They own me

They own me, they can do whatever they want with me, they can kill me, they can rape me, they can burn me. I'm owned by One Direction!


5. In the house

Perrie suddenly came and picked me up. She took my hand and smiled big at me.
"They want to talk to you now!"
I swallowed and had no choice but to go with her. We went through the house and right as it was, she pulled me into a large room. It was an office with large desks everywhere. Middle of the floor stood a sofa and there sat particular the five guys. Perrie left me stand in front of them and then she walked out of the room so we could talk in peace.


I knew the guys, but couldn't figure out who they were. They looked pleased at me and chatted. I understood that they didn't want me to say anything yet. I chose to look around the room and then it hit me. It was One Direction!


Okay! I wasn't a fan of them, but I had been listening to their songs and I had seen them on television. Now that they were in front of me, I became even more uncertain. What did they do with me. They seemed to talk about me but I didn't understand what they said.


Eventually they stopped and Zayn stood up and smiled at me.
"You are chosen and that you already know about!"
I swallowed and chose to not move an inch. I stared at him, wondering still what it meant to be chosen?
"You belong to us!" I heard Liam say and he stood up, too. He came up to me and seemed pleased with what they had done to me. "You and the other girls belong to us and we are the ones in charge here!"
I didn't answer and he went a lap around me.
"We have problems keeping girlfriends for a long time, when we travel so much. Therefore we chose instead to keep a few girls in the same house and share them between us!"
I almost lose my breath
"Do you want me to be a whore?"

Liam laughed right away, shaking his head
"No, you misunderstand me, we want you to have a good time here and that you feel loved. You are loved by five guys and we all want your best!"
He turned around to the other and laughed some more
"Whore? She has a vivid imagination!"
Niall laughed and appeared to look at me for detail.
"No, you're not a whore. You are just one of our girlfriends!"
I swallowed and just wanted to go away, but I knew I couldn't escape.
"What does that mean?"
Liam turned around and looked at me again.
"That you will keep yourself looking great, make sure we get what we want and just be a good girl!"
I didn't know if he was serious or not.
"And my family?"

Harry stood up and approached me. He drew one hand through my hair and seemed attempted to get an idea about me.
"We're your family now, we are the only ones you need to worry about. Your old family, you can forget. They will not look for you!"
I frowned.
"How do you know?"
He smiled weakly at me.
"It wasn't on the news today and I haven't read anything about you in the paper. They don't miss you at all!"
Directly I got scared. I knew he could be right.


Actually, I still didn't know what the guys wanted me to. I chose not to ask too much and I knew that they would certainly explain it more closely later. I went back to my room and heard the other girls giggled. Was it that I should do? Stand with the guys, laugh at their jokes and show that they were the best? It sucked! They could have chosen Nancy at school, because she was the biggest One Direction fan who I know about. She certainly had laughed and stood beside them.


"We are going to eat food now!" I suddenly heard someone say and I looked up. It was Louis and he smiled big at me. "Come down, you must get some food in your stomach!"
I sighed and nodded. I got up and followed him. Louis smiled big at me as we walked down the stairs.
"You'll get to choose things for your room. I promise you will get everything you want!"
I was surprised.
He nodded and looked down over my body.
"But you're going to be nice to me!"
I swallowed. What did he mean?
"Eh, okay?" I got out of me. Louis laughed a little bit and showed me into the kitchen.

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