They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


27. The choice

I woke up in the morning and immediately I discovered Louis. He sat on a chair next to the bed and just looked at me. When I opened my eyes, he smiled big at me.
"Good morning!"
I yawned and looked at him again.
Louis moved from his chair and sat down on the bed. He took my had in his and swallowed.
"Kim, we need to talk!"
"You mean we have to solve this with the baby?"
Louis nodded and looked into my eyes.
"I must admit I was shocked. I wasn't prepared for it, but at the same time I'm happy. Problem is that you don't want me in the same way that I want you."

I agreed and sighed lightly. Louis smiled and looked down at the floor.
"You have two choices, or maybe three choices to choose from. First is that you keep the baby and move to another house with me. A second option is that you let Niall be the father. He told me that he loves you and that he was disappointed that it wasn't his child! "
I knew what he meant.
"And the last option?"
Louis met my gaze.
"To remove the child. Abortion!"
Direct I frowned on the forehead.
"Or you can let me go home?"
He shook his head
"You know you can't. You will tell them in your family about it all and we will end up in prison., We can't let you go!"
I just wanted to cry.
"You mean I get to decide what I want to do, but I can't go to my parents!"

"I'm sorry, Kim!" he whispered. "I know that it's wrong for us, but now it's like it is!"
I swallowed and didn't know if I should cry.
"Leave me alone!" I got out of me. "I want to figure out what I want to do!"


Later in the day I was looking up Niall. I didn't love him, but he was the only one who had talked about that I could meet my parents.
"What?" he got out, and immediately I pulled him into my room.
"If I choose you, if I get to meet mom or dad?"
Niall swallowed
"Well, maybe!"
I looked coldly at Niall and showed him with the whole body that I was serious.
"I choose you, if you promise that we shall return home to meet my parents. I promise to play like I love you and I promise to give you it all, but I want to meet them!"
Niall gulped and nodded
"OK, I promise, but give me time to get used to the idea."
I nodded
"And we have to figure out a good lie!"
He nodded and smiled weakly.
"So you want to choose to be with me?"
I laughed a little bit.
"Depends on if you promise!"

Direct hugged him about my heading
"Yes I promise, and you have to promise that you stay by my side."
I nodded


Louis became angry. He stood up when I told them my choice and I noticed that everyone was surprised. The other who wasn't happy was Eleanor. She stood up and looked coldly at Louis.
"So you want her more than me?"
Louis sighed
"She's my baby in the stomach. Course I want Kim more than you!"

There were fights in the room and everyone started talking at each other. I almost got scared and took Nialls hand in mine. He saw my reaction and then looked at them all cold.
There was silence in the room and I swallowed.
"It's my choice!" I said right away, and looked at Louis. "You said I had to make my own choices and I choose Niall!"
Louis sighed
"But the idea was that you would choose me or abortion. Not him!"
I looked at him coldly.
"Then could you would have told me that!" I got out of me. "Now I'm with Niall and you can't change that. I chose him and he will take care of my child!"
Louis looked tearfully out and sat down.
"But ...."
Harry looked at me and then at Louis.
"She has chosen!" he got out of it. "She chose Niall."


That night, I stayed in Nialls room. I was afraid to be alone if Louis would find out something to do with me. Niall was relieved and we lay in bed and just was thinking about it all. I fell asleep and felt confident about my choice. I would come home eventually and I would keep my promise. I would be a good girlfriend and everyone would think I loved Niall, though my heart said no.







She's pregnant and I guess we'll see what happens.


Must go off today and now will not write more until tonight. Add comment and tell us what you think.


Hug from me, Jenny

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