They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


12. Liam

Liam kept much to himself, and he was often in Sophia's room. I knew he was going to be difficult, but I didn't give up. Instead, I took every opportunity that came.


One evening was Liam's door open. I chose to look into and I saw Liam sitting on the bed with a book. I smiled and walked into the room. He noted that I showed up and smiled weakly.
"Hey girl!" he said matt and then read on. I gulped and went to bed. I sat next to him and smiled weakly.
"What are you reading?"
He looked at me again and did not seem eager to talk.
"An old book!"
I smiled and nodded. I tried to play as if I was just sitting there, but realized that he wasn't interested in me. I chose to lean back against the pillow and looked instead around in his room. There were prices that One Direction had won, paintings and books. He had a laptop on the desktop and I did notice write books next to it. I realized I didn't know much about the guys and I had only been identified on one thing. Liam seemed to be the most pronounced of the guys and I noted that his room looked clean. He had everything in order and it looked so grown up.
"Do you like the room?"
I was startled and looked at him.
"Yes, or what?"

He laughed
"You looked around as if you were curious!"
I swallowed
"I like your room. It looks more mature out against the others' rooms!"
The compliment went straight in and he laughed a little bit.
"We are five guys and I might have a different style?"
I nodded and swallowed. I didn't know what to say. Liam put away the book and looked at me again.
"You're bored?"
I nodded, though I was there because of another reason. Liam didn't understand my reason and immediately put him on the television, which stood at the foot end of the bed.

"What do you like, what kind of movies?"
And what do I answer that?
"Everything!" I mumbled. "But not horror movies that contain only murder!"
He smiled and picked out one movie channel. It was a love story and I put myself more into the bed. I smiled and looked at the television. Cosy!


Right as it was, I felt Liam bent over me and he kissed me. I was surprised and almost surprised. He smiled faintly and let his lips parted. His tongue came out and he groaned. I felt his hands slide down over my body and I took my arms around his shoulders. He lay down on top of me and continued to kiss me tenderly. I noted that he had boner and immediately I was startled. It felt large! Liam sighed when he noticed my reaction.
"I have a big thing between my legs!" he whispered. "That's why I haven't dared to touch you. I don't know if I can penetrate you, not when you're not used!"

I became curious. Direct I let my hands slide down and I unbuttoned his pants. I pulled them down and stared at his hard boner.
"Okay!" I got out of me. "It's big!"
Liam smiled and flushed at the same time. He reached for the bedside table and pulled out the drawer. He took out a tube of lube and smiled at me.
"Maybe we can anyway?"


We took off our clothes and he continued to kiss me. He let his hand caress me between the legs and he made ​​sure I was excited. I felt how he influenced the whole body and eventually he smeared his cock with lube. I felt he brought it to me and slowly penetrated. I had to spread my legs as much as I could and he stroked my clit over all the time. I closed my eyes and felt how he filled every inch of me. It hurt, but at the same time not. He just smiled and when he was all the way inside, he kissed me.
"You could do it!" he whispered and let his thumb caress me over the clitoris. Slowly he began to move on the hip and direct I moaned against his lips.
"It is ...." I swallowed. "Faster please!"


I don't know how long we were doing it or what we did. I was like crazy and the only thing I felt was a pleasant feelings in the body. He made me moan louder and I whimpered by his movements. He bounced hard against me, and he filled me again and again with his huge member. I took my legs around his waist, but he just smiled. He sat down beneath me and raised my legs over his shoulders. Then he pumped harder into me and I instantly felt how I reached climax. I heard how he was working against me. I heard how he bounced against my buttocks and I heard it smacked the inside me.


Eventually I came to the end. My body was shaking, I could feel the whole I writhed in pleasure and in the end I could only breathe for air. I fell down exhausted on the mattress and finally Liam come to. He pumped hard into me. He showed with his face that he came and he pressed my legs tightly against his body. I felt how he filled me with cum and his cock shook by pleasure.


Liam landed on top of me and I hugged him tightly. He pulled out his member from me and kissed my cheek.
"You were wonderful!" he murmured, breathing rapidly. "Now I know that you can have sex with me without me having to be afraid!"
I smiled and kissed him on the lips.
"That was incredible!"
He laughed and kissed me back. I felt how he was sweating on my skin and I realized that I had managed to seduce him. The question was if I could get him to worship me, or love me like the others?

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