They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


22. More punishment

I woke up to Sophia, she came into my room. She closed the door behind her and locked it carefully. I noted that she had been crying and she came over to the bed. Without a word, she released me and pointed to the toilet. Then she showed me not to say a word. She helped me up on my feet and into the bathroom. She turned on the water and then stood near me.
"They hear you!" she whispered in my ear. "When you were away put Liam into microphones in your room and they are everywhere. I realized that the shower would remove all sound if one whisper!"
I hugged her and felt the tears came.
Sophia released me and smiled.
"Thank you for coming back, but I know you don't want to bee here. But thanks anyway because I missed you!"


I showered and then dried myself. Sophia helped me with the hair and I put on my clothes. Then she took my hand and showed me into the kitchen. We were alone, and she picked up food to me. I ate carefully because my stomach hurt so much. I tried to get in food, but felt that my stomach couldn't handle it. She gave me orange juice and I tried to swallow it down. When I was done, she led me up the room and closed the door behind me. I went to bed directly I lay down. I would get a long sentence and the other wouldn't hang out with me for a while. It was a relief but at the same time, I was unsure if they were going to rape me again or not.


I fell asleep!


Mom stood in front of me and gave me the school bag. I would go to school for the first time in my life and It felt so great.
"I love you!" she said tenderly, and hugged me. "When you get home, we eat ice cream and you'll be able to tell me everything about school!"
I missed those days. I missed the carefree Kim took each day as it came. When I turned fourteen years, everything changed. My mom and I drifted apart. It was as if she didn't understand me and she thought I wasn't listening. I still wanted to come home and hug her. I would tell her that I loved her and that we should try more. I didn't want to lose her!


"Wake up!"
Niall sat at the edge of the bed and pulled off my blanket. I got scared and sat up. He didn't smile at me and he wasn't nice. Instead, he grabbed my hand and pulled me from the bed. We came out in the hall and he pulled me into the Louis room. I swallowed and felt I was more afraid by every step I took. Louis stood by his bed and he turned around and looked at me. Then he looked at Niall and nodded. I heard the door was locked and then Niall pushed me towards the bed.
"Take off your clothes!"
I swallowed and shook my head.
Niall was fast and he tore off my clothes. Then he pushed me up on the mattress. Louis smiled cold and then smiled towards Niall.
"You can leave us!"
Niall did it and I heard that he locked the door behind him. I was scared and I almost cringed against the mattress. Louis began to strip naked and then he took out a box.
"I haven't told you that I like more than just sex?"
I swallowed
"I don't know!"
He laughed and pulled out a vibrator. I knew he would use it directly and I tricks my legs together.


In the end, Louis come up in the bed and lad on top of me. He parted my legs and looked into my eyes.
"Your punishment will feel!" he mumbled. "I have a camera somewhere in the room. Unless you set up and stay forever with us, we will cut together movies and put out on the net."

I swallowed
"And that means?"
He laughed
"That you get a bad reputation and no one will want you. We will collect movies on you from the house, in all positions, and all you can do is to stay."
I wanted to cry but chose to be strong. I didn't want him to see me weak and I felt his body shook. Louis took out the dildo and started smearing it with lubricant.

"You have two holes!" he said with satisfaction, and I swallowed.
He laughed and sat below me. He parted my legs and then my buttocks. I felt his fingers look up my ass hole and he started massaging it around. I felt a finger penetrated and immediately I shouted out straight. Louis laughed a little bit.
"You'll get used to it, Darling! And then maybe you'll like it?"
He then took the dildo to the hole and I could feel it penetrated. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. Louis brought it all the way in and then put on the vibrator. It didn't help. It hurt. 


Then he lay on top of me and let his cock penetrate. I didn't cry, but I grimaced. Louis smiled and moaned lightly.
"You get used to everything and soon you're a whore!"
He penetrated all the way and groaned higher.
"The vibrator in your ass is wonderful. It affects me!"
He began to moved on the hip and I felt he pushed his way in and out. I took my hands against the mattress and tore up the sheet in my hands. Louis groaned higher and pushed deep into me. He liked the feeling and kissed my neck intensely. He let his lips slide over my skin, but avoided my lips. I felt how he filled me and actually turned the pain into something pleasant. I spread more on the legs and tried not to show the feelings. Louis let his hands caress my body and in the end I was completely in his movements.


Louis was sweating and I looked at him that he enjoyed every breath. He disappeared from me and sat down under me. Quickly he rose the vibrator and then pushed himself back in me. I cried almost straight out. I panted and bobbing up and down my body against him. Louis liked it and smiled big.
"You can do it all, darling!" he whispered hoarsely and groaned higher. He pushed himself faster in and out and I heard the sound of his cock moving hard. I closed my eyes and ended up farther away in the fog. Eventually, my whole body shaking and I came. I felt my whole body was vibrating and I screamed. I didn't know how I would move my body any more, but it was wonderful.


When I slumped down, moved Louis even faster and finally he came to. He pushed himself hard into me and he shook all over. He grimaced and I saw that he loved the feeling, 


When he slumped over me, he pulled out the dildo and tossed it away. Then he hugged me tightly and kissed my neck.
"I love you! Please don't hurt me again by running away!"
I swallowed and chose to take my arms around his body. I didn't mention that the only thing they gave me was sex. More I didn't get from them. They could empty my room from things, it didn't matter. I was stuck and I couldn't come home again.

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