They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


32. The cottage

I woke up the next morning with Louis cellphone rang. He sat up and looked tired. He looked at the phone and then turned it off. I was immediately intrigued.
"Who was that?"
Louis lay down beside me again and took his arms around me.
"No one special!"
"You lie!" I whispered directly and took my arms around his body. Louis pulled me close and gave me a light kiss on the forehead.
"It was Niall!"
I chose not to say anything more. I realized that we were wanted by four other guys and I wondered immediately if they knew where my parents lived. I didn't think so, but I wasn't sure.


We ate breakfast and my parents were like two suns. They talked about the time that had passed and about the papers. I looked in wonder at Louis, as they (the guys) had said that my parents weren't looking for me. Louis just blushed and I realized that they had given me many lies. I dropped the idea of ​​becoming angry. It had happened didn't change anything.


"Must you go?"
I nodded and lied.
"We will visit Louis mom to. I promise to call as soon as I can, and we will come back and say hello!"
The truth was that I sensed that Niall knew where my parents were.
"If anyone asks for me!" I got out of me. "Tell them that you know nothing!"
Mom looked at me, but I hugged her soothing.
"It's a guy looking for me and he's sick."
Louis understood what I meant and nodded at them.
"He's safe, but we don't want to meet him!"


Louis chose to drive a different route out of London. We sat in silence and realized that Niall had begun and were now somewhere behind us. I wasn't afraid, but it was uncomfortable. Louis called his mother Johanna to tell you that we borrowed the cottage.
"But if Niall or the other coming with some questions, lie!"
She seemed to wanted to know why, but Louis didn't tell the whole truth.
"I promise to tell you another time!"
He hung up the phone and gave the Mobile a quick glance.
"Niall has rung thirty times, Eleanor and Harry eighteen times!"
I took care phone from him and turned it off.
"We let them think that we are gone?"
He laughed
"We're gone?"
I smiled at Louis and then laughed at him.
"Okay, but they don't need to get a hold of us?"


The cottage was in the middle of the woods and near a lake. There was a large yard and only a dirt road leading to the cottage. I was surprised and jumped out of the car. I walked toward the house and felt the tingle in my stomach. Louis followed and unlocked the door for me. I came in and discovered the world's most magical place .. There was a kitchen, a toilet, a small living room with fireplace and two bedrooms.
"You like that?"
I nodded and smiled at Louis.
He laughed and showed me that there was also a TV in a cabinet.
"We can entertain ourselves with games or with the program!"
I nodded and sat down on the sofa. Direct saw Louis on the clock.
"You staying here and I go and buy food and other things we need!" He then looked at me. "I promise to come back!"

He gave me a light kiss on the cheek and then he left me alone. I had nothing against it. I was tired after the road trip and I chose to just relax. I heard the sounds of the forest and smiled directly. It was a wonderful place and I knew I would enjoy to spending time in there.


Louis came back and to my surprise he had bought food for a whole week, he had bought shampoo and things that we needed. Then he had a lot of bags with clothes and I laughed when I realized that he had almost bought a new wardrobe for me.
"YOU are crazy!"
He hugged me and seemed pleased with my reaction.
"Well I might not be normal, but I'm not crazy!"
It was like Christmas even though it was a spring day outside.



That night we sat by the fireplace and drank tea. Louis had taken out an old stereo and we listened to the radio. Right as it was came the news.
"The woman who police are looking for is still wanted. They feared the worst but now they has been in contact with her ​​boyfriend Niall Horan. First it was a rumour but now he has told the news it's right. He's with her and he's upset about her disappearance. "
I sat up straight and stared at Louis.
"What the ...!"
Louis chose to turn the radio off and swallowed.
"Niall has thus gone out with you disappeared?"
I was scared, but Louis took my hand and smiled at me.
"We'll think of something soon and I promise that it'll work out!"

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