, family room, a music room, three bedrooms with en suite toilets and a room that would become the nursery. We had the space and in the cellar there was a wine cellar. 


I started to pick my things up in the bedroom and noticed that I didn't have grilles for windows. I knew that he had secured the wall around the house, but I couldn't argue about it. I realized that I was still a prisoner, he had me, but at the same time, it felt more free in the house.


"This is wonderful!" Niall mumbled and took his arms around me. He kissed me and steered me towards the bed. He pulled off my dress and my panties. I landed nude down on the mattress and watched as he dressed himself naked. He lay down on top of me and kissed me tenderly. I sighed and knew that I couldn't argue with him. Niall parted my legs and then sat down on his knees under me. He looked at my body and let his hands glide over my neck and down my body.

"I love you!" murmured Niall and I just smiled at him. He knew I didn't have the same feelings, but it was nice to know that he cared. He pulled my waist against him and penetrated. I felt how he began to touch on the hip and he let his hands caress my stomach and my breasts.
"You are mine!" he mumbled and moaned lightly. I moved at the same pace towards him and felt how he filled me. Niall pulled me up so I sat on his lap. Then he got me to move over his cock. I rode him quietly and he kissed me. He moaned louder and rubbed my back. I increased the pace and felt how I was affected by his movements. Right as it was, he released me and pulled me away from him. He turned me around so I was on all fours and he stood behind me. Quickly he filled my empty hole again and I moved quickly back and forth against him. He moaned louder and let her hands slide across my back.

"How many positions do we have to do?" I got out of me, and heard him laugh easily.
"All there is?"
I laughed a little bit and felt one of his fingers slide over my clit. He got me to come and I screamed. I was shaking and was about to collapse in bed. Niall kept a firm grip around my waist and forced me to stand in the same position. He moved quickly and in the end he came. Niall screamed and I chose to push the butt against him. He pushed himself all the way in me, and his member spurted fluid in me.


When he was done he laughed a little bit.
"We need not to worry that you are going to get pregnant."
I slid down over the mattress and felt him lay down beside me. I nodded and smiled weakly at him.
"Niall, I need to know when we are going to go home to my parents!"

He pulled a hand through my hair and smiled big.
"Soon, we just have to know what to say to them."
I nodded
"We can only tell them that I was with you and realized I missed them?"
Niall frowned
"And where have we been for over half a year?"
I laughed a little bit.
"Travelling around? We noticed that I was pregnant and then we wanted to meet them?"
He shook his head
"No! It doesn't sound believable!"


I nagged at Niall every day for a week until he almost got mad at me.
"Stop Kim!"
I was just so annoyed with him.
"But you promised! You said that if I chose you, I would get to meet my parents!"
Niall sighed
"Yes, but not right away and not now!"
He looked coldly at me
"When I want!"
I backed and felt I lost hope.
"So you lied?"
He shook his head, but I saw that he was lying. I almost got mad at him and I felt  all hope disappeared. I turned towards the stairs and ran up to the bedroom. I lay down in bed and cried. He had lied!

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